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This story takes place a year after Eldest leaves off.

The Third Rider

Chapter 1

Roran and Katrina were out working on the farm in late summer. They had had a good harvest this year, and looked like they would be able to make it through the winter without trouble. They had also managed to regain control of Carvahall from the soldiers, and were always ready to fight if they came back.

Eragon had a room in the new house for when he wasn't traveling, which was often for months on end. Right now he and Saphira were off in Ellesmera.

Galbatorix was still on the throne. The Varden had missed their chance to defeat him one year ago. Murtagh was also still unwillingly serving him, but also acted as a spy for the Varden.

There is also another person in this tale, known as Alexine. She lived in the King's city, and often helped prisoners escape. She was a girl of 15 with raven black hair down to her mid-back, usually always kept tied in a ponytail. Alexine was a guard in the King's court-a highly favorite guard- but only used the position to help the Varden.

While going around the Palace one day on her duties, she stumbled upon the room with the final dragon egg. It was green in color, with only one guard on duty right now. Alexine knew there would be no other chance, and so ran back to her quarters to grab her brown leather pouch.

She walked back to the hold, making sure to conceal the pouch.

"King says I'm to relieve you," Alexine lied to the guard on duty. The guard only looked at her, examining every inch of her appearance. Through many years of practice though, Alexine had learned to hide the fact she was lying.

"Alright then, make sure no one comes near that stone, or we're all dead," the guard told her before walking out the door. Alexine made sure he was gone before running to the stone and putting it in her pouch. She looked down the hallway to her left, and then down to her right. No one was around, and she ran back to her quarters to grab her things.

It didn't take long before she had a horse and was leaving the palace, doing her best to look inconspicuous. She heard the King's shouts from down on the streets, and quickened her pace to a trot.

Roran and Katrina were harvesting more crops. This week would be the last week for them to harvest without fear of any frost. Winter chills came early in the mountains of Palancar Valley.

"Roran, do you think the soldiers will ever be back?" Katrina asked him.

"It's hard for me to say. If they do though, we'll be ready, and I will keep my promise," Roran answered. He was referring to his promise when Katrina had asked him never to ask her to leave again. She smiled at the thought.

"Do you think Eragon would help us this time?" Katrina asked.

"If he finds out about it soon enough. I'm sure he'll come as soon as he can if we're visited by more soldiers," Roran answered. "Why the sudden worry?"

"I'm scared; scared they're going to take me away again," Katrina answered, looking at the plants down by her feet.

"There's nothing to worry about. I promise I'll protect you if the soldiers return," Roran said. Katrina smiled.

Alexine was still on her gray horse, named Cadoc by the previous owner. (I don't remember the actual color, so if anyone knows please let me know)

It wouldn't be long before there was Urgals on her tail; or worse yet, Raz'oc. (I don't remember how to spell that) and if they did find her trail, she could pretty much consider herself dead.

If she could just make it to the Spine, she might be able to confuse them. When faced with creatures must faster than a normal human though, this is easier said than done.

There were still many leagues to go before the Spine would even be in sight, so it would definitely be at least a 2 day travel.

Alexine heard something whip past her right ear, and immediately turned around to see an army of Kull, not even two leagues behind her. No night rest now, they would be upon her in a few hours. Alexine dug her heels into the side of Cadoc to press him onward.

-End of Chapter 1-

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