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Chapter 4: Orochimaru vs. Shikai

Naruto stood up, showing no signs of the injury he had just received. Grasping his sword, he called out, "Rip them to shreds, Fokkusu! (4.b)"

Now it was his sword's turn to change. The hilt remained untouched, but the blade became a long red arm with a clawed fox paw on it.

"I don't care if you are a Sannin, Orochimaru," said Naruto. "You're still going DOWN!"

"Oh really?" asked the snake-like hollow. "Just because you have a new blade doesn't mean you can beat me." Orochimaru twisted his tail and rammed it into Fokkusu's claws.

"Hn," said Naruto in a manner typical of Sasuke. "Fokkusu is too powerful to be stopped just like that. And besides, weren't you supposed to be trapped in Itachi's Susano'o?"

"You bastard," said Orochimaru. "You will never understand my power." He reached around to give Naruto a reiatsu-type cursed seal, but Naruto was just too quick.

"I understand that you are nothing but a half-assed excuse for a hollow," said Naruto, bringing Fokkusu's claws to Orochimaru's tail.

"YAAAAAAAAARGH!" yelled the snake as his tail was ripped off. He had not expected Naruto to be so quick with his zanpakutō. A quick slice with Fokkusu and another section of tail was brought down.

"So, kid. It sums you have some skill," said Orochimaru, after regenerating. "So what are the powers of that blade?"

"It only has one," said Naruto, taking aim at Orochimaru's tail again. The demon Fox's Cloak enveloped the sword and Naruto's sword arm. "Akuma no Fokkusu Gaitou Getsuga Tenshō!"

The Fox's cloak poured out of the sword at an arc paralleling the slash that Naruto had just made with his sword. The energy arced toward Orochimaru's tail, and with a resounding explosion, severed it again. This time, however, Orochimaru found it difficult to regenerate, as the Fox put a hamper on his power with the wave of energy.

At that moment, Naruto felt more powerful than ever. He felt more alive than ever. He felt… the return of his chakra.

'So that's what the blade does…' thought Naruto. He knew at that moment that he could win. He just had to wait for the right opportunity to surprise Orochimaru.

Meanwhile, back in Soul Society…

"So he has his own variation of Getsuga Tenshō," said Ichigo, watching the fight on his Hell Butterfly Surveillance Camera. "So what?"

"So," said the captain of Squad 6, Kuchiki Byakuya, "Did you see what the beam was made of? It was pure chakra. Demonic chakra. I can only pray that he does not learn his Bankai."

"And why the hell not?" asked Ichigo. "What is so wrong with him learning Bankai?"

"If his shikai is the arm of the Kyūbi, then what will the Bankai be?" asked Byakuya. "That's right," he said before Ichigo had the chance to speak. "The Kyūbi himself. We can't have that thing running loose in the world. And there is no way we can allow it to run loose in the Seireitei."

"Oh, but what a lovely research specimen he would be," said Kurotsuchi Mayuri, Squad 12 captain. Apparently all the captains were watching the fight in order to see how Naruto was progressing.

"Oh stuff it Kurotsuchi," said the youngest looking of the group, Hitsugaya Tōshirō. "Not everything is some research project."

"Would you all just SHUT UP!?" yelled Ichigo. "I'm trying to watch the fight if it's all right with you."

Back on the other side of the camera, Orochimaru was winning the fight slowly but surely. He was on the verge of killing Naruto. He hadn't gotten a hit on Naruto so far, but he was coming closer and closer.

'Perfect,' thought Naruto. 'I only have to distract him a while longer.'

Meanwhile, unknown to Orochimaru, two more Narutos, including the real one, were preparing Naruto's signature jutsu, the Rasengan.

"Hey snake-breath," said the Shadow Clone that Orochimaru was fighting.

"What now, brat?" said Orochimaru.

"You remember how I said that Fokkusu only had one special power?"

"Yeah," said Orochimaru. "So what? You can't touch me with that ridiculous thing."

"Well, I was correct about it having only one power, however, it does have another side effect," said Naruto, ready to spring the trap.

"And just what is that?" said the snake, rearing his tail.

"Well, the blade may only have one ability, but…" said Naruto before letting the snake tail connect with his body.

POOF! The Shadow Clone disappeared, and the real Naruto said, "It gives me back all of mine."

"WHAT!?" screamed Orochimaru. He whirled in the direction of the sound, only to come face to face with a fully charged Rasengan.

"THIS IS FOR SASUKE!" yelled Naruto. "RASENGAN!"

The Rasengan drilled its way into Orochimaru's mask, cracking it in the middle. Then it launched him 30 feet away. Naruto ran up to the demon snake hollow, sealing his zanpakutō so that he could leave the mask in two.

"AND THIS IS FOR THE THIRD HOKAGE!" yelled Naruto, bringing the blade on top of Orochimaru's head.

As soon as Orochimaru was defeated, a huge gate appeared. Impaling the remains of Orochimaru's hollow with a devilish looking stick, the gate took him straight to Hell.

"Well I'm glad that's over," said Naruto out loud. He sheathed his sword nd looked around the remains of the building.

It made sense that Orochimaru would attack the UCLA Science Department, as he was always tinkering with things that didn't need to be tinkered with. He then saw an odd shaped lump lying on the ground.

"I wonder what that is," said Naruto out loud. "It might be a dead student from when Orochimaru attacked, or it could be…"

The lump stirred, making Naruto look even closer at it. He then saw a face appear and almost had a heart attack.

"Oh shit, Haku!"

Naruto ran over to his fallen comrade. At first, he knew she was in trouble and was ready to lose all hope. Haku was the first person Naruto knew outside of Konoha. He hated seeing her on the verge of death. Then, he came to his senses and called Ichigo.

Back in Soul Society…

"Whew. I'm glad that's over," said Ichigo. "Still, did he have to shove that blue ball in the hollow's face?"

Just at that moment, Ichigo's cell phone rang.

"You'd better pick that up," said Byakuya. "It might be Naruto."

Ichigo picked up the phone and said, "Hello, this is Kurosak…"

"Oh thank goodness, Kurosaki-taichō," said Naruto on the other end. "Listen. Haku's badly hurt. Send someone from Squad 4 immediately. Oh shit, I'm losing her."

"I'll go," said Unohana-taichō of Squad 4. "Minazuki should be able to heal her enough to be able to get to HQ."

"Wait," said Ichigo. "You heard that?"

"Who wouldn't?" said Unohana. "No offense, Kurosaki, but he's loud, hyperactive, and…"

"Konoha's Number One Hyperactive Knucklehead Ninja," said Ichigo. "I know."

After that, Unohana left for the human world. Zaraki Kenpachi followed mostly out of boredom.

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