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It was the night before departure, a soft breeze winded itself through the palace corridors. Foot steps could be heard from afar, walking down the halls. The young man stopped at a door, guarded by two armed key blade bearers. He attempted to enter but two key blades stopped him. One of the guards spoke quickly.

"No one may enter, Sir. Not even you. The Lady is asleep." he said looking straight forward.

"Who gave you these orders, bearer?" Ven asked back. Both guards straightened up.

"Marshal Terra, sir. He told us, no one may pass, especially not General Ven. Those were his exact words, Sir." Ven thought for a moment, then gave the guards another order.

"Then you should follow your orders, bearer. Guard the door well, let no one in, or out."

The blond man walked away, leaving the bearers to their duty. The door was blocked; that was good in fact. Ven looked around, no one was seen near him. He climbed out the next window onto the roof tops. Like a shadow of the night, he sneaked along the roofs, until he found the entry he had been looking for. He slipped through the open window into the dark room, with only the moon as a source of light. The silken curtains around the bed were flattering in the breeze, showing the silhouette of a slim woman, asleep.

Ven slowly closed in on her, being careful not to make a sound. He heard the slow breathing of Locaie, the soft whistling in her sleep. He moved the curtains aside, she stirred immediately. She had been expecting him.

"You shouldn't be here." she whispered as he approached her, softly planting a kiss on her cheek.

"I shouldn't have been here last night either." he whispered back while playing with her hair.

"Last night was a mistake." she said sad. The blond brushed past her lips again, giving her an adrenaline rush. "What about the night before? And before that?" he asked her.

"This week I made many mistakes." she said, trying to ignore the rising lust in her. Ven kissed the back of her hand.

"Then I should leave." he said while getting up, but she stopped him.

"No, stay."


The brunette slept peacefully next to him. Ven got up, ruffling his already messy hair. Shuffling in his robes spread on the floor, he found the object looking for and examined it one last time. It was a charm, a piece of pure silver, shaped in the form of a cross. It represented his Knighthood; Sir Ven, highest of Knights and General of the royal armies.

He turned it around, admiring the fine material. It was said that the silver it was made from came from the deepest and most magical mines the kingdom, making only a piece as small as this worth more than half the city possesses.

It meant a lot to him, despite its royal importance. No, it had so much more meaning, only the blond couldn't wrap his mind around what it was that made it meaningful. He sighed slightly, taking his cerulean eyes off the shinning charm.

Turning his gaze back to the bed, tracing the slender lines of his lover, he felt his insides cringe, twist and turn. He would leave her. No, he will leave her. Because of the duty she herself had assigned to him. Not the first time he thought of the phrase she spoke aloud only in his presence. It just wasn't fair.

Leaning back towards the sleeping figure, Ven felt her breath steadily, her chest moving up and down in the rhythm. He adored her, he liked her, he desired her. He loved her. No matter what others would say, no matter if they would have to be apart for long, no matter if one of them dies, he loved her, he loved her unspoken, unknowing but to himself. Terra could say whatever he wanted, forbid them to be with another, but he would always love her, always be with her, always protect her. And if he shouldn't return from this journey, then she must be aware that he had loved her all his life.

Ven left, preparing for departure the next morning. The Cross of Knights laid on Lady Locaie's chest, steadily moving with her breathing in sync.



The bearers stood at the command given by none other but their highest of Knights. He was at the foot of the stairs of the royal palace, among other Knights and those who call themselves Royalty.


Thousands of bearers gracefully presented their weapons, each a golden Key Blade with silver handle. Those were the second lowest of blades, the lowest were those that were opposites of them, with a silver blade and golden handle, which young bearers could wield. The Generals of each platoon of bearers had Key Blades with a black blade and red handle, then the Knights had their own individual ones, which were most powerful and could only be wielded by the Knight it belonged to.


All bowed to their knees. Lady Locaie appeared on her balcony, followed closely by Terra and two armed Knights. She did not smile, but her face resembled a fragment of pride. Neither her or the blond Knight beneath her exchanged glances.

"Bearers! You represent this city, this kingdom! You are the strength that keeps this kingdom together! Forces that stride against us have risen in the north. Forces, that plan on tearing us apart, destroying what we love! But they will not; not as long as you stand up to them and defend what you care most! Now I ask you, will you go there, beyond the walls of your academies, will you go there and fight for this?! Will you?!" her speech ended in thunderous cheers from the large crowd below. Ven sent a spell to the skies, commanding order. He put a final to his queen's words of courage.

"March for Kingdom Hearts!"


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