Dean felt is if he was suffocating he was looking for his daddy it was so smoky and hot then he saw it flames he had no where to go. Little Dean found a corner and pulled his knees to his chest his head was starting to swim when he saw someone in front of him. Dean looked up the man smiled.

Dean panted as he came up to his father who glared, "Faster Dean how do you expect to be the best if you don't take it seriously." His father barked Dean growled as he ran the course again this time remembering what his father taught him using small trick here and there such as shifting his eyes to see in the dark better his natural strength and endurance to speed and ease his way through the course. Dean came up on the last obstacle he made it over the thorn wall, only to be taken almost by surprise as a knife hurtled at him Dean dodged it but ended up nicking his right arm.

Suddenly Dean was sitting on a sink as a man tended to his scuffed up knee. Dean focused on the figure he could not get anything clearer his father had been in focus why not this person.

Dean walked with his father who was going over how Dean should act with dignity and honor they where meeting a high up man. Dean walked into the garden and he was taken by surprise when he saw her and when his father introduced him to Sahara Dean smiled his award-winning smile to which she smirked. Dean took Sahara through the gardens the sun's rays where bright and beautiful as they talked her brown eyes sparkled with golden flakes as he watched her as the strolled.

"So Sahara, how are you." Dean finally asked

"I am fine Dean, how are you." Sahara smiled which caught Dean's attention because it seemed to light the whole world around him.

"Well I am great now that you smiled and made the sun jealous." Dean smiled his award-winning smile again.

"Okay, Dean now your hitting on me, you are powerful you know that." Sahara looked to him.

"No I am just a half breed." Dean looked to Sahara who smiled at him.

"You need to look at yourself in a better light. You are strong and will be someone both sides will fear." Sahara smirked, "Dean there are people that fear you even now."

"So you scared of me?" Dean looked at her.

"No, I have my own strength." Sahara smiled. The rest of the day, they talked and spent the day together as there fathers talked.

Dean awoke to voices and a hand stroking his hair. Dean heard Sahara and Missouri's voice in the distance with John's which left Dean wondering who was stroking his hair he didn't mind Dean slowly opened his eyes to see Mary staring at him she stop and looked at him as her cheeks redden.

"Sorry habit I do that for the boys when they where sick I think it calms me more then them." Mary said as Dean smiled.

"Sorry didn't mean to worry you." Dean said as he looked to see Jessie and the girls on the couch opposite him smiling.

"Dean you are okay." Sahara hugged him as Dean hugged her back.

"Sorry must have gotten a little dehydrated." Dean smiled as Sahara smiled back but her eyes told him she knew there was more behind the story but she just agreed and was at his side as his arm snaked around her waist.

"Dean you are up." Jessie's voice piped from the door as Dean looked over.

"Yeah man had to get the chicks to pay more attention to me then you." Dean smiled as Jessie grinned.

"Dean behave." Sahara scolded as Jessie laughed.

The Winchesters once sure Dean was okay left leaving Missouri, Sahara, and Dean sitting in the living Room the two women looking to Dean with expecting eyes. Dean looked at them he knew better then to try to fight with either of the two. Dean simply stood and walked to the kitchen and grabbed a beer and walked back in the Women just looked at him as Missouri gestured for him to have a seat.

"Figured I would get something to drink." Dean tossed out.

"That is fine but what happened and you didn't just pass out." Sahara stated as Dean nodded slowly.

"Don't know why butt I passed out and was going throw memories which two where of Dad and you; Sahara. However, two others they where when I was very little like under the age of six or five. One a man I guess was tending to a scrapped knee. I am guessing man anyway but the figure was shadowed and I couldn't here him speak and the other was I was in a smoky place and I was scared and I wanted my father and then a man appeared he was my dad but not then I knew he wasn't my dad then but… I just don't understand what does this all mean?" Dean stated that as Sahara looked over at him she seemed sad.

"Your mind wants you to remember something but something is blocking it." Missouri stated.

"Dean it's…" Sahara stated.

"No Sahara you know due to your power but for Dean's mind to be a piece it has to realize it on its own other wise these spells could continue for good because his mind is at war with in itself." Missouri barked.

"But." Sahara growled her eyes sparked with golden hues.

"Sahara she is right and you know it how many times have you said that it must come out in its own time." Dean stated grabbing Sahara's arm, "After all isn't that what our fathers tried to teach us that even though we have these gifts we must let things happen in their own time." Dean urged, "I can't be an exception to the rule because you have feeling for me."

"Dean, your right but this… I will do as you promise." Sahara nodded as she calmed down.

"Good now how about dinner I know a nice little restaurant down town serves great Greek food." Dean smiled as Sahara rolled her eyes and walked out of the room.

"Don't take too long getting ready Dean." Sahara's voice called from up the stairs.

"I won't." Dean called then looked to Missouri, "Reason why you don't want her telling me."

"I don't want you to blame her for anything it isn't fair the two of you have been put in the middle of a war that has been brewing for billions of years and you need each other." Missouri smiled softly as she left Dean just sighed why was life nothing but fight after fight.