Part 1:
I was in Africa for one reason and one reason only. I was there to help the orphans of Mozambique. The village that I was working in could tell that i really loved them. Within my first month I realized that three of the Presidential family members were among the orphans I was in charge of. Ahjahni, Naomi, & Marietta wanted to blend in, even though most of the stuff that they had brought with them were in trunks, which barely anyone had. Ahjahni trusted me with their secret and I kept it without any reason to betray him.

Unfortunately for us, war had already broken out and we were about to be ambushed. Hiding everything of value, we waited for some sort of rescue to come for us. I, we weren't expecting the Rebels to get there first. The minute we heard gunfire, everyone ran towards the main building, in the middle if the village. My first thoughts were of home. I thought of how my dad had told me to be careful and had given me a satellite phone to reach him if need be.

"The phone," I said aloud.

"What about it? How's it going ta help us now?" Ahjahni asked.

"Stay here. I'll be right back." I ran to my room and grabbed the phone, then hid under the bed. "C'mon, dad. Pick the phone up, c'mon."

Camden Household: Glenoak, California:

"Hello, James Daniels here. Can I help you?"

"Sarah!" Everyone in the room looked at him. Sarah was in Mozambique.
"Dad! I need help."
"Is that gunfire?" I could here the worry in his voice.
"The rebels have invaded the village..." the sound of gunfire in the distance and then suddenly so close to the phone made me scream, loud.
"Dad send someone now. We have kids from the Presidential family amongst us. Help us, please." The phone went dead.

"James, is Sarah okay?" Kevin asked.
"The Rebels invaded the village and to make matters worse, they have kids from the Presidential family among them and if I know my daughter, she's made friends with them and will do anything to see that they aren't injured."