When I'm gone.

Running. That's all she could do run, run and never ever, ever, ever look back. Her breath was coming in short wheezes and she had a stitch in her side but she didn't stop. She hadn't stopped running for 5 hours.

Flash back

The wind blew through the trees as Sakura stood alone her short pink hair blowing and whispered her final good byes to the village that she had once called home.

"I will miss you all so much, but my heart hurts just being at the place that Sasuke once lived and knowing that he doesn't care for me."

Their was nobody to hear her though and she was to leave without ever talking to them again but she didn't care anymore since Sasuke had left the village and gone to Orochimaru she had felt hollow and alone.

She decided that if she was to be free of this curse then she would need to free herself of all things that made her think of her old life, her life with Uchiha Sasuke.

She was running away. Never to return to the place she now had grown to hate.

It started to rain. She decided to stop and make camp for the night. She put up her tent and lit a fire. She was warming her hands when she felt a chakra presence nearby.

She moved her hand to the weapon pouch on her leg and moved so that her back was against a tree.

"Itachi look what we have here." A voice called and a split second later a man with blue skin landed in front of Sakura and began to play with her pink locks.

The man was wearing a black clock with red clouds on it symbolising that he was a member of the Akatsuki Sakura recognised him as Kisame

"Oh shit." Sakura moaned as another figure landed beside the first one.

"Kisame what are you doing?" the second man called Itachi asked amused.

"What does it look like?" Kisame snorted then he added to Sakura "hey kunoichi do you dye your hair or is it naturally pink?"

She couldn't help it, maybe running all day had got to her. She burst out laughing. The thought of an Akatsuki member asking her if she dyed her hair had made her hysterical she was laughing and couldn't stop Kisame let go of her hair and backed away to where Itachi was standing saying "what's wrong with her?"

The usually stoic Uchiha looked just as confused and shrugged his shoulders as they watched the pink haired girl in front of them leaning on the tree to keep herself upright. The sound of her laughter they both admitted to themselves was beautiful. She fell onto the floor clutching her stomach still giggling.

"Oh my god hahaha I-I-I've gone mad hahaha." The kunoichi gasped holding into her side.

"huh?" the two Akatsuki members looked at each other completely confused.

"Hahaha completely insane!" she said then stopped laughing and added as an after thought "Well ether that or an Akatsuki member just asked me if I dyed my hair, and well that's not very likely, so only one option left I've finally cracked hahaha!" and with that she fell unconscious.

"Urm…WHAT THE HELL?!" Kisame looked at Itachi and sighed "what just happened?" . the Uchiha just looked amused.

"Judging by her lack of chakra I would say she just fainted from exhaustion and the…well I suppose you could call it a 'mental breakdown' was also caused by her fatigue.

"So...what should we do with her." the two Akatsuki members looked at each other and smirked.