Well, this is my story. I hope you like it so far. I like it a lot. I have spent more time writing this one than any other. Well, here we go…

Naruto woke up sore and cold. He couldn't see and he felt that his hands and feet where tied together and his chakra suppressed. "So, the demon's finally awake." He heard a familiar voice say. 'Where am I?' Naruto asked himself. The blindfold was taken off and what he saw was a scene from his worst nightmare. Every one of his friends stood around him glaring at him, a kunai in there hands. "What's going on?" He asked tentatively. "We've finally decided to put you in your place demon, it's time you learned where it was in society." The ninja henged as Tsunade said. Then Sakura came at him first and slashed him across the face, "That's for not bringing Sasuke back you monster!" She yelled at him. Naruto yelped in pain and had no time to defend himself when the next assault came. This went on for hours, until he was knocked unconscious from the pain but he sobbed non-the less. 'Demon's don't cry, do they?' was a thought on everyone's mind. "Let's get rid of the body…" The man in the hawk mask said as he unhenged. 'Did we just torture an innocent boy?' He was wondering, as was everyone else.

Two days later

Neji patrolled the eastern gate. Naruto had been gone for three days and no one knew where he was. They had been searching and searching nonstop for two days. The knucklehead had run off before to train. That's when he was something glisten in the afternoon sun, 'Blood?' was his only thought as he noticed more of it on some leaves on the bushes. The Hyuga pushed them apart revealing a gruesome sight. Hanging by dislocated arms was a man, he had a tail though. 'Naruto?' Was his first thought. The man had cuts all over his body, and he was covered in blood. His pants where ragged and his hair matted with blood. His arms and legs where contorted in ways they shouldn't have, and it looked like he had several ribs broken. 'What happened to his guy?' Neji wondered as he carefully cut the…., blonde?, down. He barely weighed anything. 'Jesse I hope Tsunade is in the hospital…' Neji thought taking the blonde to the building quickly.

Tsunade looked over some charts. 'Man I wish Naruto was here…' She thought. "Tsunade-sama, what are you doing here?" Sakura asked. "I needed to get out of the office, if I'm in there I can't stop thinking about what might have happened to him…" She said. Sakura nodded. She too had been thinking about the blonde and wondering what his fate had been. Then Neji burst into the door supporting a really messed up person. "Hokage-sama, he needs help. I found him in the woods, he had no headband but I found this." He showed her the remains of what looked to be her necklace. Tsunade didn't need to be told twice, if there was any chance this man was Naruto she had to take it. Immediately she started to shout orders and rolled the man into the ICU operating room. "Lets go get the others." Sakura said, Neji nodded. The all needed to be here to hear if that man was Naruto or not.

Tsunade walked out of the operating room covered in blood and sweating. "I don't know if he's Naruto, the damage was so bad I couldn't see his facial feature. We're just going to have to wait until he wakes up. But he is out of the woods." Everyone was thinking the same thought. 'Who was this kid?' Over the next week and a half they all waited for any news. Then the kids brain waves spiked one afternoon and they all gathered waiting for him to awaken.

Naruto was floating in blissful darkness. He felt peaceful, he never wanted to leave. Then it started to get brighter and he began to feel the heaviness of his limbs. Slowly he opened his eyes and found himself staring at a white ceiling. Slowly he turned his head and saw Hinata staring at him. Then he sat up, at first he was confused. Why was he here? Then his memories came flooding back to him and he panicked. "Get away from me!" His emotions where a wreak and he started to sob curling up as far away from them as he could get. Everyone was if shock. "Naruto?" Hinata asked. The blond looked at her and crawled toward her. "Hinata-Chan, don't let them hurt me anymore, please protect me. I don't wont to hurt anymore." His body wracked with sobs as he leaned on her shoulder and cried. 'This can't be Naruto, this boy's a wreak.' Was one of the thoughts going through everyone's minds. "Please, Naruto what happened? Who did this to you?" She asked. Naruto whispered in her ear. Apparently it wasn't what she had expected because she gasped and her eyes grew huge. "Are you sure?" She asked, the blonde nodded. "Ok, lay down and go to sleep I'll make sure no one hurts you." The blonde nodded and drifted into blissful sleep with his head on Hinata's shoulder.

The Hyuga heiress waited until she was sure he was asleep. "I don't wont to believe what he just told me but if it's true I really wouldn't be surprised… Naruto said it was you who did this to him." She glared at each and every one of them. (Shivers)(I don't like to get Hinata mad; she's scare when she's mad!) "Get me an interrogator, one who can show us what this kids seen, I wont them in here five minutes ago!" Tsunade yelled at the ANBU standing outside the door. She was dreading what she would see but she had to see it.

Two minutes later a girl arrived and did a Justus allowing them to see what Naruto had seen without waking the blonde up. They watched as a cloud formed above his head. Then a scene not even from their worst nightmares broke lose. They watched as copies of themselves started to attack Naruto cutting him each time they yelled at him. They heard Naruto screaming in pain and begging them to stop, the people didn't listen. Then as the supposed crimes got worse so did the torture. Every time a bone snapped they would wince hearing Naruto's cries of pain. Then they heard him begging for death, sobbing and then he blacked out. After a few moments the group saw a blurry image in front of Naruto, you couldn't see who it was but as soon as he spoke you could tell who he was. "Well, Uzumaki looks like you convinced my container not to join me, for that you owe me a new one…" Orochimaru's voice hissed. "Your lucky Uzumaki, you're the first to get this seal. I made if just for you…" They saw something slash out at Naruto, who screamed in pain. "I will come back Uzumaki and when I do you'll be my next container but you'll have to watch as I use your body to destroy Konoha and everyone you care for. That is your dream to protect them after all and I plan to crush your dream Uzumaki just like you crushed mine…" "Never…" Naruto managed to mumble before he blacked out; the last thing he heard was the laughing of Orochimaru.

Everyone was shocked. They couldn't believe it, who would do this to Naruto. "Everyone this is double S class information nothing you saw or heard is to leave this room." Jiraiya said because Tsunade was sobbing to hard to say anything. "Everyone go home, we'll just wait until he can tell us more..." Tsunade said. Everyone walked out of the room except the two sannin and the two Hyuga. "Come on Hinata..." Neji said. "Hell, no! As far as I've seen you're the people who did this to my Naruto-kun! I'm not leaving his side until this is all sorted out, so you can just tell my father that his daughter is caring for the boy he calls a demon, and tell him that if he wants to dismiss me from the clan to go ahead and do so. I don't fucking care. I've wonted to destroy this village for I don't know how long for the way they treated Naruto and me but there where two things holding me back. Naruto and the fact I'm a Konoha Ninja, but the second can go to hell if Naruto asked me to help him I would gladly do so. Just try and make me leave Neji and I swear I will rip you to shreds before you can say Hai." Hinata said. To say the ninja were shocked was an understatement, who could have imagined Hinata this way. (Hinata is scary when she's angry...)

"I love Naruto and I will always feel that way, no one can change that, I have seen him at his best and at his worst. He can be so forgiving and caring, even to those who beat him and despise him. He can't hold a grudge at all but when you threaten someone he cares about there is no stopping his anger. He is the lost Hero of Konoha, I sure of it. I had thought it was just a legend but know I know it's real..." She smiled down at the blonde sadly. "Lost Hero of Konoha?" Tsunade asked. "Go ask the Ramen shop guy's daughter, she knows." Hinata said. They left her alone.

Well, I hope you liked it. I'm going to have to work on the up coming story hard. See ya.