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12. Insanity

Lassiter wearily made his way through the crowded bar to a table in the corner. He fell into his chair and managed to grunt a greeting to the man sitting across the table from him before signaling the waitress for a scotch. Both men were silent as the drink was brought, and Carlton downed the alcohol in one gulp. He frowned, wrinkling his nose. It would take far more than a single drink to wash away the stress that seemed to pop up whenever Spencer had been around.

As if reading his mind (truthfully, Lassiter wouldn't be surprised if the other man actually could), Snape took a silver flask out of his pocket and poured the contents into the detective's empty glass. "It's firewhiskey," the professor explained. "It's much stronger, and a much more effective treatment for dealing with idiots and their antics."

Carlton nodded. "I still can't believe you actually had Spencer as a student. You poor bastard."

Severus snorted and poured himself a shot. "I believe you are the 'poor bastard' here. At least I didn't have to treat him as a colleague."

Raising his glass to his lips, the detective spoke once more. "You don't have staplers where you're from do you? You wouldn't believe what I've caught that idiot trying to staple together."

"And you," the professor intoned, "wouldn't believe what he tried to accomplish with a woodchuck, a peach, and a tickling hex."

I'd like to thank everyone for reading this story. I hope you all enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. As always, feedback is greatly appreciated.