Dear Dad,

God I have no clue why I am even writing this we burned your bones over a year ago but things need to be said things I never said I was too afraid to hurt you or Sammy. This wasn't how this was suppose to be we were suppose to be together in the end this isn't how I wanted this you dead, me one way ticket to hell but it was for Sammy and I don't regret that at all.

I Dean Winchester have given everything to you and to Sammy in the end no I don't regret it but I wish I had more of a life, hell I would have settled for friends may be a real job here and there but no I followed you so Sammy had a choice and how was I thanked you drug me from job to job treating me like your well trained attack dog. I obeyed every order I protected Sammy I let you push me around. Please dad I loved you I grew up wanted to be you but then again I didn't have a choice when it came down to it did I.

Rule number one which superseded any other protect Sammy at all cost which meant Dean put your life and your soul on the line for Sammy no matter what.

So in the end I want to tell you that I wish I was more then Sammy's protector Dad that was your job it should be you down there I should be dead.


What is dead should stay that way.