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'Is this really possible?' Yasu thought staring at Naota's body. His mouth pulled tight and his eyebrows furrowed. 'It happened again, now her half will go through reincarnation again, for hundreds maybe thousands of years before I see her again.' Yasu thought. 'I don't know how much longer I can wait master.' He felt an enormous pressure on his back, it was hard to even stand. He looked towards the collapsed Shuichi, his body radiating demon energy. Yasu had a vision, of someone behind Shuichi, tall, silver haired with matching ears and tail. Shuichi's eyes shined with energy. He let out a battle shout. He grabbed his whip and started attacking Yasu. As he tried to dodge the attacks started to come in more accurately and so the scratches started to pill on his body.

Shuichi didn't let up though, he already lost a good friend, and now he lost Naota. It was different, the way he felt for her was different. He never got to tell her how he started to feel about her. Tears started streaming down his eyes. He was just focused on one thing and one thing only; kill Yasu. The whip finally latched onto Yasu's arm and off it came. Yasu grunted with pain. He knelt down and grabbed his stump. Shuichi slowly walked to him, in his eyes showed Yasu's death.

"So is this how I'm to meet my end? At the hands of a child?" Yasu said. Shuichi said nothing, just glaring at him with murderous eyes. Yasu smirked and started to laugh.

"Either way, even if this body fails me, I can always take another body. After today, after you kill me, you will never remember me or Naota. Do it, I have to start searching again anyway." Yasu said, looking down, waiting for the killing strike. Shuichi got ready. Just then, a glowing energy overtook Yasu. Both boys gasped as a blast of energy erupted from Yasu's chest and into Naota.


'It's so dark.' Naota thought, lying in complete darkness, not being able to move, not being able to see. 'Did I die? Is this how it is when you die? Just complete darkness? It's so lonely.' Naota felt tears fall from her eyes. A figure walked towards her, robe in priestess garb. Her long black hair almost touched the floor and her red eyes rested on Naota. She knelt down and softly moved Naota's hair out of her face.

'Who's there?' Naota thought, feeling the sensation.

"I was so close this time, this opportunity doesn't come every couple of years. You are the perfect vessel and to lose you is not a choice." The woman said her voice sounding cold.

'Vessel? What do you mean?' Naota asked. The woman rolled her over onto her back and looked at Naota's wound.

"It's amazing, how much damage Yasu can still cause after all these years." The woman touched the wound softly and Naota grunted in pain.

'Who are you?' Naota asked. The woman opened and closed her mouth. She took a breath.

"I am you, and you are me. Both of us, parts of a whole, you and I cannot exist without each other, and yet for hundreds of years we have. We are one and the same but never before did I expect that my other half would gain such a personality, almost as if you were healing yourself with another soul. It is surprising, a little more and you would not have needed me. But here we are, close to death, teetering on the edge. I cannot let you go to waste; a chance such as this will not come in hundreds of years." The woman sat down properly and held her hands over Naota's hands.

'So does that mean with you here the empty feeling will go away?' Naota asked. The woman said nothing as energy waves began coming out of her hands and into Naota's wound.

"I will need to use most of our spirit energy to close the wound and mend your organs. By doing this we can live although I will remain dormant until you become strong enough to sustain me again." The woman said, focusing her energy. Naota smiled and the woman was taken aback by her reaction.

'You must be a magical fairy to be able to bring me back to life. I'm so happy thank you.' Naota said. The woman said nothing and her hair shielded her eyes. 'Will we be able to meet each other after this fairy?' Naota asked.

"…When you grow stronger." The woman said after hesitating for a bit. After some time Naota wounds closed up. Naota was able to get up.

'I can move!' Naota said and looked towards the woman and wanted to thank her again but found her presence fading. 'Fairy!'

"We are one again, but unfortunately, with healing your wound your spirit energy has now reset, you are not strong enough to bring me out. I just have to wait a little bit longer." The woman said, finally fading. "We…will…meet…again…"

"Fairy!" Naota shouted, swallowed by the darkness.


Naota's body shined golden for a couple of minutes. Shuichi and Yasu looked at her dumbfounded, her energy changing every second, their senses bombarded and both were extremely tired because of it. Then Naota's hand started to move. She pushed herself up. Shuichi smiled in relief, until he saw the look in her eyes. Her hair turned glossy black and her eyes were deep red. She was releasing tons of energy and Shuichi was confused.

"Master!" Yasu shouted, tears at the edge of his eyes. Shuichi looked at him dumbfounded. 'This isn't Naota.' Shuichi thought, until her energy faded and she fell to the floor again. Shuichi rushed to her side and left the now confused Yasu.

"Naota!" Shuichi shouted, he went to help her but she sat on her own. She blinked a couple of times and brought her hands to her face, flexing them and checking the feeling. She started to tremble and laughed. Shuichi looked at her, never before had he heard he laugh like this, so full of life and happiness. Her laughs turned into sobs as she buried her face into her face, her tears coming out in torrents.

"It's gone, the empty feeling is gone, I'm whole, I'm complete." Naota said, smiling through her tears. Relief washed over her and she felt like she had been born again. Shuichi smiled big. Yasu watched with sad eyes and sighed softly. He walked towards his severed arm and attached it to his stump, he flexed his fingers, it was connected again. Shuichi and Naota started to laugh together and something inside Yasu tightened. He frowned and held his chest, wondering about the odd feeling. He walked towards them but stopped when Shuichi glared at him.

"The day turned into the 21st, that is how you were able to best me. It will not happen again." Yasu said. Shuichi put a protective arm around Naota and held his whip. Naota exchanged looks between both of them.

"Were you fighting?" Naota asked.

"You could say that." Shuichi said, not wanting to tell her he wanted to give Yasu the most painful death in history a little while ago.

"Naota, how did you recover?" Yasu asked.

"A fairy helped me, she looked like a priestess. She saved me." Naota said. "She must've also got rid of that empty feeling inside me too, I feel as good as new!" Naota smiled.

"I see." Yasu said, sensing her spirit energy collapse after she woke up. 'My master must've used her spirit energy to heal her body, but in doing so all her training has gone to waste. They are now one, but Naota must become stronger before I can bring my master back again.' Yasu thought. He headed towards the door.

"Yasu?" Naota said. Yasu stopped and looked back, a sad smile crept to his face.

"I still need to wait, I will give you today, until tomorrow." Yasu said exiting out of the ruined house. Naota frowned but Shuichi gave her a comforting squeeze on her shoulder. He headed over to where Hikaru was sleeping. Now that he had his full power back, he started to work on her memories so she doesn't have trauma through her life. Naota looked at the house, the walls were filled with deep gashes, furniture piled up, the tile in the kitchen ruined, and it almost looked as though a bomb went off in the living room.

Naota saw a body in the corner of her eye. She goes over and stands over her mother's corpse. She remembers everything her mother did to her, the only reason why she didn't treat her abuse so traumatic is because a piece of her was gone, now that she had it back, she realized her mother probably never loved. She sat down and closed her eyes. A part of her doesn't understand why her mother treated her so badly, and another even felt sad that she died, but a part of her felt relieved that she doesn't have to live through that anymore. She prayed for her mother's soul and stood back up.

'I know what I have to do now, I have to meet the fairy again, but if I want to do that…' Naota thought. She looked over to where Shuichi was, he was shaking Hikaru awake. 'I'll have to leave.'

"Ugh, my head." Hikaru groaned covering her eyes. Shuichi smiled and chuckled. "Shut up Shuichi." Hikaru said then sat up quickly remembering why she came but regretted it as the room spun horribly. She held her hand to her mouth.

"Go to the bathroom." Shuichi said and Hikaru ran quickly. Naota heard her vomiting as she walked towards Shuichi. He stood up and Naota looked at him confused. "I had to erase some traumatic memories, but because of all the energy her body was put through the night her body doesn't feel good."

"Oh, so what do we do now?" Naota asked. Shuichi shrugged. Hikaru walked into the room slowly, keeping her hand on the wall for balance. Her face was pale and her face a bit wet, probably from trying to wash herself clean. Shuichi and Naota looked at each other and started to laugh. Hikaru let them and smiled, happy that everything turned out well.

That's how they spent their last day together. They knew it, both Hikaru and Shuichi already felt that Naota wasn't going to stay for long. Hikaru and Shuichi apologized to their parents but it seems that Yasu already did his little memory trick and their parents thought they didn't leave at all last night. Afterwards Hikaru, Shuichi and Naota played all day, at the park, going to the convenience store, just walking and rest wherever they could. In the end Hikaru left first to go back home so she hugged Naota for the longest time.

"Hey, wherever you're going, you better write to me ok?" Hikaru said. She felt Naota nod on her shoulder. Hikaru felt her tears coming and she slightly pushed Naota towards Shuichi. "Um well, this isn't good-bye! We'll see each other again! Definitely!" Hikaru shouted.

"Yea!" Naota agreed. Hikaru's lower lip trembled, she faced her door and heard Shuichi and Naota walk away.

"Stupid…" Hikaru whispered as she stood crying at her door. Naota and Shuichi went to her house, with Shiori's memories erased Shuichi explained she's a friend and if she could stay over. Shuichi convinced her to stay. They started to settle in their beds, Shuichi in his and Naota in her futon. After shutting down the lights they both started to drift into sleep.

"Shuichi?" Naota said. "Are you awake?"

"Yes." Shuichi answered, he felt her move and he looked towards her. She was facing him, her covers over her head.

"Can you sleep with me please?" Naota said. Shuichi had a deadpanned look on his face. He turned red but went to lay next to her underneath the sheets. Naota had a sheepish look on her and he smiled with rosy cheeks. They both looked at each other and giggled. Shuichi laid his hand in between them and she grabbed it and that's how they slept, hand in hand without a care in the world.


Shuichi stretched as he felt the sun's rays hitting his face. His hand feeling the place where Naota was and there was nothing there, not even warmth. He sat up quickly and looked to his side, she was gone. Shuichi got up wanting to look for her when a piece of paper fell on the floor. He took it and unfolded it, it was a letter from Naota.

Dear Shuichi,

I really wish I could stay with you and Hikaru a bit more; we're finally ten years old, yay! But I can't stay, my mom is dead and the only family I have is in another country. I'm leaving with Yasu, I know what he's done but he's the only one that can help me achieve my goal of meeting the fairy again. I will write to you and Hikaru about everything so don't worry, I will keep in touch. I really like you Shuichi and because of that I didn't want you to see me leave. I'm sorry, but we'll see each other again.

I know I will, I promise, we will.


P.S. Take care of my roses for me will you? I left them outside your door, I think they're about to bloom too even though it's winter.

Shuichi ran to every room of his house after reading the letter, trying desperately to find her. When that failed he ran outside, feeling the cold of the November month. He let out a shaky breath and he saw it. The roses were right outside the door. He walked over to it and knelt down. It was well taken care of and Shuichi felt his lower lip trembled. There was a single red rose blooming in the end of November.

He wiped his tears away and looked towards the light blue sky turning into morning.

We will see each other again.

I promise.

~7 years later~

Shuichi Minamino sat back on a bench in the park, looking at the fading blue sky, turning into night. The wind picked up a bit and he held his hair in place as it flew with the wind. He was wearing an orange sweater, already feeling fall turning into winter. He looked at the playground, no one was around playing it and he remembered how Naota and Hikaru dragged him here the first time so he can play. He chuckled at the memory as someone ran towards him. She wore a slight blue sweater, wearing a skirt and leggings. Her hair grew to her back, blonde and her skin was slightly tan.

"Well now it seems your tardiness hasn't changed." Shuichi joked.

"Ha, ha ha, that was so funny I almost forgot to laugh, woo." She said, sitting next to him, her purse next to her. She began rustling in it, looking for something.

"You look very well Hikaru." Shuichi said.

"Thanks, you're a good looker too. Truthfully I have a date after this, but I just got the letter and I can't let it go to waste." Hikaru said, she found the envelope and she opened it. Out came a letter and a picture. It was a girl with long black hair pulled into a ponytail. She's doing a peace sign, smiling widely with the ocean and a small boat in the background. Shuichi smiled softly and Hikaru snickered.

"She looks good." Shuichi commented as he read the letter. Hikaru smiled.


Dear Shuichi and Hikaru,

How are you guys doing? Wow I can't believe it's almost been seven years since I've left. So far training has began getting hard and hard with Yasu, I can't believe it he's a slave driver! I'm also going to be graduating from High School this year, the schools here are so easy than Japan.

Right now I'm in California, Yasu wants to use the sand in the beach to make me stronger, he really doesn't let up. I wanted to take a picture with him but he doesn't like taking pictures of himself. My aunt and uncle are treating me well, so you shouldn't worry about that too much. I think that once I gain enough money, I'd go back to Japan, considering that a dollar is worth more since the recession hit. Man I miss you two! You guys should send me a picture sometime too!

Here's to us meeting again!


P.S. I still can't believe how girly you both gotten.

Shuichi sweatdropped at that last sentence and Hikaru started to laugh hard. Shuichi smiled sheepishly as Hikaru held some of his hair in his hand.

"You have gotten girlier Shuichi, and you don't even take care of it, look at all the split ends you have!" Hikaru mentioned. She looked towards the watch on her hand and gasped. "I'm late! Catch you later Shuichi! We'll hang out later ok?" Hikaru said as she ran. Shuichi shook his head, although her tomboyish nature turned more womanly she still has her old personality. 'We haven't changed that much Naota.' Shuichi thought as he stared at the photo. She looked so happy. Shuichi let out a satisfied sigh and looked at the night sky.

We will see each other again.

I promise.

And so their journey has ended, but will Naota ever come back to Japan? What happened to Hikaru? And will Shuichi ever confess his feelings? Find all this and more on Someone I can Love!