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There were times in my life that I could easily remember being frightened beyond anything I'd ever known. Times were my only real present thought was one of escape, of trying desperately to do anything to survive. Of course one of those such times was during my visions of Max. Those nights were I knew nothing about the man behind the face, having no inkling what so ever about who he actually was. At times I could still see those moments, understanding exactly why I had been terrified of him. This was one of those moments.

"Damachus," Max murmured, his voice soft. I felt my stomach clench uncomfortably as my eyes flicked from one man to the other. Max was relaxed now, showing in some way that he trusted the man before us. Or rather that the Max he had been would have felt at least a little trust worthy toward him. Max was back to what he had been in my dreams, a god like entity that could not be approached. Something that you didn't want to be near, cold and ruthless in his movements and speech. For now he was completely cut off from me, appearing to be nothing more than a kidnapper you did not want to cross. Except his eyes, which appeared guarded and dark compared to their normally light colour. I hoped Max was always a bit guarded to these people because if not we were in trouble. I could see Damachus's eyes traveling over Max swiftly. Taking in small details that human eyes were sure to miss.

"Max," Damachus drawled, his voice holding a slight southern accent."So good of you to actually show up. Tobias was...getting worried." Max merely smiles in response before uttering something so quickly that I miss what it is. His violet eyes turn toward me briefly, barely a second passed before he looks away. I realize that had I not been watching him so much I would have missed the action. Instantly I turn my gaze toward Damachus, watching him as carefully as I had been watching Max. He has a rather rugged handsome look about him, with his lean cat like body and mussed hair. He's taller than Max, but only by a few inches, with more of a wiry build than thick muscles. His hair is a light chestnut brown colour, short and sticking up in a bedhead type manner.

"This must be little Rauol's daugther?" Damachus asks as he turns to face me. I fight the urge to drop my gaze and instead stare definetly at him. His eyes light with amusement at my gaze and he turns a smirk toward Max. "Defient little thing isn't she. Do you have a name little one?"

"She doesn't talk much," Max points out as I glare at Damachus. Damachus of course doesn't listen, instead he merely stares at me. Waiting I'm sure for me to say something, but I take Max's idea instantly and keep my mouth shut. It's while glaring back at him that I realize why he appeared so very different than Max. His skin is dark, although not quite as dark as Jacob's was but enough so that I find myself flicking my gaze from Max to Damachus.

"Smart little thing huh." He drawls as my gaze flicks back toward his eyes. I find myself gaping at him in a very unsmart gesture as I notice for the first time that his eyes are a light crystal blue, and he's breathing rapidly. "I think I've surprised her."

"Your like me?" I squeak in surprise, and then my mouth shuts with a loud click. Damachus is grinning like a fool as he steps toward me. His movements appear quick and graceful, despite the now obvious difference between a vampire's movements and his own.

"Yes," He says as he stops in front of me. I glare back at him in anger as he drops to my level, his lips twitching as he fights back a smile. "Although I'm quite a bit more advanced then you. You've only recently tapped into your powers correct."

"Is Tobias back at his manner?" Max asks when it proves that I won't say anything. Damachus chuckles and stands up swiftly, towering over me once more. He nods shortly at Max before turning back to look at me. His crystal blue eyes are cold, but full of laughter. An odd mixture if you ask me.

"Come now has she not said one thing to you?" Damachus drawls with slight annoyance. He appears not to believe my silence and I find Max is not sure how to respond either. Apparently unsure of which would sound more realistic or not.

"I want to know why you've taken me!" I snap suddenly, fighting the urge to screech unnecessarily. "I also want to know where your taking me! And who the hell is this Tobias!" I scramble rapidly to my feet as my temper rises, and my heart spikes with terror. Damachus raises his eyebrow at me before turning to frown at Max.

"You've told her nothing?"

"I was told to bring her to Tobias." Max growls, throwing an annoyed glare Damachus's way. "Not become best friends with the little creature. I'll leave the explaining to Tobias, or yourself if you so desire." Damachus nods curtly before turning his gaze back at me, his blue eyes lighting with something that I cannot identify.

"You're all gonna regret even coming near me!" I state coldly, clenching my hands into tight fists. "My family is going to make you pay!"

"You seem very certain about your family." Damachus chuckles as he watches me. I feel my stomach curl with nausea as his blue eyes harden suddenly. "Your family isn't going to come looking for, why would they waist their time on something such as you. A lowly half breed who doesn't even belong."

"Your wrong!" I snarl with a burst of anger. Even as the words leave my mouth I feel tears prick the back of my eyes and I have to fight to keep myself from crying in front of him. Damachus laughs cruelly before suddenly appearing in my face. I flinch back in surprise as he grins wickedly at me. Apparently we could move at vampire speeds...or rather Damachus could.

"You think I'm wrong?" He taunts, his lip curling back into a snarl. I fight the urge to tremble and instead glare definitely back at him, my blue eyes narrowed. "What makes you think they care enough to help you? Why exactly do you think they want you back? Someone who wasn't meant to be a part of their family in the first place. A weak creature that they must continually protect. Why would they take you back?"

"You don't know anything about my family!" I snap harshly, my eyes narrowing into slits. How dare he says such things, what makes him think he can try and make my family into the bad guys. "I have twelve years of my life with them to prove your assumption wrong! I know they love me, like a daughter, a niece and a granddaughter."

"Why haven't they saved you yet?" He asks with a grin, his cold eyes lighting up. I open my mouth to retort but find I can think of nothing to say. I merely stare back at him with confused blue eyes, filling with tears. A smirk flits across his face and he turns to glance at Max with a look of triumph on his face. Take that you idiot! Quickly I drop my gaze to my feet, hiding my sudden happiness as he turns back to look at me.

"Your still wrong," I whisper softly, as he grins at me. Damachus merely shakes his head before gripping my upper arms roughly. I squeak in sudden pain and my blue eyes snap back to match his. His blue eyes are cold and hard, as he tightens his grip ever so slightly. I squirm uncomfortable.

"Do you have to be unnecessarily rough with her?" Max asks with boredom in his tone. My eyes widen as I look in surprise at him. He doesn't even glance at me, instead he keeps his violet gaze on Damachus.

"Why do you care?" Damachus drawls as he lets go. I stumble back with my hands rubbing the spots where he had gripped me. I was sure to have bruises on my skin now.

"She isn't going to run away." Max points on with a sigh, pushing himself off the tree he'd been leaning against. Damachus shrugs in an I don't care like gesture. I find myself glaring at him in slight annoyance, even though I'm sure he wouldn't intimidated by me at all. "She lives with eight vampires, why in the world do you think she would run away from you?"

"Has she run for you?"

"Only once, when we weren't far from her house." Max smiles slowly as if cherishing the memory. I feel a chill run down my spine at the look he throws me, and I barely manage to hold my ground. I don't like this side of Max, even if he is only playing along. It seems to real for me, with his satanic grin and memory filled eyes.

"I'm guessing by your smile and the dirt that is clinging to her close that she didn't try to run off again." Damachus murmurs with a slight smirk. I throw him another glare which just earns me a bigger smile. "Did you have any trouble with the family? I mean they must of been a little fond of their pet to keep her as long as they did." I realized dimly that Damachus didn't seem to know anything about my family. If he did he didn't show it anyways, not with the way he spoke. He seemed honestly curious as to why I'd been around them for so long, and it occurred to me that he might not even know they didn't drink human blood.

"No," Max sighs softly, before gesturing toward me with a slight smile. "This one likes to take walks in the woods so it was quite easy to over power her and leave without them discovering. Of course they must realize she is gone by now but I don't think they will find her."

"Of course," Damachus murmurs with a hint of jealousy in his tone. I wonder if he is jealous of Max's full vampire status or if he wants to have the guy's power. After all being able to hide your scent had to be one unique and well sought out power. It was no wonder the Volturi had given Max the choice to live or die. I was suddenly happy that he'd chosen to save his own life, considering that had meant we would be together. Well that is if I didn't die at Tobias's hands.

"Yes of course." Max chuckles, a grin splitting his face. I have to fight the urge not to snort with laughter at the look Damachus throws him. Its obvious that Max knows that Damachus is jealous and of course he has to flaunt the fact.

"I shall take it from here however." Damachus drawls suddenly, smiling at my suddenly horrified expression. My eyes fly to Max of their own violation and I realize my mistake almost instantly. "You can go do whatever it is you do as I take her to Tobias." Damachus steps forward swiftly as he presses, a wad of cash I believe, into Max's outstretched hand. I feel my stomach do somersaults as Max seems to think about the idea.

"I think I'll tag along if you don't mind." Max murmurs softly, pocketing the money as he speaks. I feel relief spread through my body and I relax instantly. "I need to speak with Tobias about something. A private matter if you well."

"It seems this little thing has grown a little attached to you." Damachus points out with a wicked smile. My head snaps up to look at him in surprise and fear, my heart constricting as I realize what I've done. Of course it was stupid of me to show how very relieved I was. I fought the urge to turn my gaze to Max, waiting instead for him to answer.

"Yes well I didn't hurt her unnecessairly." Max points out in a slightly bored and annoyed tone. I feel my cheeks flush in embarrassment and I have to drop my eyes from Damachus's laughter filled eyes.

"Not as bright as I would have thought." Damachus sighs in dissapointement as his gaze flicks toward me. I ignore the look in favor of staring intently at my bare feet, wondering if they are suppose to look as if I've been walking on them or not. "Any human, half or otherwise who feels safe with you or any vampire for that matter is a bit dense in the head."

"Yes, I've always wondered what made humans feel so safe with us." Max murmurs softly. His tone is slightly curious and I wonder if he actually wonders about the reason, and I look at both of them in confusion. I'm tempted to point out the attraction they hold for us but decide that it would be slightly stupid of me. "I understand how attracted they can be to our kind but I've never been able to fathom how one could stay with us for any length of time. Once they know what we are that is, unless of course they want to become one of us."

"Pity we can't carry on this conversation but its getting late and Tobias wants to meet our little friend." Damachus says as he turns to glance at me. Quickly and with ease Damachus scoops me into his arms, a grin spreading across his face at my surprised and horrified expression. "His new house is much closer then the old so it shouldn't take us to long to get there."

"Lead the way," Max mumbles with a gesture of his hand. Instantly we shoot off into the darkness, Damachus clutching me to his chest. I feel intensely uncomfortable as I clutch at his arms in order to keep myself from falling off. We are moving at incredible speeds, but obviously slow compared to what Max is use to. He keeps passing us with ease and then falling back in a matter of seconds. I fight to hold back a shout of laughter at the look Damachus keeps throwing him every time he passes us. Its obvious he doesn't like being a half breed and he's hungry for more.

I could feel myself drifting off, despite my uncomfortable position. I wasn't even sure what time it was, even with how very dark the forest looked. Considering I no longer had my watch with me. I was suddenly glad that Max had safely tucked my locket, watch and ring into his pocket. I wasn't sure why but the gesture touched me immensly and I was wishing I could say thank you to him. We were quiet though, or rather Damachus and Max were quiet. Not a word left either of their mouths, which had bothered me at first. However I wasn't sure Damachus could speak with ease as Max had done while running. Although I appeared not to effect him any Damachus was breathing a little heavily, something that was most likely the result of his human side.

"We are almost there," Damachus murmured suddenly, his gaze flicking down to me. I stared back in surprise at him but figured it wasn't out of courtesy for me. After all he was probably telling Max, and then just making sure I wasn't dead or something. I turned my gaze to the side, staring out at the black trees that seemed to barely miss us. A yawn escaped me and I found myself struggling to stay awake.


Tentatively my hand rose to touch the wall in front of me. Skimming the rough, cave like texture with trembling fingers. I could feel something wet and sticky smear across my palm and I had to fight to keep my stomach in check. Tears filled my eyes and blinded my already weak vision. It was hard to see, where ever I was, in a darkened tunnel it seemed like. Bile rose in the back of my throat as the fear nearly overwhelmed me and a sob escaped my mouth.

"Quiet!" Someone snarled, their hand slamming me forward roughly. My forehead cracked painfully against the stony wall and I bite back a yelp of pain. I struggled to move but found that whoever had pushed me forward was now pinning me against the wall. Swiftly they turned my body so that I was no facing my attacker. Tears sprang from my eyes as my eyes landed on whoever it was. A memory stirred in the back of my mind but I couldn't seem to place my assailant. Male was obvious as soon as he leaned forward to push me more securely against the wall. His eyes were a dark jade colour, and hard as stone as he glared at me. Despite the darkness I was close enough to see that the colour of his hair was blond and long enough that it was hanging in his eyes. "Are you going to be quiet."

"Yes," I whimpered softly as my blue eyes filled with tears. He nodded curtly at me before pulling away quickly. Instantly I moved away from the sticky wall and began to move forward once more. I felt out of depth as the tunnel seemed to grow darker and by looking back I could easily see that we were moving away from a light. I froze, elicting a curse from the man behind me as his body collided with mine.

"Move!" He snarled, pushing me forward once more. I stumbled but stood my ground, turning to glance at him in complete confusion. He grew impatient quickly for he gripped my arm and began dragging me forward, ignoring my wide eyes and painful yelps. It took as no time at all to get to where he was going...or rather where we were going. Dimly I realized I was dreaming, or was having a vision. Even as the thought crossed my mind I balked as we stopped in front of another person. He's extremely tall, and well muscled like my uncle Emmett. Despite his obvious paleness and ruby eyes I'm drawn to his hair. Its long and hanging free in his face, the colour is hard to distinguish in the darkness. Maybe dark blond, or light brown I couldn't really tell either way.

"Elizabeth," The man murmurs lovingly as he reaches out to cradle my face. I try and flinch away from his touch but find that the blonde is holding me in place. A whimper escapes my throat when he touches me, his fingers carressing my face. "Such a beautiful child, you took after your mother I see. Except your eyes...such a magnificent blue colour." Slowly he leans forward to draw in my scent, his nose skimming my collar bone. My eyes widen in terror and I feel my heart rate spike at the sudden contact.

"Please," I whimper as the feeling of terror spreads. He leans back abruptly, a smile lighting his dark ruby eyes. With careful ease he pulls me away from the blond and scoops me up bridal style.

"Such a beautiful women...a female." He breaths as he leans down once more. I feel my terror spike as his lips brush my temple and I have to fight to hold back another whimper. "Raoul was a fool to let you go, weak or not, you are extraordinary."

"Tobias?" The man behind us inquires. I stiffen the instant I hear his name and I feel my the bile rising in my throat once more. Tobias chuckles briefly at my reaction before he waves absently at the blond.

"Leave us," He orders softly before turning toward a door that I had missed before. "Elizabeth and I have much to discuss."

"No!" I screech as the blond turns away. For a moment I think I see pity in his green eyes but then the look is gone and he is walking swiftly away. I struggle even though I know it is useless and Tobias seems to find this amusing as he clutches me tighter to him.

"Damachus was right," He purrs into my ear as his nose buries itself in my hair. A shiver of terror rushes down my spin and I feel tears rapidly move down my cheeks. "Such a fiery little thing."


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