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I gulped in some air, wincing from the pain in my throat. I was sure I'd been running for hours, and I wasn't about to stop anytime soon. I was running for my life, no matter what I wasn't going to let them catch me. Though I was sure there was no possible way to out run them. I gasped again, but this time I had no choice. I had to stop, my lungs were burning and I couldn't go on forever.

"Good, now don't be afraid we aren't going to hurt you." His voice was soothing, soft and enchanting. The ruby eyes glowing dimly in the dark, side by side with at least four more pairs of those sinister eyes. He stepped forward holding his hands out in a motion I didn't recognize.

"Huh?" I took a step back, bracing myself against the huge tree behind me, hardly aware that the bark was biting into me. He stopped, his eyes locking with mine and somehow they seemed less menacing.

"Come on just come to me and everything will be all right." He reached out now, close enough to grab me but I jerked back from his touch. "Please don't be afraid, I'm here to protect you nothing more." This time he firmly gripped my arm, his icy touch sending violent shivers down my body. I tugged away.

"Let me go!" I cried, anger and fear bubbling in my chest. I tried helplessly to pull away from him, but his grip was strong. I tugged and tugged as he pulled me along. Finally he just scooped me into his arms, cradling me like a baby. I gasped, my face going pale as soon as I realized what he was about to do. We were off like a bullet, the trees speeding by much to close and much to fast. I groaned, shutting my eyes tightly. And then it was over.

"Check the perimeter, scan out make sure her family is safe and then meet me back here." He ordered, putting me on my feet. I watched with horror, curiosity, and amazement all mixed into one as four more of them melted away into the shadows. The boy looked at me, at least I thought he was a boy. He looked to be about 19 maybe, or younger. his skin was deathly pale, whiter than my own. His hair black and hanging in his eyes, but what stuck out the most about him were his vibrant ruby eyes and the beauty he possessed.

"Who are you?" I chocked out, trying to take steady even breaths, but I was nothing like my mom. I couldn't stand here and be brave in the face of death. The boy tipped his head to the side, a strange emotion surging in his eyes. I shivered, those sinister eyes.

"Are you all right?" He asked, taking a step towards me. I flinched my eyes widening in horror and I stumbled back. He stopped moving, looking slightly ashamed. "I guess I would scare you, but you of all people, I thought you would understand the most." I only stared at him, not answering his question, or even stopping to wonder about what he meant. I stumbled back a couple more steps, my anger suddenly flaring up again.

"I want you to take me home right now!" I snapped, trying to brush the tears away that were now fogging up my vision. He shook his head, reaching again for my arm. This time I couldn't pull back, he moved in one of his blurry movements, pulling me forward closer to him, to close. He let go of me when I was leaning against his chest. I stumbled back so I was no longer touching him, and froze.

"Don't you understand, you can't go home. You aren't safe there." He murmured urgently. I stood stock still, my heartbeat picking up the pace in an unhealthy race. "Your family never even told you did they?"

"My family is going to kick your ass for taking me away!" I snarled, tugging away from him. He grabbed me before I could even move an inch, his hands grasping my wrists tightly. He sighed leaning forward so that his breath blew onto my neck.

"They'll never know." He whispered, clutching me tighter. I tried to jerk away unsuccessfully, no use, and then I screamed. I couldn't think of any other thing to do, I just screamed bloody murder

-I jolted upright in bed, screaming my head off. It took me a second of comprehending to realize I was home safe in my bed. It was just another one of my stupid dreams. My heart was still pounding like a mad man, and my breathing wasn't slowing either. Though my scream had died, I felt like my lungs were going to burst. I looked around. I hated it when I had dreams like that, much to realistic in my opinion and sometimes if they were little pointless dreams they actually happened when I was awake. Majorly creepy. This was my thirty-second time having that dream in the past two months. Something wasn't right.

"Hey are you OK?" My aunt asked, poking her head in to make sure I was all right. My eyes widened and I let out a little yelp slipping out of bed and hitting the cold wood floor. "Whoops, sorry didn't mean to give you a heart attack." She laughed and suddenly she was in front of me helping me up. I gripped her stone cold hand, and let her pull me up onto the bed.

"Its OK!" I mumbled, wiggling under the covers. I wasn't exactly in the mood to tell her I'd had my crazy dream again though I could see the curiosity burning in her eyes. I tried to smile back at her, with no success.

"You know you can tell me if somethings bothering you." she murmured, gently patting me hair. I groaned, pulling the covers up over my head.

"If you want to know so bad Aunt Alice asked Dad or Mom!" I groaned, wishing she would just go away so I could think in peace. Why hadn't she gone to my mom or dad? I could tell she was pouting, and though I probably shouldn't have I peeked up at her to see her lower lip sticking out, and her staring at me in that way again. "What?"

"Everyone left!" She whined, letting out a tragic sigh. "They all went hunting together, and then left me here to take care of you!"

"Hey!" man did that sting, but I was sure she didn't mean it. She leaned forward again, way to close to my face...way, way to close. "Uh Aunt Alice, breaking my bubble space here!" she was blinking at me, looking me over. Then when she seemed satisfied she pulled back.

"You had that dream again didn't you." She murmured gently, her eyes searching mine. I bit my lip, and I suddenly felt like I was sweating way to much. I shook my head but she only glared. "I can tell, same reaction, much to fast heartbeat, and sweating like crazy. Not to mention the frightened look in your eyes, and how jumpy you are to sudden movements. And your being quiet about. Plus your dad already told me about the dream you've been having for quite sometimes now."

"Will you should tell daddy to mind his own business!" I snapped, angry that he'd been listening in again. Unlike when my mom had been human he could read my mind like an open book and I hated it. Especially when he was in my dreams those were my private worlds, yes they sometimes scared me but I felt as if my dreams were always telling me something. Alice bit her lip, and then put her hand over her mouth trying to hide her laugh. I scowled at her. "Its not funny! He really should mind his own business! Mommy isn't always barging into my mind!"

"Not that you know of." Alice whispered wickedly. I gaped the blood rushing to my face. I let out an angry huff and then put my hands on her shoulders and shoved. She laughed. "Liz you and I both know that you aren't going to be able to move me!" I ignored her, just kept on pushing.

"Well maybe if I keep pushing you'll actually move!" I stopped pushing, glaring slightly at her though it didn't seem to darken her mood at all. "What time is it?" I decided I was going to give up being mad for now and get some breakfast man was I hungry. I swiveled my head around looking for my disappearing alarm clock. I wondered where my Uncle Emmett had hidden it this time.

"Its about 6:50 in the morning." Alice answered, happily holding my alarm clock. I snatched it from her, setting it nicely on my bed post. "I have a great idea, since we're up anyways and your probably hungry, lets grab a bite to eat and then head to Seattle to shop." I let out a relived sigh, that would definitely help my mood. I nodded enthusiastically.

"Sure, um are we eating here or out of town?" I asked, my stomach growling unintentionally. Alice laughed, and then was at the door in her swift freaky ways.

"Hurry up, shower, get dressed and will grab a bite to eat on our way out." She called back, her voice already fading as she moved quickly down the hall to her room. I jumped out of bed, scurrying quickly over to closet. man was the floor way to cold in the morning. I bit my lip, wondering what to wear when I decided. Pulling a cute long sleeved brown designer shirt, and blue jeans my Aunt had bought me for my birthday out of the closet, I began to move towards my bathroom door.

"I hope Aunt Alice doesn't forget to tell everyone where we're going again." I mumbled to no one in particular. I easily and quickly stripped out of my clothes then and turned the shower on full blast. I stepped inside and I sighed. I loved taking showers, they felt so nice and plus I loved washing my hair. I couldn't help standing there for a couple of minutes, letting the steamy water wash over my body, after awhile I finally scrub my hair and body all over. Making sure I cleaned myself from head to toe.

"Did you drown or something!" Alice called from my room, she must be excited. Man she loved to shop, I did to but never as much as her. "Hello hurry up in there!"

"I'm going as fast as us normal humans can!" I called back, wrapping a towel around my skinny form. I whipped away the fog on my mirror, even though I know I'm not suppose too. But I do it all the time, I sighed and then looked at my reflection in the mirror. It stared back at me, and not for the first time I was wondering what I would look like if I were a vampire. They were beautiful after all, though I didn't think I was ugly. At least I hoped not. I had a good complexion after all, no pimples. And my hair was now cute short like my Aunt Alice, only it didn't stick out every which way.

"Liz, I'm going to leave you behind soon if you don't hurry!" She yelled, her voice higher than normal. I snorted with laughter, and then quickly dried myself off and threw my clothes on.

"OK I'm ready!" I opened the door, walking out as I yanked a comb through my hair. Alice sighed happy that I was finally ready.

"Took you long enough!" She whined, grabbing my arm and pulling way to quickly. I pulled back. "Whoops sorry, sometimes I forget you don't like going that fast anymore." I shrugged, and sighed grinning.

"Will at least I don't mind it when you all drive fast!" I laughed, remembering my mom telling me about the first time she noticed how fast my dad was always going in a car. I snorted with laughter and bit my lip. "Oh, did you call Grandma Esme and tell her where we were going?" Alice made a face at my little nickname for Esme, while everyone else called her mom I called her grandma it was just natural. After all if my mom was Bella, and my dad was Edward. Then that made Alice, and Rosalie my Aunts. Emmett, and Jasper my Uncles. And Carlisle, and Esme my Grandma and Grandpa but for some reason everyone thought that one was just annoying or hilarious. All except my grandparents themselves who thought it was cute...weird!

"Yes, I called Grandma Esme and Grandpa Carlisle!" Alice answered, hinting quite heavily on the grandma and grandpa thing. I ignored her though, happy that she didn't suddenly start rambling in her fast moving voice about how annoying it was when I called them that. I could if I wanted to.

"Can we just stop at the town pump store really fast, a few snacks you know and then head out?" I knew she was going to agree, after all she was the shopaholic. She would definitely want to get out of town limits fast. Living in Alaska was a burden though, I wondered suddenly how far it was from Seattle to Alaska? (A/N: does Denali have a town pump? It should right?)

"Sure, what do you want to by?" She asked glancing swiftly at me, yet still able to keep the car from moving even an inch off the highway. "I'll get it for you since I'm much faster."

"Uhhh...I'll have a Dr. Pepper and a small bag of potato chips, and some jerky." I answered quickly. "Oh and also can you get me two hot dogs, and a burger." I had a big appetite, which my family also found amusing especially Emmett.

"Why don't I buy you the whole store!" She laughed, ignoring my angry glare. Quicker than I thought possible we were suddenly pulled into the parking lot and she was out her door. "I'll be back in a couple seconds." I hoped she was kidding about that. The people wouldn't know what hit them. I leaned back and waited, not to long either. She was back in two minutes.

"I thought you said two seconds?" I grinned at her, I loved poking fun at my family when it came to their speed. I'm evil! She shrugged, and then handed me all the stuff I'd asked for. She even threw in an extra Dr. P.

"Ready?" She asked, swiftly and easily pulling out of the parking lot. I nodded, since I couldn't speak for I had a hot dog in my mouth. I swallowed.

"Yeah, lets hit the road." I answered, happy that we were quickly leaving the town limits and away from the forest. Maybe once I was in a big city I could forget about my dream, at least for a little while.

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