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The truth [is that there is only one terminal dignity-love. And the story of a love is not important-what is important is that one is capable of love. It is perhaps the only glimpse we are permitted of eternity. - Helen Hayes

There is a Roman addition to the myth of Hades and Persephone. That is the presence of two concubines of Hades: Leuce and Minthe. Their stories are legends of the poplar tree and the mint tree.

The original myths do not even mention the two nymphs. In fact, in Greek mythology, Hades is the only god who remains faithful to his wife until the end.

Why write a story about them?

For the sake of a sequel and I thought it would be fun to add a little more twist to their perpetual happily ever after.

The Will of the Fates

True love endures, if it does not, then it was never true.

Source Unknown

The King and Queen of Erebos

By love, they are united

In darkness, their unusual host

In life and death divided

Thy couple now emerged in marriage

Dark Lord and Lady of Spring

Thy pair shall need lion's courage

And hold on to thine rings

For thy rings of matrimonial purpose

Shall soon cause them torment

Love's arrows shall be staying close

To bring thee, irrevocable dent

'tis a dent for natural reason

To test how thy pair is bound

Will love, envy or the seasons

Turn their lives around?

For thy Rich One shall soon wander

And meet Leuce, thy lady fair

Though hidden in the earth down under

Thy young Queen shall be aware

Thou shall turn her to a poplar tree

And this to her will be sacred

Poor Leuce would not even foresee

Her fate, for her created

And when all starts to be alright

Comes Minthe of radiant beauty

And before thinking what is right

Lord Hades shall come to thy lady

Lady Minthe, still but a young mortal,

Willing to love Him in return

She shall freely accept thy proposal

Without thinking what she shall earn

And when she submits as thou lover

And she steps in without fear

Lady Spring shall come with deadly power

To give her punishment severe

But thou Lord Hades shall feel great pity

On this mortal, thou had raped

And thy mint plant will come to be

Portrait of Lady Kore's hate

But still, in the end, love shall conquer

All envy and all lust

And such a love as thee will last forever

In fidelity and trust