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"Can you tell me anything on the Lost Hero of Konoha?" Tsunade asked the girl sitting in front of her. "Yes Hokage-sama. I know the story by heart. It was a story my mother told me. She also told me it was a true story and I agree. You don't have to believe it if you don't want to but that doesn't change my opinion. Well it goes like this.

In a land far away there was a boy, his name was Nazumi. He was a bright young man and had hair the color of the sun and eyes like someone had taken a peace of the sky and placed them on his face. He was vary handsome with a kind playful face with a strong jaw and the face of a prince. He was about 6', muscular, and well toned. Nazumi was a ninja, but he did not use his power for his own needs. He was a kind person who hated to see people in danger or distress. Sadly many in his village hated him. They hated him for something he had no control of, they hated him for a demon sealed within him. His own father had put the demon in him in order to save the village. Although the villagers treated the boy so badly the he tried to commit suicide almost everyday up until the age of 16. That's when IT happened.

When he went to save his rival and best friend, the two ended up fighting much to his dismay. Both young man fought with all the power they had till they had to call on powers given to them. Nazumi could have killed his best friend, he was trying to kill Nazumi anyway, but he just couldn't. After Nazumi was injured vary seriously, the young man went to talk to his demon. He asked the demon to take care of the village and to bring his friend back, and then he pulled the seal off the demons cage. The demon, though so close to freedom, didn't take it. Instead it healed the boy, in doing so gave up its life.

My mother told me that this only happens every 1000 years. Every time the most powerful demon of that time will give up its life to save its container, the container is given a choice. The container can chose good or evil. If it chooses evil then the world will continue on it's path to destruction, but if it should chose good then the world will go on the path to paradise by the containers hands. If I'm right this year is the year that is supposed to happen. Now it is called the Lost Hero of Konoha because demon containers are hated. It is said that Konoha would hate its demon the worst, but its demon would be the last and the one to chose good. If and when he should chose good, it won't be noticed at first. Before things start to get better, things will get worse. Especially for this village. Also, for the demon container. He will have to leave because getting such power will not go unnoticed and if he would stay the village would most likely kill him thinking he is the Kyuubi. He will have to become many ninja's worst nightmare before he can save anyone at all. There will be many that hate him and wish to kill him. Though, the legend dose say that many will love him but only one person's love will matter to him and that is his only weakness. If someone where to kidnap the one he loves and use it against him then they would have a vary powerful weapon and the end may come then. I doubt it though, it is also said that he will be able to travel similar to the way that the fourth traveled. The one who can do that will be our Lost Hero.

I don't now who the demon container is but I hope, whoever he is, he is forgiving enough to chose good. If he doesn't then this may be the end of the world as we now it. I now this because if the demon container should chose evil, then the hate he will feel towards all shinobi has no comparison. His hate will make him strong, that and the power he will poses the fact he has nothing to lose…it will make him unstoppable. It will bring about the end off the world."

Tsunade sat and let the information sink in. "Tsunade-sama, I have seen many shinobi in my short time at my fathers restraunt. I have never seen one so forgiving and kind as Naruto, I don't think we need to worry." The girl got up and walked out. Leaving a confused Tsunade. 'You may be righ but I've seen how Naruto feel about people who disgrace Konoha and break promises.' She shuddered remembering the last time she had seen the blonde angry. She wouldn't forget it, he could be one of the kindest most gently people alive, but when he was angry he was a force to be reckoned with.

'Naruto, what will you chose? Will you finally get revenge or will you shoulder yet another burden for this ungrateful village?' she sighed and took a swig of shake. She had too much to worry about…

Mean while in Naruto's hospital room the story Tsunade had just heard was being put into action. This was the best and worst day of Konoha's history….On this day a hero will be born and a villain will be created. Though the story isn't always going to be right, because the future is always susceptible to change. All that has to happened is on person to change their mind…

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