Heyyyyyy people I am sooooooooooooooooooooooo sorry that I really haven't updated in absolutely ages and I mean AGES lol

Well I'm terribly sorry but I will make it up 2 you because if you want me to I'm going to rewrite this story from the VERY scratch and it going to be even better because I have got loads and loads of good Ideas that I am SURE my readers will like.

If you do want me to restart this story I will need loads of reviews that will incourge me to rewrite it because if I don't get enough reviews I just wont bother because its not worth it so I will need over 12 reviews to rewite this story.

If I do rewrite this story I will start it when I get my new laptop at christmas so I can update quicker, as I said before I am really really sorry for not updating this computer isnt the best lol

I always get writers block( boy do I hate that) thank you all the people that have read my story so far and am so soorry for the people who have been waiting for me to continue with the next chapter (lol I cant rember how many chapters I put up lol)

Well I hope to look from you soon ( lol do ya get it…look from ya…you know because I don't know what you look like…cough…sorry got carried away lol)

Rember I need T.W.E.L.L.V.E 12 reviews to rewite this story to make it much much better than it is now

XD I hope to hear from you soon byeeeeee


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