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The large doors were opened gracefully. A lean brunette stepped down from her throne and strode past her loyal guards towards the boy who just had entered the hall. He looked exhausted but kept his features in place, not to show it. As the Lady approached him, he bowed. She nodded in appreciation and motioned him to sit at one of the many tables to the sides of the hall. He sat on the chair while she took her place in her own carved wooden throne like chair. Servants came with water and fruits and placed them in front of the messenger. He drank thankfully, then turned to his mistress.

"My Lady, the scouts have returned with news on Lord Nero." he said, not looking in her eyes. It was forbidden for servants and alike to look in their lady's eyes. Only the royal guards and other royalty had the pleasure of doing so. She nodded pleasingly, keeping her serious face straight. The messenger continued.

"According to Xehanort, Lord Nero has left his base and headed north, while Lady Shae headed west. Meara, the scout positioned at the Enaclave Minoretta, reported that he saw the Lady pass through and heading north, towards Dead Wind Pass. We assume her and Lord Nero are meeting somewhere in the northern mountains but taking different paths. That is all the scouts could bring." He stood up, bowing in the process. The Lady stood up as well.

"Thank you, Anav. Go and have a rest now but be ready, I might need your services again today." she said. He thanked her and bowed his way out of the hall. Once he was gone she nodded to her guards to leave her. She sighed deeply and went to the balcony which over saw the city square. The market below was at its height. The colorful stands stood out from the sand driven brick stoned ground and shouting swifted through the air. Each marketer was louder than the other and all in all nothing clear could be heard.

Locaie had always loved the markets. She reminisced about it a lot when she saw it. When she was only a little girl, the brunette used to run through the stands, taking fruits and other delicatessens from the stands every now and then, running away from the angry owners afterwards. But then things happened and she wasn't just a girl from the streets anymore. She ended up living in the palace as the queen of those whom she stole from and she wasn't allowed on the streets anymore. It was frustrating her but she lived through it all those years. And now this war that had risen. She wished she could be that little careless girl again, the one who let the others handle things.

She leaned on the balcony's frame and held her head in her palms. Why couldn't things just be more simple? She was exhausted of this. As Lady Locaie was slowly drifting off to sleep, a blond neared her quietly. He accidentally stepped on a leaf and it made a cracking noise. Locaie awoke that instant. She didn't notice the young man standing behind her. He placed his arms around her neck and hugged her. Locaie, first surprised, flinched but then leaned back into the blond's well built chest.

"What did the messenger say? My Lady?" he added to his whisper.

"Nero and Shae are moving to the northern mountains but they're taking different paths. Ven, you know we shouldn't be seen like this-" she said, trying to push his arms off her but he only tightened his grip. He brushed her curls aside and started kissing her neck. "Let them see... let them know..." he said between kisses. She didn't stop him and closed her eyes in both satisfaction and concern. Whatever she did, Locaie could never resist Ven's charm, his desire for her. He had complete control over her and he knew this. She whispered, pleaded to him.

"Please, not here."

He hesitated, then turned her around so she faced him and pulled her in for a passionate kiss. He slowly stepped back, taking Locaie with him, then turning around and pushing her into the wall, out of sight for anyone. One could only see them if they walked onto the balcony and turning to the doors again. Moments of lust and passion passed, until finally Locaie stopped, eyes wide opened. A brunette stepped onto the balcony, turned away from the couple. Ven stopped as well, noticing his love gasping. The man facing the crowd below spoke.

"How many times do I have to tell you two to stop this? Countless, I say, countless! It is forbidden!" he didn't yell, but he was very close to. The couple split at once.

"Terra, please, it's just... we're-" Locaie started but the man, Terra, interrupted her.

"In love?" he finished her sentence." You are not in love, my Lady. Ven, leave us for a moment." he demanded. Ven first took a look at Locaie, who nodded at him, then he left the scene. When he was gone, Terra continued his rant.

"You only want to sleep with him. He charms you, but he charms countless of others the same way. You are not in love with him, neither is he in love with you." he ended cold. Locaie glared at him with tears striking her eyes. She shook her head in disbelief. Terra stepped close to her and whispered.

"My Lady, I have raised you like my sister, I love you, like my sister, please don't break my or your heart with this. Sir Ven is just another knight." She looked up at him, apologizing.

"But he is also a good friend, not only to me but to you, too."she said truthful. He nodded.

"Let's forget about this for a moment. Now, I heard the messenger had returned. Tell me what he said."Terra urged her. They went back into the marvelous hall. Locaie took her place on the throne like chair at the table while Ven and Terra sat in the chairs to her sides. Maps and plans were laid on the table, along with fresh fruits and water. Locaie reached out for one of the maps and pointed to places on it.

"This was Lord Nero's last base, here. The scout reported that he moved out north towards the mountains." she traced along a path on the map."But the Lady Shae was seen passing through the Enaclave Minoretta, turning north through the Dead Wind Pass." she traced west on the map, then turned north at a crossing labeled Enaclave Minoretta. Terra studied the map further while Ven was thinking of how to trap the enemy in that pass.

"I say we strike them now, unexpected and unprepared. I'd say they have about 3000 bearers with them but that is nothing against the royal army." he suggested but Terra motioned him to stop.

"They are moving there for a reason. And we are not the only ones with spies, Ven. It's a trap, Lord Nero expects us to follow his Lady through Dead Wind Pass while he takes the short way through the mountains. They will have the larger army waiting for us just behind the hills."he said. Locaie thought for a while, then joined the conversation between the two males.

"Wait, why is he moving there? As far as we know there are no supply routes there and there are only two ways in and out of the mountains. If we set base to both paths, he is trapped, with no food and no water."

"Yes, my Lady, as far as we know. He could have a well supplied fortress built there, but we don't know that." Terra answered her.

"My spy Xehanort only came back from there two days ago, telling me that the pass and mountains are as dry and lifeless as they always have been. I am well informed about that territory." she told him. Terra bowed his head in apology.

"I'm sorry, I did not know, my Lady."Ven raised his opinion to the matter.

"Then we should send bearers there as soon as possible, then we'll be rid of Lord Nero once and for all." he spoke enthusiastically. Locaie had a few worries about this but nodded agreeing nonetheless.

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