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Naruto's New Life The story

"Once long ago there was a leader of a village, it was called Leaf, that's it. In Leaf there was a great leader who was known throughout their world. He was called Yomi. One day Leaf was attacked by a great demon looking to eat, like we all need to eat. So he attacked the village, Yomi seeing he couldn't defeat it sealed it away in his own son, thus saving the village but at the cost of his life. Yomi left his son in the care of Olem, the leader before him. Yomi told Olem that his son was a hero and hoped he would be treated like one, he also said not to let anyone know that the baby boy, who's name was Nasumi, was his son. Olem made it law for no one born on or past that date was to know about the demon sealed into the boy even the boy himself.

The villagers where angry and confused and wonted someone to blame so they started to say the boy was the demon. So, they started to try to murder him, even in the baby boy's crib. Well, Nasumi grew up alone and had a hard life because he was always alone and every orphanage he was put into always threw him out or tried to kill him. The children at the time didn't know how to react to this so they looked at there parents and copied them. All except for a girl who's name was Hanta. She was a shy girl and had a crush on the boy. Hanta stood at a distance afraid to approach him due to her shyness and her royal statues. The boy grew up getting beaten, harassed by women, and nearly died several times. Olem eventually was forced to give the boy his own apartment at the age of 5 because no orphanage would take him in. What he didn't know was that the place was one of the worst in town and the room the boy had wasn't fit for rats to live in.

Well, Nasumi eventually went to the ninja academy and was the dead last because the teachers would make him stand outside the classroom while they taut. Then he made it to the classroom that a man named Ruka taut. Ruka had been an orphan and so he got to know the boy. The two became pretty close. Then after the third time Nasumi failed he test to pass the ninja academy, one of his teacher named Misu came and told him of a way he could pass. Nasumi stole a vary important scroll and learned one jutsu from it, only to get attacked by the traitor Misu. Ruka came and stopped Misu but not before the traitor had told Nasumi about the demon. Nasumi probably would have died if not for Ruka and thus go noticed for something other than a failure for the first time and he ended up saving Ruka with a jutsu that would become his favorite. Nasumi passed and got put with an emo named Sauke and his fan girl named Suka.

The three became gennin under there sensi Kashi. Then on the exams to go to the chunnin Ochi attacked Sauke. Ochi later killed Olem, the man closer to the boy than anyone. Sauke was turned evil and ended up turning traitor. Naumi, who thought of Sauke as a brother, went after him and fought him with everything he had trying to bring Sauke back to Suka who loved him. Nasumi knew what it was like to go without love from someone and Suka was like a sister to him so he wonted to protect her. In the end, Nasumi called on the demon's power and Sauke called on his new evil power. They powered up their most powerful techniques and charged at each other but Nasumi backed out at the last instant talking he hit strait to the chest. Sauke had wanted too kill Nasumi, his best friend, as the traitor said, for power but couldn't or wouldn't, I don't know, but he left him for dead. That's when Nasumi let the demon free, but instead of taking his freedom he healed the boy at the expense of his life.

So the demon died, leaving the boy. Nasumi was rescued and brought back to the village, but even though people who cared for him surrounded him he felt totally alone. None of his friends knew about the demon and thus the boy thought they wouldn't like him if they knew and thought weren't his true friends. So the boy decided to kill himself so he could be with the people who cared for him. Then right as the boy was about to do it he remembered Hanta, the one he still loved. He had to find out if she loved him and so he planed to tell her and all his friends about the demon. He had to know if Hanta loved him, he just had to. So he got the new leader, who cared to him and he had helped to bring their Tsune, to get all his friends together. Then he told them, he told them in the way of a story…" Naruto finished his story, Hinata sitting in a chair beside him and everyone else ether standing or sitting in his hospital room.

Everyone was quite after the story. "I don't know how it ends though, I'm waiting to find out…" He looked down at his hands. That's when it clicked in everyone mind, that story was true. "Naruto, I'm so sorry…" Hinata said placing her hand on his shoulder. "Hinata, only you know if Hanta loves Nasumi, dose she?" He asked her. She blushed slightly. "Yes, yes she dose, she loved him ever sense their days at the academy. When she was too shy to come up to him and tell him that she wonted to be friends…" She smiled at him. "And Nasumi, your friends don't hate you for what Yomi put in you, you couldn't have stopped if from happening. You where only a baby and besides Yomi was right, you are a hero…" Sakura said. Everyone Nodded. "Naruto…" Hinata asked seeing the blonde's smile fade. "I almost forgot, when I got the kyubi's power he said there would be some side effects…" He called upon some of his chakra.

"Aaaaaaaaagh!" He clutched his head; slowly red chakra began to cover his entire body. It took the form of a fox then started to expand enveloping the entire room in visible red chakra. The chakra looked ready to attack anything and everything that came in its path but a more gentle, strong blue chakra stopped it. The red and blue fused together slowly becoming golden. Then as if someone had pulled a plug it all seemed to get sucked back towards Naruto. They all blinked several times, not only had the chakra seemed to protect them but it also seemed to be vary bright. Hinata was the first to recover. She gasped. Naruto was still sitting in front of her but he had changed. The blonde now had a golden foxtail and ears. His eyes where still blue but they had slits that where outlined in gold. "God damn it, I hate this color!" Was the first thing Naruto shouted when he saw he had a golden tail, "Wait, what the fuck I have a god damn tail!" Naruto yelled even louder. "Great, just great! Know I guess I really am the demon I was called all the years of my life, just great, and they had just cut down to beating the shit out of me once a week!" Naruto's voice had no hint of sarcasm in it what so ever.

"Naruto, your not a demon…" Hinata said. "They what the fuck am I Hinata! If this tail and that chakra hasn't turned me into a demon then what has it turned me into?!" He yelled. "Your still the man I love, you feel, you care about us, a demon doesn't care, a demon doesn't feel, a demon isn't the person I am in love with. I'm in love with Uzumaki Naruto, the person you still are on the inside. If you are a demon then tell me this, why didn't you escape while you could?" Hinata said simply, staring into his blue eyes. Naruto thought about this, she was right. He smiled "Your right Hinata-Chan."

"Ok, lets give the boy some rest come on everyone out." Tsunade said seeing the blonde's eyes drop. Everyone walked out the door except for Hinata. "Good night Naruto-kun, I'll see you tomorrow." She said then she kissed him on the lips as sleep overcame him.

"Is everyone here?" A man in a hawk mask asked. "Yes, we are ready to attack." A woman's voice said from behind a dog mask. "Tonight, the demon brat is weak and in the hospital. It is the perfect." "Hie, I'll tell them to get ready." She raced off her while the man in the hawk mask watched as everyone left Naruto's room and the blonde fell asleep. 'This is going to be easy.' He smiled; their plan was full proof.

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