It started as a songfic, it'll end as one- only it looses the song somewhere in the middle

song: Sorry Seems to be The Hardest Word – Blue ft. Elton John

What do I do when lightning strikes me?

The red head walked through the white corridors, the long, endless, corridors of The Castle That Never Was, thinking deeply. It has been three weeks now, since... Axel swallowed thickly. He wouldn't have thought it would hit him that hard.

An now, every time he sees him, he wants to rip him apart, tear every tissue that holds the Nocturne together. Jealousy was always present, a second voice, floating around his head. It sweetly whispered to him, seductively telling him to kill each and everyone that stood in his path to the only woman he ever admired. But reason kept him at bay, even though it was ebbing away with each day he saw water and lightning pass.

It's sad, so sad, it's a sad, sad situation.

He admitted, he flirted with her and then pushed her away, but that never meant he didn't care for her. He didn't show it in front of others, but he liked Larxene, a lot. They would say he was only toying with her for his own entertainment, but there was so much more to it than that. Axel enjoyed every moment he could spare thinking about the Nymph, just to raise his spirits. He reminisced every minute, every second, he was with her.

And then...

Why can't we talk it over?

Now it has been her turn to push him away, she had Demyx to be with. He barely saw her anymore. And when he did, he could burst into tears right on the spot, because of him. He was always at her side, guarding, but mostly comforting her. Countless times Axel saw them together, doing what couples did best. It hasn't been long until the entire Organization knew of this affair. Xemnas however did nothing but tell them not to interfere the plans. He didn't think that they would be in actual love, just being like little kids, thinking that they could love.

Axel stopped in his walk, turning to look in the room he just passed. There she was, the slender blond woman Axel had been thinking about for the last hour. She sat in the library, reading a book. As far as Axel saw, no one was with her. A fragment of his old grin same back to his features.

"Hey, sparks, what's up?" he said flirtatiously in his old self he kept around others. Larxene didn't look up from her book.

"What, too busy for a chat?" he was behind her, looking over her silky hair to see what she was reading. Her sudden voice made him flinch.

"What do you want, Axel?"

Cold and bitter she spoke. Axel smiled but also frowned; she was being herself, a Savage Nymph, but he rather liked her before she...

"A chat, that's all."

"There is nothing to chat about." she snapped back at him.

"Oh, there's plenty. How are you and Demyx going?" he choked on the Nocturne's name.

"None of your business."

"C'mon, I'll tell you about Roxas' love live!"

"Why so interested?" she said, raising a brow.

"Uh, just... " Larxene smiled deviously, turning back to her book. Footsteps behind them stopped Axel from stuttering.

"Hey Larx." the water element greeted the blond with a kiss. Axel's insides cringed at the sight of the embrace. What even more hurt, was when the dirty blond sat next to her and she snuggled into his chest. Jealousy was screaming at him, Kill him! Kill him now! Axel clenched fists.

"Axel, something wrong?" Number Nine asked concerned.

"It's nothing." the red head spoke through clenched teeth. "I better go." So he left them kissing each other.

"You know it's your own fault, Axel."

The voice behind him startled him. He turned to see Number Six, Zexion.

"What's my own fault?" Axel snapped, already knowing the answer. Zexion didn't reply, but looked back into the library at the happy couple. Axel saw a frown appear on his face, a worried, concerned and... sad frown.

"What else is there to blame you for?" Axel looked down.

"I... Roxas, he..."

"He told me what you said about Twelve before this happened."

"Told you." Axel said sarcastic.

"I persuaded him."



"I knew the kid wasn't as trustable as I thought."

"Oh, he is very trustable, Axel. He had rather died than tell me. Only I had... coincidence on my side."

"Coincidence? What do you mean?" Axel asked interested.

"I caught him sleeping with that witch." Axel's lips curled into an "Oh".

"After I swore not to tell, he told me your last friendly words about Larxene. And I might add, that was even for Nobody standards a little... heartless." Zexion finished, carefully observing Axel's reaction. He almost fell to his feet and cried, but pride kept him up. Guilt reflected itself in his emerald green eyes, and regret spoke for him.

"I didn't mean her to listen...I didn't mean it... Roxas was around, I didn't want him to know..."

"To know that you love her." Zexion ended for him. Axel's gaze fixated on Zexion's gray-blue eyes.

"You've become easily seen through, Flurry. Watch your memorial emotions, they might get in the way of the superior." Zexion said cold and started walking away. Axel turned to look into the library again, feeling his life crumble away.

Sorry seem to be the hardest word.


What do I gotta do to make you love me?

The blond strode through the white corridors, not going anywhere on purpose. A black portal opened in front of her, the fiery red head dubbed Flurry of Dancing Flames stepping out of it.

"What do want now, red?" Larxene snapped annoyed.

What do I do to be heard?

"I know you heard what I said three weeks ago." Axel said steadily. Larxene looked him directly into his green eyes.

"And I guess what I wanted to say..." Axel scratched the back of his neck, looking anywhere but at the Sadistic Nymph." ... I'm sorry."

"And you 're assuming that I would actually forgive you? You're such a bastard, a lying, arrogant bastard. I will never forgive you, even if I wanted to." Larxene spat at him, turning on her heel and opening her own portal. A bony hand on her shoulder stopped her. The blond turned around, opened her mouth for an insult but soft lips pressed against her own. Larxene's eyes widened. But as quick as it came it was gone. The pressure leased and strand of darkness were left to her vision. But the words kept whispering to her, sweet and seductive.

Sorry seems to be the hardest word.


He kissed her once more.

"I wish I could come with you." the dirty blond whispered in her ear.

"Me, too. But Xemnas doesn't like too much of this, that's why you're staying here." she replied while playing with his lips. A knock on the door interrupted the Nymph and Nocturne from their games. Zexion stepped in the room, his left hand in his pocket.

"Larxene, time to go." he said short and abrupt, looking anywhere but at the couple. As he made his leave he brushed past Demyx's drawers on which Larxene's coat lied. She picked it up and flung it around her shoulders, earning another kiss from her lover in the process.

"Take care."

It was the last whisper she heard from him.


The sight of red hair alerted her and brought back the memories, the painful feelings which she was confused about. Larxene closed her eyes for a moment to clear her mind but to no avail. She had avoided him for the last two weeks but now they were on a mission together and she could no longer hide.

They passed another without a word or gesture, like they were ghosts to another. She knew it pained him. But she, too, was hurting. She knew that he loved her, she knew ever since he wanted her to forgive him. It had been a hidden confession, and a sad one at that.

Another three weeks passed event less. Castle Oblivion was as dull and lifeless, not to mention white, as The Castle That Never Was where the other half of the organization still resided. Along with Demyx. Larxene sighed at the thought of him. She missed him, his comforting words, his gentle touch, his cheery tunes,... just him. Often she could be seen standing in front of one of those large windows, just starring into the grayness of the world around the castle, longing to go back. Though the blond never saw him, she swore that she felt Axel's gaze on her whenever she looked out the windows.

With every minute spend away from her loved, another feeling inside her grew. She knew what it was although she'd never admit, trying to suppress it. Sometimes she felt the urge to just go up to Axel and forgive him, hell, sleep with him in the process, yet pride kept her at bay. He was a ghost in her presence, and she will keep it that way until he will finally break. And seeing as how things are now, this won't be long. Larxene smiled to herself deviously but it vanished as soon as it came. She heard water splash behind her and her thoughts immediately went back to the lover long gone. She turned around slowly, seeing Axel balance some vials filled with crystal clear liquid. One he had dropped, the water was spread on the white floor, broken glass among the flowing substance. Larxene couldn't help but giggle innerly at the clumsiness of the Flurry. The swift wave of her arm made the glass vanish, but the water remained.

"What were you doing?" she said emotionless, bending down and reaching for the cold wetness on the floor. The mere touch made her feel warm again, the kind of warmth only the Nocturne could give her. Axel's gaze on her urged her to stand back up. Emerald orbs met.

"Uh, I thought, since you, uhm..." he scratched the back of his head again.".. You look like you're missing Demyx and I thought maybe some water could cheer you up." Larxene had to admit the thoughtfulness of her superior. Against her will, she actually thought of him as a sweet gentlemen for once.

"So, you feeling better?" he asked cautiously.

"I was better before you came in." she said cold. The red head frowned.

"I'll go then." he said, head hanging down. Larxene felt that damned feeling rising within her again. She tried to resist but lost the fight.

"I never wanted you to leave, red."Axel turned again, spirits lighting like fire on dry wood.

Larxene started walking towards him but she slipped on the wet floor and fell. However, she never felt that hard floor beneath, rather strong arms flung around her, keeping her hovering over the ground. She looked up in the pyro's expressionless face.

"Watch your step, sparks." he grinned at her, pulling her up. She had her arms around his neck for support. And she didn't let go.

"Larx, what're ya doing?" his soft voice floated through the room. Larxene dug deeper into the red head's chest. She hadn't hugged someone for a long time, and it felt good do it again.

"Larx?" was his last whisper to her before he, too, closed his eyes to enjoy the moment.

Her grip tightened around his shoulders and she shifted her weight slightly, signaling her feeling confused about something. Axel hugged her some more.

"Ssh, it's alright." he soothed. Larxene settled in his arms again.

"I love you." he whispered, barely making a sound. Larxene whispered back into his chest.

"I love you, too, Demyx."

Axel sighed, yet he was somewhat happy about it.


The Nocturne sat on his stone in Proof Of Existence, playing on his sitar. The sound of breaking stone startled him, causing him to turn and look. The sight of his fellow member's stone crumbled made him jump and portal to the superior right that moment.


She trusted him again. He wasn't sure if she had forgiven him, but at least she talked with him again. The mere thought delighted him. He was, once again, on his way to get some water for the blond, but a portal behind him interrupted him. Out stepped a silver haired, tanned man, amber eyes observing sharply his surroundings.

"Superior, what a surprise." Axel said.

"Number Eight, I have information that there is a rebellion forming. I want you to take care of those who betray my order. Is that clear?" Xemnas said, straight to the point. Axel looked at him blankly.

"Is that clear?" the silver haired repeated with more threat in his voice.

"Yes, superior." Axel said obedient. The superior portalled away again.

Axel slumped together. He couldn't do this. Larxene was in the rebellion.


Another stone shattered into pieces. Demyx could only hope that the Savage Nymph wasn't next. But Axel's and Marlurxia's stones were both still intact, and the musician knew both would risk everything for the blond woman. He jumped when another stone fell to the floor, broken and not fixable.


He saw her standing in front of those windows again. The red head sneaked up to her but stopped when she spoke quietly to him.

"Hey, red. What do you want?" she snapped.

"I thought you might need company." he smirked.

"The company I want is far away in another world." she frowned, meeting his gaze.

"You'll see him again soon."

"I know, right after I killed that brat Sora." she said, cracking her fingers pleasurable. Axel's grin vanished.

"When are you going?"

"Now." she smiled evilly, walking past him to the door. He grabbed her arm in the last moment.

"Do you forgive me?" he whispered hastily.

"What?" she snapped back.

"Do you forgive me? I need to know."

"Wait 'till I come back." She tried to break free but he only held her closer.

"Tell me now." Their green eyes met again.

"I forgive you." she whispered. He smiled and let go.

"Take care."

Once she had vanished through a portal, silent tears ran down his beautiful features.

Axel knew she wasn't going to return.


Twelve days the rain poured in The World That Never Was. Twelve days the Nocturne grieved, trailed along the empty corridors, sobbing quietly and crying soundless. Often he was seen in the Proof Of Existence, staring at the broken bits of the Savage Nymph's stone. His tunes were dark, and he played long, sad melodies on his so treasured Sitar. It was the thirteenth day since her stone was shattered, when he found a little white envelope on his drawers. It was a letter, from someone who also vanished the same day as Larxene. One who left the note unnoticed the day he saw both last.

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