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The next morning which was a Sunday, was beary odd. I woke up, forgetting that the night before Emmeline had pointed that there was a ransom note for the teddy version of Eddie. I stared at the blank piece of paper on the bed side. Well, it looked blank from where I was, I looked at it closer, realising, it was actually a note. A ransom note.

NOT GOOD! Well, actually it was good. It was a clue, but then that thought was overtaken by the thought of that really cute exchange student by the name of Eddie. Gorgeous Eddie, sweet Eddie, would be thankful that I actually care to show him around today. I dressed so fast, it was a world record! I swear, I mean it took me less than two minutes, and I normally take about twenty to get up and going!

I walked over to Emmeline's hangings and opened them, only to see her fast asleep, with her mouth open and snoring slightly. "Em."

She didn't stir. So I repeated her name, "Emmeline" still no response. "Vance!" I sort of yelled rather loud…

She sat bolt upright, her brown hair sticking in all directions, "Yeah Lily?" was her dreamy response.

"COME ON! IT BE TIME TO GO AND SEE EDDIE!" I screamed, she just glanced up and sighed,

"Yes Lily." Came Emmeline's scared reaction- she was shaking and looked quite scared of me, what the hell is so scary about me, I mean, I was only shaking Emmeline slightly with a manic look in my eyes.

Maria walked through the portrait door, back from her early morning walk, she then stumbled back out through the door looking at me quite scared and concerned for my sanity. I ran over to Emmeline's wardrobe and pulled out her clothing. I then muttered the spell for her to be changed and I grabbed her hand and dragged her through the portrait hole, narrowly missing Maria who was about to go back in.

We ran down the stairs at full speed, in the Common Room, the Marauders were sitting and talking to Eddie who was laughing at some stupid joke they told him.

"Eddie!" came my really loud yell, causing the blond haired guy to swing around and smile at me and look at me with those eyes. I was so happy.

"Hey Lily! You wanna show me around the castle today?" I was awestruck. He wanted me to show him around the castle.

I was squirming with delight, and then Potter burst the bubble. "Evans, can you show me around your dormitory?"

I bent down to Potter's level (because that's how you punish children) and slapped his face.

"OW!" came his cry, Eddie was looking at me awestruck and amazed that I actually slapped someone.

"Come on Eddie." I said, grabbing Emmeline's hand in one hand and Eddie's arm in the other. Eddie's arm was rather nice to hold, he towered over me.

"So, you're from New Zealand." Emmeline said, trying to sound intelligent.

Eddie smiled and nodded, "Yeah, I'm from New Zealand."

"What's it like there?" she said gazing into his eyes, that is when I decided to make a diversion.

"This is the trick stair." I pushed Emmeline into the trick stair, so her leg was stuck. That made Eddie laugh.

"We didn't have those where I used to go to school." Emmeline was glaring at me in a friendly way.

I hope it was friendly anyway. I am pretty sure it was.

"Ok, this is the Charms room." I said intelligently.

"It also has another use other than just Charms." Emmeline added in.

I was giggling so much inside, I started blushing when Eddie looked at me.

"What's its other use?" he said seductively.

"Hee." Was all I could choke out.

Eddie just looked at me, as was Emmeline. "Pardon?"


Eddie cocked his head to the side, as if that could help him understand my chokedness. For all I knew, it probably could. Emmeline was looking at me like I was a complete loser.

Eddie was still trying to process what I had said, "Oh! You mean it's like a make out room?" Emmeline rolled her eyes and I squealed. That caused Eddie to raise an eyebrow and grin.

"I'm hungry Lily!" Emmeline said, Eddie nodded, trying to convince me to go to breakfast.

"Well, let's go to breakfast."

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