Gift spoilers go WAY AU here.

Light Expanding

Sequel to Follower of the Light

By SFBKludge

The Gift follows the plotline established until Buffy and Glory hit the ground.

"You lost your hammer, sweet cheeks. What're you gonna hit me with now?"

Glory is hit by a massive metal foot kicking through the wall.

Whatever's handy…

"And Spike called me a glorified bricklayer. I'm so glad I let Buffy in on the secret." Xander commented as he dropped the cloak in an attempt to overawe Glory and settle this without unleashing so much firepower that he incinerated Sunnydale and potentially opened the Hellmouth.

Buffy looks up at the giant robot of Raydeen, "Thanks Xander you deal with blondzilla from here on out."

"Ugh what hit me?" Glory had been kicked clear across the construction site well clear of any potential hostages. She slowly stood up and shook off the dust from the hit. , and started to look around. It was then she saw the glory (pun intended) of Raydeen. Oh shit, you have got to be kidding me. (Glory glares at author.) "What am I supposed to do against that? Chew on its big toe?

(Author reminds Glory to stay on script.)

"Ok ok where was I? Oh Shit!

Xanders disguised voice boomed from Raydeen. "Glory the Light wants you gone. If you surrender peacefully you will be sent back to your dimension. If you resist I can and will destroy you. You know that this robot Raydeen was originally built by the Light to help drive the old ones from this world. It will make short work of you."

Glory looks at author. Can I surrender now? I just want to go home and this suddenly isn't the sort of fun you promised."


"Ok ok I surrender. I just want to go home. I won't do anything if you will send me there."

Xander in his cockpit contacted Sanctuary. "Agent Harris reporting in, Glorificus has agreed to surrender you can make the adjustments to the teleported to make it inter-dimensional now."

A glow surrounds Glorificus and she is sent to her Hell World.

"HOME at last! Now where is one of those purple singing dinosaurs for me to torture and eat as an appetizer, and then I'll have to eat some of the antenna heads. Hum red yellow so many tasty color combinations.

(We fade out from a true hell world, and back into our shared reality.)

Even the obliviousness of Sunnydalers couldn't handle this. Frantic calls went out across the nation and the world.

-Short time later-

Under NORAD at Cheyenne mountain.

"Colonel we have been getting unsubstantiated reports of 'Giant robots' for sometime. The NID has always downplayed them and said it was nothing to be concerned about. I am now officially concerned. You and your team will go to, (consulting his notes) Sunnydale and investigate this Giant robot. I want to know if it's a threat to the planet or if we could use it against the Goa'uld."

"Yes sir General. Ok Spacemonkey, T once we get Carter out of her state of shock we can leave.

The End?

Yes it's another Shogun Warrior cross.

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