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Chapter 3: Trouble Starts

Ten years have come and gone since Liam joined Sao Feng. Lian has become a legend among pirates and a valuable asset to captain Feng as a bodyguard and all out warrior. She still tended to pick pockets from time to time, no matter how often her captain told her that it was beneath her. She enjoyed the challenge of particularly difficult ones.

Sometimes Lian would be sent out as a scout for new recruits. Like tonight, she leaned against the back wall of the Viridian Dragon searching for able-bodied replacements for the four men they had lost two weeks ago. Her Azure eyes scanned the common room. There were a few viable options here but no one really jumped out at her. However all she needed were reliable sailors who could handle a sword reasonably well. She saw Tai Wong pull a prostitute by the name of Rosie Nell into his lap, Lian smiled as the woman slapped him playfully. She returned to her perusal of the inn's common room. She noticed a small group of Englishmen watching her from a short distance away. As she made eye contact the youngest spoke to his companions and began to walk towards Lian. She stiffened momentarily. Warily she watched the young man approach. He was not much older than Lian with out of control, curly, red hair and sharp green eyes. He stopped a few feet from her and grinned.

"Me and my mates was wonderin' if we coul' entice yeh the have a drink wiv' us."

Lian toyed with the idea of pretending not to speak English and discarded it, "I do not drink on duty." Was her reply.

"We won't tell any'ne if yeh don't." he winked.

Lian blinked, this man was flirting with her. She shifted so that her sword was visible, "I am not a prostitute."

"Naw, thought never cross'd me mind. Jus' figur'd a pretty little thin' li'e you migh' fancy a drink an' some good comp'ny."

For all that Lian was still wary if these Englishmen proved to be good seamen and spoke Chinese, they might very well make good additions to the crew. Besides one drink couldn't hurt. After all she could out drink Tia Wong and that was saying something. One of the Englishmen got the drinks and they toasted. As it happened they all spoke very good Chinese and she asked if they would meet with her captain the next day to get work on ship. They eagerly agreed.

Not long after that Lian left the Viridian Dragon. The streets were fairly dark now and pretty empty. Suddenly a sickly dizziness filled the young pirate's head. What was going on? She wondered. She had only had one drink and the world was spinning. Her knees felt weak as someone grabbed her arm. Lian felt her sword cut flesh as she lashed out. A gurgling noise was heard telling her that she had cut someone's throat. After this she was easily disarmed though she tried to fight them off. Her weakness intensified as whatever drug had been in her drink took its course. Lian lost the feeling in her limbs as the edges of her vision became increasingly dark. Then the girl knew no more.

Liam had finished his duties on ship for the night. He headed towards the Viridian Dragon where he knew Lian always did her scouting. As he approached the inn from the opposite side of the street Liam froze. Lian was being attacked! He looked his friend over in about three seconds, he could see no injuries on her. Liam watched frozen as, vastly out number his sister tried to defend herself. Something was wrong though, Lian's reaction time was far too slow. Then it hit him, his friend was not being attacked. She was being Abducted! How these men had managed to drug the woman the boy had no idea, to tell the truth he didn't care at the moment. Liam's mind was in turmoil. On the one hand he could follow these men and see where they were taking his friend. However if he were caught no one might realize that Lian was missing until it was too late. He could also run to Captain Feng, but then he wouldn't know where his friend was. Just then he noticed Tai Wong walk out of the Viridian Dragon. Liam caught his attention with a wave. Then using hand signals he directed the older sailor's attention to Lian's abductors. The skinny Chinaman discreetly nodded and slipped off to follow the kidnappers. At once Liam turned and ran to the place where he knew Sao Feng was meeting with one of his most successful captains. They were discussing the situation that was arising with the East Indian Trading Company.

Liam reached the bathhouse in record time. Of course it was not just a bathhouse. It was also an armory, infirmary, living quarters, and head quarters. Sao Feng had several such 'Bath houses' throughout Singapore. Liam almost groaned when he saw who Captain Feng had had posted as the door guard fro this meeting. He really did not want to deal with the cantankerous, unfriendly first mate. However Liam knew that the only way he was getting in to speak with the Captain was through Bok Choy.

"I need to speak to the captain." The young man demanded trying to sound confident and calm.

The man's customary sneer encroached on his face, "the captain is in a very important meeting. Not to be disturbed."

Liam began to lose his composure, "I realize that!" he shouted, "I would not interrupt if it was not necessary! We must hurry or it may be too late."

"I'm not falling for that. Whatever you have to tell him can't be that important. It can wait until Sao Feng is finished his meeting with Yun Sung."

"Lian could be dead by then!" the former cabin boy yelled throwing his hands in the air and mentally cursing the first mate for the stubborn ass that he was.

Having heard the commotion Sao Feng opened the meeting room door, ignoring Bok Choy he spoke directly to Liam, "What has happened to Lian he demanded motioning the boy into the room. Liam immediately obeyed his captain's silent command. He explained the situation quickly and consicely as he had been taught Sao Feng had no patience for those who spoke uselessly. While they waited for Tia Wong to report the captain concluded his meeting.

Whispers… Lian Floated ins a dark veil all she heard was whispers. She felt muffled. The woman tried to focus but her mind slipped and the black fog continued to smother her mind.

"How much longer will Jermyn make us wait? Every day we stay in this warren increases the chance that they will find her." The voice was strangely familiar to Lian. Another familiar British voice replied to the first.

"This 'ole bui'ness don' sit righ' wi' me. This be under 'anded even fer us. Is any o' this worth the wrath o' Sao Feng?"

Light began to filter through the black fog in her head. A moan escaped her lips and she cursed this in her head at this show of weakness. Then the fog evaporated more quickly and her eyes snapped open. Immediately Lian was on her feet and reaching for her sword, only to discover that it was not there. Her stomach dropped as she took in the cage that surrounded her. Lightening struck in her eyes as her furry erupted. Fluent curses flew from her lips as she saw the men from the Viridian Dragon on guard. The four she had spoken to cringed and refused to look her in the eye. Many of the others laughed.

An hour later another group of Englishmen came down the stairs and through the only door in the room. Lian was pacing her cage and glaring at everyone who entered. The moment he entered it was obvious who the leader was. Jermyn was tall with slightly longer than shoulder length hair that was black as pitch and tied back in a horsetail at the nape of his neck. His facial structure was sharp, Razor thin nose and cheekbones that seemed on the verge of slicing through his skin. Cold blue eyes so dark that they seemed black bore into the sky blue of Lian's. She continued to pace her cage her eyes never leaving his, they conveyed the depth of her rage far better than any word in any language ever could.

"Look at her Chales!" Jermyn breathed almost rapturously his eyes alight with fiendish delight, "Lian Feng, the 'Tigress of Singapore'. How easy it is to see where the name came from." He practically purred, "And now she is mine."

'So,' Lian thought, "this is a kidnapping to try and press gang me into joining his crew.' Her eyes narrowed, "You will not get away with this." She growled.

"You think that your captain will save you?" he laughed, "You are quite mistaken my dear child." She gritted her teeth at the endearment, she did not appreciate being patronized.

"Release me now and I may be able to convince Captain Feng to go easy on you all."

"Sao Feng is no threat to us!" This declaration was met by general unease from his crewmembers, they did not seem so sure as their leader about this, "He will never find this little nest of ours. Even your friend who tried to follow you could not…"

"If you have harmed any -" she began.

"Never fear, no one has been hurt my men simply gave him the slip." Jermyn assured her with a benevolent smile, "Now Lian, will you join my crew nicely? Or will I have to bind you to us?"

"Nothing you could possibly say would ever tempt me to join your crew. My allegiance is to Sao Feng alone!" she growled fiercely. He smiled an evil, secretive smile, "We shall see about that my dear, we shall see."

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