Well here's the new rewrite of my story, i hope everyone enjoys it, chapter 2 will come up shortly.

A woman with her long black hair tied up in a messy ponytail walks up the stairs and knocks on a door. She carefully opens the door and walks toward the bed. Atop the bed there is a red ball of puff, otherwise known as her son. The room is dark even though the sun is shining outside, reason being the curtains. She opens the dark green curtains, fitting along with the wood texture giving the room a forest-like environment and the red ball groans. She sits on the bed and pulls down the covers.

"Shuichi, it's your first day of school. I've got breakfast downstairs for you." She says. Shuichi lazily opens his emerald eyes, a bland look behind his eyes that even the sun can't put light in them. "You must get ready Shuichi, I'll be waiting for you." She walks out the door as Shuichi sighs. 'Just three more years.' He sits on his bed and stretches out his arms. He goes to his closet and picks a light blue polo with a white collar, and some white shorts. He gets his backpack ready and goes down to eat breakfast.

"Shuichi would you like me to walk with you to your school?" His mother asks.

"No I'm fine mother, thank you. I'll be leaving now." Shuichi says, picking up his backpack.

"Have fun and be careful." She says.

"I will mother." Shuichi says and walks out the door. It's a peaceful day, not too hot, not too cold, the sun is warm and the breeze cool. Shuichi passes some other kids going to school when someone runs into him.

"Ow! Watch where you walking!" Shuichi turns around and sees a girl about his age, she has long light brown hair but wearing a red cap. She's wearing a white button up shirt and shorts. She has a bandage underneath her right eye and on her knees. "Geez, nowadays guys aren't so nice anymore." The girl says dusting off her shirt. She picks up her backpack and sticks her tongue out to Shuichi and proceeds to run again.

'And she tells me to watch out; she's the one who ran into me.' Shuichi dusted himself off and picked up his own backpack and started walking again. He arrives at school with many groups of friends discussing their break and how they can't wait to become older. Shuichi tunes them out and soon the opening ceremony begins. Afterward everyone goes into their respective classrooms and then begin the introductions. Shuichi notices the girl who bumped into him is now in his class. Her name is Hikaru, a simple girl who also introduces her best friend, Naota who is sitting in the back due to her last name being Yukino.

Hikaru introduces herself as a very fun person and hopes to make the best of the year with her best friend Naota. Of course this makes everyone look at Naota. Shuichi, curious as he was, turns and begins his analysis. She had short black hair, but long enough to be put into a side ponytail with a beaded band, light pink in color. She wore a long sleeve, white shirt and jeans. She blushed and politely smiled. She had a bandage spread on her cheek and for a moment Shuichi thought about it, until the next introduction.

The first day was just boring even for Shuichi. For inside him was the 1000 year old Youko, a demon thief who went into the human world after a heist had gone wrong. This were the most boring years of his life. Shuichi sighed, doing the first assignments fairly easy. 'Of course it would be easy for me; this is literally child's play.' Shuichi noticed Hikaru was very loud while Naota was very quiet, a sort of calm quietness that even surprised him, since she is such a young child.

A couple of weeks went by and Shuichi began his daily routine, go to school, do well on assignments, ignore the other students, go to the library during recess, go back to class, do some more assignments, go back home and study, then sleep. Shuichi noticed that even though Hikaru and Naota spend most of their time together, Hikaru usually went out and played while Naota stayed and read books like him. They developed a sort of respect toward one another during the following weeks as they both read in silence. Shuichi noticed that she often brought clothes that covered her completely and also that sometimes she had bandages on her face.

In gym class she tries not to get involved and made up excuses. After school she walks straight home saying that her mom wants her to be there. Shuichi noticed strange quirks and flinches when Hikaru grabbed onto her too hard, as if it hurt.

Shuichi didn't know why he observed Naota so much, maybe because she seems so weak and feeble yet is able to stay calm and happy in the worst situations. Like 2 weeks earlier while playing dodgeball, she got hit square in the face by the fastest thrower in the class, yet smiled and gave the ball back. Or when she came to school with a high fever and still kept continuing on with the lesson. Not to mention the daily pain he noticed when she arrives at school.

One day while sitting and reading a book Shuichi did something that even surprised himself. He sat close to where Naota was sitting at. Curious she looks at him but doesn't say anything.

"Why do flinch so many times? Does something hurt?" Shuichi asks.

"Does what hurt?" Naota ask.

"Anything." Shuichi says.

"Nah, I'm strong, I can take it." Naota says.

"Then you must be hurt." Shuichi says and Naota went silent.

"So what if I am?" Naota asks after a bit. "No one notices, not the teachers, not Hikaru, not anyone else. Except you, so why do you ask? Are you going to do anything about it?" Naota's eyes flicker with a bit of hope.

"I can't do anything about it; I was just asking a simple question that is all." Shuichi says with cold indifference. "Don't think that I wanted to help you, I was just curious." He went back to his book but Naota walked out of the library, leaving him alone. He felt a pang of guilt and regret, but did not think much on it.

Then came open house. There were several fathers, but most of all mothers. They stood at the back of the class watching how their kids got taught and also urging them to answer questions and participate. Shuichi's mother was there, smiling at her little boy being so smart. One woman stood out from the rest though, all of her body signs told everyone to stay away. She had straight, thin black hair, black blouse, jean shorts that went up to her knees and black high heels. She was wearing light pink lipstick and a bit of mascara, eyeliner and eye shadow as if she was getting ready for a party. The most striking thing about her was her icy blue gaze that seemed to pierce one's very being.

It was the least to say that Shuichi felt uncomfortable around this woman, he felt an evil aura around her, crazy, chaotic, menacing. He saw some of the children in his class move uncomfortably, probably sensing the aura, but he noticed Naota was absolutely rigid, trying not to move. She never looked at the back of the class, not even to pass papers to the students behind her. He saw a slight tremble and looked toward the blue-eyed woman; she seemed to glare daggers into Naota's back. Shuichi knew that this was her mother and she wasn't happy at all.

Lunch break came and most of Shuichi's peers went with they're mothers to get some food or their lunches. Naota stood up and went out of the classroom; the blue eyed woman followed her, and despite Shuichi's better judgment, followed the two. He followed them outside where the blue eyed woman grabbed Naota's arm fiercely, it was then that Shuichi noticed her long, red nails.

"What were you doing? You didn't raise your hand to answer! What the hell, are you some kind of retard!? I want you to try harder, be the best damn it!" She says and slapped Naota, leaving a scratch behind.

"But…but…" Naota starts with tears threatening to roll down her face.

"Don't cry! No child of mine will cry when I'm around. You're so useless, you don't have any looks so you can't become a model, you don't have any brains to do good in school, you're not good at sports, what the hell am I supposed to do with you!? You don't have anything that I can use! How am I supposed to look good for the customers if I can't use you in some way!? Try harder!" She slapped her once more adding another scratch to her face then walked out and away from the school. As soon as she is out of sight Naota sits down and grabs her knees and starts to sob quietly. Shuichi saw all of this from the entrance door but then he unexpectedly felt someone behind him.

"Some mothers aren't meant to have children." Shuichi saw his mother.

"Mother!" Shuichi gasped as she shushed him. "How, why…?"

"Did I follow you? Well I was wondering about that woman and why would she even go to a place like this all pretty and made up. She seemed to focus a lot on the young girl I was just worried, especially about you Shuichi. You should not pick a fight you cannot win." His mother says. Shuichi sighed. "You worry because you care." Shuichi looked at her with disbelieving eyes; she smiled softly and went back to the class. Shuichi kept watching from afar and decided to talk to Naota.

He walked over and found himself not knowing what to do. Naota looked up and Shuichi felt a tug in his heart to see her usually light brown eyes, shiny with tears. Naota wiped her eyes dry and sniffed to clear her nose. She smiled softly at him which caused him to be a bit surprised.

"What are you doing here Shuichi? Do we have to go back in?" Naota asks her voice somewhat nasally and raspy.

"Why did your mom hit you?" Shuichi asks and Naota's eyes went wide with horror. She grabbed him by the collar, and started to cry some more.

"Please don't tell anyone about this! I don't want anyone to know, if someone knows she'll…she'll…." Naota stops and started bawling on Shuichi's shirt. He felt like stone, one: a girl that he barely knows and he doesn't even care for is crying hard on his chest, and two: he doesn't know what to do in this situation. He hesitantly patted her back and her head as she continued to cry. He sighed wondering how he got into that mess. All for being curious was his guess. She started to calm down a bit, not really wailing anymore.

"I won't tell anyone." Shuichi says as Naota still had her head in his chest. Her eyes grew wide. "I mean it'll be a lot of trouble for me if I start saying stuff like this, so I won't even say anything." Shuichi says, trying to justify his actions. Naota felt immense relief and hugged him, petrifying Shuichi on the spot. "Ah…"

"Thank you…"Naota says quietly and let him go. Her eyes were puffy from crying, cheeks red from rubbing her face on Shuichi's shirt, her hair messed up from the slaps her mother gave her, and her voice raspy from crying so long and hard. But at that moment something stirred in Shuichi, something that he never felt before. He felt as light as a feather and happy for doing a good thing. In the back of his mind, though he would deny it if anyone told him, at that moment, he thought that Naota was the prettiest girl he had ever seen.

"You better wash your face in the bathroom." Shuichi says with a slight blush on his cheeks. "People will wonder, and also go get a bandage from the nurses." She nodded and a small tear fell but Shuichi instinctively wiped it off. "Don't cry anymore, you're safe now." Naota smiled and Shuichi felt light again. They walked back inside and Naota grabbed onto his hand, and he affectively squeezed it.