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Chapter 9

I can't stop this trembling
On and on and on
I wanna throw my all
Into your world


The throb in her head made it painfully obvious to Mir that her body was trying to wake up against the pull of something leaving her feeling weak.

Gods her head hurt! But she didn't remember-

The car!

There were soft beeps.


And somewhere around her there was talking.

Slowly, and against the protest of her mind, Mir opened her eyes. A white pain flashed across her vision, blurring and making it hard to see. She blinked in an attempt to clear her vision. At first, all she could see was white then her sight began to adjust to a blurred figure standing over her.

"Miss Haww." Blinking a few times Mir tried to focus but her vision remained blurry.

"Where am I?" Her voice cracked, barely loud enough but enough to be heard.

"What happened..?"

There was a pause, the nurse glancing at someone else in the room before turning back to Mir.

"You have been involved in a car accident. You're in ORB Memorial Hospital." The nurse explained, fiddling with the IV stand next to the bed. 'You have suffered extensive muscle and tissue damage to your arm, along with damage to the nerves which need to be treated by a specialist.'

"Along with this, you have suffered some internal trauma. We won't know more until we run further tests and take you into surgery."


"Sshh. Everything will be ok." The nurse brushed a gentle hand across Mir's forehead, calming Mir slightly before another thought hit her.

"Where is my friend?"

"Where is Cagalli? The person that was in the car with me."

"Her injuries were extensive. The only thing I can say is she is alive and stable."

Looking down, Mir realised she couldn't feel her arm. Staring down at the thick, white bandages that covered from her fingers all the way up to her shoulder, hiding her arm from sight. Even as she stared at her arm, she couldn't feel anything. It was like there was nothing attached.

"The bandages are temporary. Until we know just how much damage has been done and what treatments are needed. There is a metal support underneath to prevent you moving your arm."

"How did..."

"The driver's side airbag failed to deploy and your arm went straight through the glass. It will be a miracle if we can save the arm at all." The nurse was no longer looking at Mir. Her attention was on the chart in her hands, writing something down, the pen scratching against the thin paper.



"Where's Lacus?"

"Just stepped outside to get some air. It has been a rough night." Kira said softly, his gaze freezing on mir's arm before returning to her face.

"What time is it?" Mir asked, noting how quiet and dark most of the hospital was.

"It's just past midnight."

Mir sighed, taking a deep breath and closing her eyes. She was losing strength but she didn't want to finish talking to Kira just yet.

"How's Cagalli?" Fear kept Mir from looking at Kira, afraid that Kira would be angry for what happened to Cagalli.

Kira looked away for a moment, the pain across his features obvious even to Mir.

"It's not good."

"The doctor sent her for a CT just after you guys arrived here. Just waiting for the results."

"When can I see her?" Mir asked, struggling to catch her breath for a moment.

"Not yet. You need to rest. Don't worry yourself too much ok."

"Kira..." Mir didn't quite know how she was going to say this, but she needed to.


"I'm so sorry Kira." She croaked, tears welling up in her eyes.

"What for?"

"Well... if I had been more careful... if I..." Mir began, unable to find the strength to continue.

"Hey. Do NOT blame yourself. It was an accident." Kira began to well up, his voice cracking as. Just the thought that Mir would blame herself made him want to cry.


Against her cheek she could feel warm fingers, brushing across her skin and into her hair, gently rousing her to wake up against the medication.


"Hey," Mir whispered, a small smile crossing her lips as she stared up into Dearka's eyes.

"Good morning sunshine," Dearka spoke quietly, smiling as Mir's eyes focused on his. 'Or should I say evening.'

"The surgery went well." Dearka continued. 'He removed some of the damaged tissue and tried to repair some tendon and muscle damage. But time will tell how effective it is.'

"How do you feel?" His voice was soft against the rhythmic beeping of the machines.

"I'm ok. There's a bit of throbbing in my hand. But it's not too bad." Mir whispered against a parched throat catching, making it hard to talk.

"You get some rest. I'll go get something to eat." Dearka bent down and placed a kissed on Mir's forehead, stroking her cheek gently with one hand.

Mir reached out a weak hand, grasping at the sleeve of his jacket.

"S-tay..." Mir let out her soft plea, her voice cracking.

He smiled and bent down, gently running his fingers through Mir's hair.

"I'm not going anywhere," Dearka whispered, brushing the hairs back from Mir's forehead, planting a light kiss just above her eyebrow. A small smile touched her lips as she let the medication take hold and she drifted into darkness, Dearka's soothing touch the last thing her mind remembered.

With Cagalli- The Palace

It's been days since Cagalli came home from the unit, not that Cagalli was counting or anything. After answering the press about her condition and answering a multitude of other questions, the police had come to see her earlier that morning. Going over the details, Cagalli realised how little she could actually remember of the crash. How fragmented and distorted her view was. The police, with help from Mir's statement, helped to fill in some blanks.

One memory, however, stood out for Cagalli.

She remembered hitting the dash. She remembered the impact, the feeling of something cracking and then a sharp, horrible pain.

Then nothing.

Once the police left Cagalli returned to her room and began to change, slipping out of her everyday clothes into her representatives uniform.

For the first time in many months, Cagalli had slipped her arms into the sleeves of her maroon representative jacket, tugging at the collar to adjust it into place. Her fingers fiddled with the buttons but were not able to do them up so she left her jacket open, knowing Kisaka would do it for her before she entered the conference room.

Checking her now shoulder length hair, she ran her fingers through the front strands, brushing a few strays back into place.

"It's not a bad look." Cagalli smiled, never dreaming she would have long hair. Longer hair was always impractical but now she found herself content with the look.

Just as Cagalli was about to switch off the tv, the ad break ended and switched back to the news.

And on the screen was a face that had haunted her dreams and waking thoughts for so long.

"Athrun..." his name escaped her lips like a breath,

"I guess... communications have been opened again." Without thinking, Cagalli moved closer to the screen.

"It couldn't go on forever..." She watched, watched Athrun address the crowd with the same ease and natural talent for diplomatic discussion as she remembered.

'You still look so handsome.' Cagalli thought as she raised a hand and brushed her fingertips across the screen where Athrun's face was. Tracing his sharp jaw, lips, those emerald eyes that always had her entranced.

"God I miss you," Cagalli whispered, a lone tear escaping down her cheek.

"Cagalli?" A muffled voice pulled Cagalli from her thoughts.

"Yes. Come in." The door opened and Kisaka stepped into the room.

"The ministers are all assembled and ready. Do you wish for an escort to the council room?"

"No, I'll be fine. Thank you." Cagalli answered politely, switching off the tv so Kisaka couldn't see what was on screen.

"Before that... come here." Kisaka gestured to Cagalli and she knew what he was doing. Once in front of him Kisaka kneeled and buttoned up the jacket and straightened the collar. Once fixed he smiled and gave the nod of approval.

"It suits you." He whispered. Cagalli gave a warm smile before grasping the wheels and manoeuvring herself out of the room and into the hallway. It was a short distance to the council room but it still took a toll and Cagalli found herself in front of the double doors to the council room, wincing as she rubbed her hands.

Taking a deep breath, Cagalli signalled for the doors to open and she wheeled herself in. All the ministers in the room stood and smiled as she made her way to the head of the table.

"Thank you all for being here today. Shall we start?" Cagalli started, signalling for everyone to sit and prepare for the first topic up for discussion.

ORB Military Base- Security Headquarters

"Any news?" Dearka asked as soon as the doors opened and he stepped into the control room. He, Mwu and Kira were the only people left in the room. Everyone else must have been asked to leave so they could talk in private.

"The police just sent over reports and photos from the crash, along with Cagalli and Mir's statements," Mwu said, gesturing to the files laid out on the table.

Kira just silently handed Dearka a photo. He stared for a second then turned the picture so Mwu could see, peering over Dearka's shoulder.

"The thorough inspection of Mir's car showed several faults. And it's not general wear because Mir had her car serviced not even a month before the crash." Mwu began, sorting through and picking up a file.

"Brake-lines had been cut in a way so they would snap the moment Mir pressed the brake pedal with force, seatbelts were loose so at a sharp impact they would fail and come out and..."

"And?" Kira asked.

"The airbags were all disabled. Every single one. The sensors have been cut and the inflators were all disconnected." Mwu explained, flicking through the pages for more information.

"That's why Mir's arm went through the window. The airbag didn't deploy and her seatbelt didn't catch in time." Kira guessed, cringing a little at the thought.

"And it's why Cagalli was thrown against the dashboard and injured her back. The airbag probably would have prevented their injuries." Dearka continued, his palms resting flat against the table as he scanned over all the documents laid out in front of him.

"They found this." Mwu held up a small chip.

"It's a tracking device," Kira stated, staring at the chip in between Mwu's fingers.

"Whoever this connects back to, followed Mir and Cagalli as soon as they left the apartment. This was the only way for them to know where the girls were because no one else did. Cagalli's secretary didn't even know Cagalli had left the office."

"They set out to kill Cagalli." Kira's voice quivered around the words, the understanding of what was really going on settling in for everyone.

"And Mir. If they had only wanted to kill Cagalli, why do all this to Mir's car?"

"Ever since the end of the first war, Cagalli and Mir have become inseparable. Cagalli alone is a threat to any organisation wishing to bring about war and intolerance. And Mir, as someone dear to Cagalli, also holds a strong belief in peace and acceptance."

"And they have both had associations with coordinators," Dearka muttered staring down the floor. "Friendships. Relationships."

"It is the strongest form of hatred at the moment. Associations between the races are still tense, even with the efforts for coexistence. Cagalli being close friends with several coordinators and her linking to Athrun, Mir having ties to you and Lacus and Kira. That and they both fought in two wars to bring peace to both sides. Not just the inhalation of one race." Mwu explained.

"What do we do?" Kira croaked crossing his arms across his chest as he turned back to the pair by the table.

"This should stay between us," Mwu said easily, earning horrified looks from both Kira and Dearka.

"Cagalli and Mir are still healing. They're still in and out of the hospital and have not recovered. Neither of them really talk about that accident at all, not to us anyway. And with the Peace Ball coming up, the last thing either one needs is to be looking over their shoulder the whole time." Mwu reasoned.

"I'll at least email Yzak the findings," Dearka said, collecting all the paperwork and photos. "He may be able to find similar incidents that match this and we might be able to track down the group responsible."

"Thank you Dearka." Mwu watched as the blonde exited through the

Kira stared at the monitor on the wall, sighing deeply as his eyes scanned over the photos for the hundredth time.

"You ok kid?" Mwu asked, placing a hand softly on Kira's shoulder.

"Do you remember that time you told me that if I have the ability that I should use it?"

"What do I do when I can't protect her?" Kira's eyes held a desperate, unsure sheen. "There isn't anything I can do. How do I sit around and let this happen to my own sister?"

"You have protected her."

"You have given her the strength to learn how to live. The strength to fight back and keep going with her life. You've protected her heart and kept her smiling."

"You and Dearka... are the reason those girls are alive."

"Keep yourself together kid. If you start to crack then Cagalli will figure out something is wrong."


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