Surprise! Hey All :)

This story is entirely for one of my besties-Chaz. Most of you know her as Charlie (from all our fics) or simply as Queen Chaos-Hardy. I love her to death and have been torturing her with this for months now. All of you are lucky she hasn't carried her butt across that stupid ocean to strangle me yet! ;) haha, kidding...

I felt so badly about making her wait so long, that my muses have decided to make up for it. Charlie, this is my second surprise for you: this is going to be a fewshot. My muses have run wild with this, and I've decided to just go on and give you a bit more. I love ya Chaz (yes, I've officially adopted this as my nickname for you)!

Enjoy everyone, and let me know what you think so far :)

Charlotte was thrilled to be home after her long work day. A major storm was coming in, threatening to shut down parts of the city with snow and hail. North Carolina wasn't used to such weather—hence why her office was closed tomorrow. Charlotte spent the whole day dealing with clients and trying to et ahead to avoid the drama when they got back to work.

On her way home, Charlotte noticed that the strange man down the road was back. She didn't know much about him and wasn't in a hurry to correct it. All she knew about him was that he was always traveling (he came back for only a couple of days each month) and was the strangest looking man in the neighborhood. His hair was always a different color (usually dyed more than one color at a time), his facial hair had bizarre designs in it, there were tattoos and piercings for days on his visible body, and his clothes were fairly eclectic. For the most part he kept to himself so no one else knew much either.

Charlotte went to change into some yoga pants and a ballet sweater before starting on dinner. A normal Monday night would warrant a TV dinner, but she had all the time in the world tonight. Charlotte dug some chicken out, along with vegetables for the side. She poured a glass of wine as she cooked dinner—sipping on it and basking in the night.

She sat down to eat her dinner, and when she finished, curled up with a new book. She noticed the storm getting fiercer outside. The wind was howling and she could hear the hail on the roof. The longer she read, the worse the storm got.

Charlotte was deeply engrossed in her book when she heard an extremely loud pop. She jumped out of her chair and ran to her front porch. Thanking the gods for her luck, Charlotte walked back inside. The power in half of the neighborhood had gone out when a transformer was struck by lightening. There was no way she would have been comfortable that night with no heat—it was freezing outside.

She was quickly brought from her thoughts by a knock at her door. Shocked was not enough of a word to describe Charlotte as she opened the door. She couldn't help but wonder how it was her luck that the man she was most afraid of was standing on her porch, soaked from the rain. "Umm, can I help you?" He wiped some of the water from his forehead before it could drip in his eyes anymore. "Hey, I'm Jeff. I live a few houses down—right at the end of the road. Look, I know we don't know each other, but I'm one of the lucky ones to lose power. I really hate to ask you this, but could I maybe crash here tonight? I would go to my brother's, but I don't feel comfortable driving in this weather." Charlotte just started at the man in front of her, unable to form words from her shock. This man, Jeff, sounded normal—she thought his accent was cute. What did I think he was going to sound like?! "Umm, well it is really cold out here."

Charlotte shuffled her feet somewhat, stalling for a few seconds, and a thought raced through her mind bringing a smile to her face. "You're not some crazy person are you? Like, you're not going to kill me in my sleep or anything, right?" Jeff laughed and shook his head, "I'm harmless outside of the ring." He noticed the confusion on her face and clarified. "I'm a professional wrestler. I work for the WWE on the RAW brand." Charlotte cocked an eyebrow at him not knowing what he was talking about. "Okay? I don't know what that means really. Come on in—you're soaked. I have some clothes that might fit you alright. You can take a shower to warm up if you want. I'll throw your clothes in the washer if you leave them outside the door. When you're done I'll make some cocoa or whatever if you want." Jeff smiled and nodded as eh followed her inside. "I really appreciate this." She's so beautiful…and nurturing.

Jeff grabbed a quick shower while Charlotte washed his clothes. She didn't have any shirts for him. Charlotte didn't like looking sloppy. The only time she wore baggy shirts (meaning anything less than skin tight) was post-sex when she stole the guy's shirt to walk around the house in. Luckily her last boyfriend left some sweatpants at her house. She laughed thinking Jeff was luck she didn't throw them out. Charlotte started on cocoa and made some sandwiches thinking he might be hungry. Why am I doing this? I don't even know this guy. He's the neighborhood freak for crying out loud! Oh my…

As Charlotte second-guessed her actions, Jeff walked into the kitchen wearing only a pair of baggy sweatpants. All questioning thoughts fled her mind as she continued to stare at the man in front of her. Well, he's not horrible looking. He had a little bit of chest hair as well as a small happy trail leading down past the waistband of the low-slung pants. He wasn't ripped, but he had abs. Surprisingly enough, the tattoos were turning Charlotte on. She couldn't help but imagine what was hidden under those pants. This was a bad idea. I cannot want him!

Jeff half-smiled when Charlotte dropped the knife in her hand. She was staring at him with lust-filled eyes. He gave a breathy chuckle thinking about how many times he had checked her out but never made a move. I'm never home, and she probably thinks I'm as weird as the rest of the neighborhood does. He never did the whole 'social neighbor' thing. Jeff liked peace and quiet on the few days a year he got off. Every time he came home he worked on new projects on his land. It never failed that she would come outside at least once while he worked. This girl, Charlotte, always wore skin-tight clothing—usually something fairly feminine. Most of the time when she checked her mail, she would pause to look in the direction of his house—probably curious about who he really was.

Jeff felt himself growing nervous under her stare. "Thanks for letting me borrow these. I really appreciate you letting me stay here. I really should have introduced myself when I moved in last year. Things wouldn't be as potentially awkward now." Charlotte snapped out of her trance, embarrassed and praying he didn't notice. "Well, I could have done the whole welcoming party thing and gone to you as well. Let's just forget it. We can get to know each other now." Jeff nodded and helped her carry the drinks to the living room.

Charlotte curled into the side of the couch under her blanket while Jeff ate his sandwich on the opposite end. He finished and covered up with another blanket. Charlotte studied him trying to feel him out. He seemed harmless enough. Why have I been avoiding him this whole time? It's not like I've seen him doing anything bizarre before. Charlotte realized she'd been caught staring and tried to play it off. "Umm, I'm Charlotte by the way. I don't think I ever told you my name." Jeff smiled. The name fit her on the outside. She was always dressed nicely—fancy work outfits always paired with heels or tight-fitting workout clothes. The artist in him thought it didn't fit her personality though—wild and crazy. "Do you go by Charlotte normally?" She nodded in response. It had always garnered respect from colleagues. "Would it be cool if I just called you Charlie or Char? I feel like you're more of a Charlie anyways." Charlotte was taken aback by this. Her parents had always called her by her full name. Actually, nobody had ever called her by a nickname before. "I guess. If I don't respond right away it's because I don't recognize it." Jeff laughed and promised to be patient the first few times.

Another loud pop of lightening struck outside, and Charlotte shivered. Jeff noticed and was feeling a bit cold himself due to the lack of a shirt. "I could start a fire if you want. Do you have any firewood?" Charlotte felt badly—Jeff must be a bit cold. "Yeah, it's in that wood box next to my back door. Here, I'll help you." Jeff put his hand out to stop her. "No, I'll get it. Consider it part of my thanks for letting me stay here." She nodded and sat back down on the couch.

Jeff brought some wood in and began building a fire. Just as he went to put the last piece on, he let out a loud yelp. Charlotte jumped off the couch and ran over to him. "What happened?!" Jeff was shaking his hand—something Charlotte noticed. "Let me see your hand." She touched his flailing arm which quickly stilled from the shockwaves Jeff felt. "Come on. You have a nice splinter in your hand. Follow me." Jeff was so stunned that all he could do is follow. She sat him down on the edge of the tub while she pulled out tweezers and hydrogen peroxide. Charlotte kneeled in front of him and gently pulled the small fragments from his skin. She remembered her mom blowing on her wounds when she was little so made sure to do the same for him to avoid the sting when she poured peroxide on it. "Do you want a band-aid, or are you too macho for that?"

Jeff wasn't sure where his courage suddenly came from. "No, I don't need one. I think it would feel much better if you kissed it though." Charlotte almost dropped the bottle of peroxide as she put it away. Is he serious? Oh, please be serious. "Excuse me?" Jeff panicked for a moment then decided to play it cool. "My mom used to kiss my boo-boos better. It works—I'm telling you." Charlotte nervously giggled. "Really now…and did you just say 'boo-boo'?" Jeff merely grinned and shrugged his shoulders. "Please, Char, it hurts."

She shook her head at him and once again kneeled in front of him. She gently took his hand, pulling it closer to her. Jeff held his breath as he felt her lips lightly touch his palm. Charlotte pulled away and moved to stand up, but Jeff was too fast for her. He reached out to her face and shoulder, holding her where she was. Charlotte gasped softly as his thumb began stroking her cheek while his other moved to mimic the movement on her other. Jeff slowly leaned in to Charlotte as she realized what was about to happen and felt her eyes close slightly in anticipation.