I just decided to try my hand at a Naruto/Bleach crossover just so I wouldn't get bored, so here it is. This has nothing to do with the Singular Universe. It's just something I made to tide me over.

The day I own Naruto or Bleach is the day that the world ends.

Prologue: Who is the Shiki Fujin?

Twelve years before the main Naruto storyline began, the Kyūbi no Kitsune attacked the Hidden Leaf Village. Its power shook the very core of the universe. Its tails alone could raze mountains to the ground and bring tsunamis crashing to the shores.

The ninja of the Leaf tried hard to fight the beast, but were sorely beaten. Not even the Jonin-ranked ninja could do anything to stem the tide of these monsters.

Finally, a giant toad, Gamabunta, arrived to combat the beast. Mounted on top of the great Gamabunta was Konoha's Yellow Flash, Namikaze Minato, also known as the Fourth Hokage.

Minato tried to hold off the fox with everything he could muster, but in the end, he could not even scratch the beast. Finally, having exhausted all other options, Minato performed the Shiki Fūjin sealing ninjutsu, and summoned the great Shinigami to seal the fox.

When the seal was finally invoked, a great gate appeared out of nowhere, and out came the Shinigami to deal with the fox. To most, the Shinigami looked like a great beast with horns, but then again the person looking on that image was generally sealed within an object or person. To Minato, hovever, the Shinigami just looked like a man in a black hakama with a sword at his side. His blond hair extended to his shoulders and was unkempt, looking kind of like a pair of horns. This man was Urahara Kisuke, Squad 12 Captain.

"Wow, Namikaze, you really did it this time," said Urahara, looking at the fox.

"Just shut up and seal this thing," said Minato. "What the hell are you doing here anyway? Did Zaraki take the night off or something?"

"Umm, yes," replied Urahara. "Now if you will excuse me, I have to take care of a fox. Now who did you want it sealed inside again?"

"My son, dammit. Okay, you see that kid with the blond hair lying in the crib next to the dead woman?"

"Damn, he got your wife too?" asked Urahara. After Minato gave him the "look," Urahara simply said, "Okay, one sealed fox, coming right up."

Drawing his sword from its sheath, he called out, "Awaken, Benihime!"

His sword, having been a simple katana before, changed drastically. The blade widened, and the hilt curved, adding a ribbon and other strange decorations to it. This sword was no longer just a simple blade. It looked like it had been forged to kill.

Urahara took a glove with a skull-like symbol in his left hand and physically knocked the Kyūbi's soul out of its body. Then he cut the chain connecting the soul to the body and attached it to the chain that was inside Minato's son, producing a forked chain where two souls would reside. Keeping the child's position over the fork longer than the fox's would allow the child to keep control and serve as a jailor. It would also allow the child to become a Shinigami in the event of his death.

After a few cuts here and there, the job was complete. Urahara quickly went to Minato and said, "It is time. You will be allowed to say goodbye but then you must leave here."

"Why?" asked Minato simply.

"My reiatsu, or spiritual pressure has tainted you too much to be allowed to remain here. You must become a Shinigami yourself.

"But what do I say to convince the villagers not to follow me?"

"Make up a stupid excuse like... Hmm, let's see," Urahara paused to think. "I know. I have consumed your soul and you are condemned to spend an eternity fighting inside my stomach."

"That's so stupid," said Minato. "But you know what? Its stupidity may be just the thing it needs to work."

Three hours later, after saying his goodbyes and faking anguish accompanied with his soul being slowly ripped out of his body, he returned to Urahara.

"Okay, Urahara. Let's do it," he said.

Urahara punched him with the glove, sending his soul out of his body, and after a few cuts with Benihime, Minato was dead.

Urahara toughed Minato with the hilt of Benihime, and resolved to train him personally.

Minato glanced at his son, whom he had named Naruto, and dissolved in a blue light.

And there it is. My attempt at a Naruto/Bleach crossover. What do you think? Like it? Hate it? Don't ever write on this site again? Please R&R.

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