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Jeff pulled Charlotte closer against his body as she put a hand on his knee to steady herself. She could feel his breath on her face and closed her eyes in anticipation. Just as Jeff's lips were millimeters from hers, a loud 'crack' shook the house, leaving the pair in the dark. Charlotte had jumped from his grasp in fright at the sound and ended up on the bathroom floor. She heard a metallic sound before she saw a small flame hovering towards her. "Char, you okay?" She moaned a bit at the slight pain she felt as she moved. "Yeah, I'm fine. What are we going to do? The whole neighborhood must be out of power now. It won't be long before this house feels like an igloo." Jeff sighed in agreement and noticed the minimal amount of light emitted from the lighter flame made Charlotte look more angelic than usual. "Come on. Here, grab my hand. We'll just have to get all of that wood inside and keep the fire going all night. I need you to get any flashlights you have here so we can find our way around without further hurting ourselves." Charlotte nodded at the plan and let Jeff help her up.

It took a good hour to move the firewood and manage to locate a couple of flashlights along with a few extra batteries just in case. It was so cold outside that by the time they finished the house had an eerie chill to it. Charlotte decided to run upstairs to grab a few spare blankets and pillows to stay warm. When she made it back downstairs, Jeff was attempting t burrow in the couch. Giggling a bit, she tossed a heavier blanket over to him. "Here, this one is better. I just checked on your shirt. I'm really sorry, Jeff—it's not nearly dry yet." He nodded with a sad look on his face. "It's not your fault—you tried." Charlotte joined him on the couch, snuggling up on her own end. The pair sat in silence for a while just watching the fire.

Charlotte looked at Jeff from the corner of her eye thinking about what would have happened had the power not gone out. I wonder what the neighbors would say if they knew about him being here. Do I really like him? I was completely fine with him about to kiss me…hell, I wanted him to. Maybe I'm coming down with something.

Jeff stared at the fire cursing Mother Nature for her timing. He had never been that forward before and wasn't sure he had enough courage to try it again. Then again…she does bring out a different side of me. Who knows what will happen. Jeff felt an intense chill run through his body. The house was getting surprisingly cold in a short matter of time.

Charlotte was thinking about whether or not Jeff would make another move. She was pulled from her thoughts when she felt the couch moving underneath her. "Are you okay, Jeff?" He looked over at her and instantly realized he couldn't lie to her because she knew something was wrong. "The fire isn't helping much—I can't really feel the heat over here." Charlotte decided then and there that for the first time in her life she was going to make a move. "Come on then. Help me move the table so we can push the couch closer."

Jeff and Charlotte quickly rearranged the furniture. Jeff burrowed under his blanket relishing in the increased warmth. Charlotte decided it was now or never and put her blanket on top of Jeff. "Char, you have to have a blanket still." She silently sucked in a small breath and pulled the two blankets back from his body. "Char, what are you—?" Charlotte slowly climbed under the blankets with him, cuddling into his side as she brought the blankets back up to cover them. "I'm a bit cold too. I figured the extra body heat couldn't hurt, right?" He nodded, not trusting himself to speak just yet. Charlotte smiled against his chest as she listened to his heartbeat. I don't think I've ever cuddled before. Not like this at least. Jeff relaxed a bit and realized he had started stroking her hair. He instantly stopped and apologized. "Actually, it was kind of nice. I don't mind." He breathed a sigh of relief and resumed his movements on her head.

Charlotte was curious about what Jeff really did for a living. She had no idea what he had been talking about earlier. "Jeff, what did you mean when you said you were harmless outside of the ring? Wrestling—is that like boxing?" Jeff chuckled and shifted himself on the couch so that Charlotte's back was against the back of the couch and he was pressed against her. He propped himself up on his elbow and tucked a stray piece of hair behind her ear. "Pro wrestling is sports entertainment. It's a bit like boxing I guess—without all the blood. We have writers and everything for storylines, stuff like that. The WWE—my company—is the main wrestling group, and we travel all over the world doing shows." Charlotte crinkled her nose in confusion. "So…you're not really fighting? People watch it anyways?" He smiled at her, thinking it was cute she knew nothing about his world. "It's complicated. We are fighting, but we don't actually make contact with our hits. Sometimes we do his each other on accident, and in some matches when we have props there is real blood. And yeah—people love it!" Charlotte smiled at his excitement. "Maybe one day you can show me?" Jeff draped his arm across Charlotte's side and promised to bring her to one of his shows.

Charlotte couldn't help but yawn. "I'm kind of sleepy. Do you mind if I maybe take a nap?" Jeff laughed and pulled her body closer to his. "Char, let's just go to sleep." She moaned in agreement and snuggled against him, placing one arm under her head as a pillow and the other against his chest. It didn't take long once her eyes closed for her to drift off to sleep.

Jeff laid awake watching Charlotte sleep. She closed her eyes and was possibly more beautiful sleeping. He loved the feeling of her chest rising in quick, even bursts against his. Every now and then her eyelashes fluttered as if she were having a pleasant dream. He felt himself drifting off to sleep as well when she slightly stirred and rearranged herself. He once again brushed away her stray hair and smiled at himself. How could I possibly fall for her so fast? He decided then that he wanted her to be his. "Hey, Char, tomorrow I'm going to ask you on a date. You should say yes." He chuckled, thinking about what the neighbors would say if they were to actually date. "I'd love to Jeff." He looked down at her not realizing she actually heard him and grinned at her answer. He briefly wondered what the future held for them before resting his chin on top of her head and falling asleep himself.