Camden Household: Glenoak California:

"Well we have to do something," Ruthie said.
"There's nothing we can do. Sarah went willingly even when she was told that was war going on. I wish I could do something, but I can't help my daughter right now, but I know someone who can."

"If you're talking about her old private school in London, why don't you just go there and talk to them about it?" Eric Camden asked.

"I plan on doing that right now. Call you later, I've got a plane to catch."

Hogwarts: School for Wizards & Witches:

James Daniels walked into the Great Hall and everybody looked at him.

"Excuse me sir. What are you doing here?" Professor Dumbledore asked.

"My name is James Daniel. My daughter Sarah came here last year and was supposed to come this year, but went to Africa instead. I need a favor from you folk."

"And what sort of favor do you need?" Professor McGonagall asked.

"I need you to go to Mozambique and get my daughter and the refugees out."
"And if we don't? What will happen to her?" Dumbledore asked.

"The militiamen will kill her along with the rest of the Presidential family. And i don't mean simple death- you know the fast and easy way- they'll make sure they torture every last one of them to death. Including the kids, women, & children. You do realize that there are over 60,000 refugees in her camp and she's the only American there to stop the deaths from happening. But that won't happen if we don't get them out of there. I don't want to burry my daughter at the age of 17. She did this whole Peace Corps thing so that she could help her people. We ourselves are Refugees from Mozambique. There her people and unless you want over 60,000 Mozambiquen people to be slaughtered."