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This is the last chapter of the only story I've been working on for some time now. As sad as it might be for now this story is over. I'm not planning any sequel in the near future. And with that said, on with the reading :D

Chapter 9

Dan didn't like to wait. He didn't like it at all, but he could clearly see that the man named Malfoy was hurt. But he knew something about Jade, and he didn't want to wait. He wanted to go get her, but no, he had to wait around until they could heal him.

A few hours later the man woke up.

"Where is she," Dan asked him.

"Hey, give him a few minutes to wake up," Harry told him, placing a hand on his shoulder.

"I need to go and get her, now!" Dan said turning around.

"The polite thing to do would be to introduce yourself," Malfoy said.

"And the only thing you can do is tell me where Jade is!" Dan said angrily.

"Hey," Harry said, placing a hand on his chest. "Getting angry won't help the situation.

"His name is Dan, and as you can se, he is rather eager to go and rescue Jade," Harry said.

"Father has her," Malfoy said.

"And where can I find this Father?" Dan asked in a controlled voice.

"He is at home, but you'll never get in there without my help," he said.

"You'd be amazed at what I can manage to do on my own," Dan said.

"No, he's right. You can't get into Malfoy Manor without help," Harry frowned.

"Then let's go!" Dan said. Why in the world couldn't they just leave already?

"You feel up to it?" Harry looked at Malfoy.

"I don't think I have much of a choice in the matter," Malfoy said, looking at Dan.

They were in some forest somewhere. He could clearly see the gigantic manor in front of them; it was big, really big. And he understood a bit better why he couldn't have gone in there and found her on his own. There was no way he could find Jade in there; she could be anywhere, like searching for a needle in a haystack.

"And are we going to stand around all day?" Dan asked. All he wanted was to go in there and find her.

"We can enter through the dungeons," Malfoy said.

"Your house has dungeons?" Harry asked, and Malfoy just gave him a look and continued walking.

Inside the house Dan felt a bit better, but he wished that he knew where to look for Jade.

"Where would your father take her?" Harry asked, looking around.

"I'm not sure. I would suggest using a point me spell, but then Father will know that we're here," Malfoy said.

Dan looked around. Why would this man take Jade? He wasn't sure about that, but Harry was kind of famous, so that might be the reason behind it, or?

"Does this "Father" have anything against you, Harry?" Dan asked.

"Well, I just about destroyed his life, but don't think he would have a grudge against me because of that."

Okay, he does have a reason to take Harry's sister. But what would he do to her? Try and destroy her life? Dan's thoughts swirled around that thought, and Oh god! He couldn't. Dan started walking, needing to find some stairs that led up.

"Hey, where are you going?" he heard someone yell. Dan didn't care; he needed to find Jade now!

"Dan, stop!" Harry said, putting a hand on his shoulder.

"I need to find her now, so let go of me," Dan said in a dangerous voice.

"You're searching blind. Tell us where you want to go, and Malfoy will show us the way," Harry said.

That is the smart thing to do, Dan, and you know it.

"The bedroom, I'm looking for the bedroom."

"Why?" Malfoy asked, but when he didn't get an answer he walked in front of him, "This way."

They walked up several stairs which led to a hallway. Malfoy looked at them and put his hand in front of him, telling them that it was this way. He stopped in front of a door. Dan didn't wait, he could her some struggling in there, and it was Jade. He couldn't hear anyone else, and therefore he went inside, closing the door behind him. Jade was lying on the bed, wearing only, what Dan would call, too little.

"Jade," Dan said walking slowly over to the bed. She looked at him pleadingly, but didn't say anything. He got the feeling that she couldn't. He sat down on the bed and put a hand over her mouth and he could feel something there. Yes, something was preventing her from talking. He concentrated on the stop. "Dan, please help me," he heard her say. Dan looked at her, God how could this "Father" have done such a thing?

He helped her up. "Do you know where you're clothes are?" He asked looking her deeply in the eyes.

She shook her head. Ok, improvise; he wasn't going to let her walk out of there wearing only that dress. He looked around the room, and saw a closet. He looked in there, he didn't find anything he would have called normal clothes, and picked out some coats looking thing, and put it around her.
"Come on, Harry's outside the door," he said putting an arm around her leading her towards the door. They had taken one step and the door opened, and a tall blond guy entered. He looked like Malfoy, and Dan guessed that this must be "Father".

"I think you should leave now, I don't take lightly towards strangers entering my home," the man said looking at him.

Dan could see that both Malfoy and Harry were out in the hallway just standing here. They must be under some sort of spell.

"I'm not leaving without Jade," Dan said. There must be someway to get out of here.

The man raised his wand and smiled. "Then you're not leaving at all. Avada Kadavra," Dan had no idea what those words meant, but he shielded Jade with his own body and held a hand up in front of him creating a shield. Dan the same kind of draining as he had last time that green spell had hit his shield, but this time he didn't pass out.

"Impossible!" he heard "Father" say. Dan looked at him, "Second time I do that, so I guess not so impossible."

"Dan," he heard Jade whisperer in his ear. Get out of there.

"Everything will be okay," he looked at her, meeting her eyes, and he could see that she believed him.

"No! You will die!" the "Father" yelled, again hitting his shield with that green spell. Dan could feel that he couldn't take too many of those spells.

Do something Dan, he didn't want to kill the man, he didn't want Jade to see him kill anyone, but he needed to get out of there. He placed Jade behind himself facing the man.

"I think that this has gone on for too long," Dan said holding up his hand. "Your time is up," He let a white smoke hit the man, and he fell to the ground.

"Come on," he told Jade. He ended whatever it was holding Harry and Malfoy in place, and was about to continue on his way when. "He's right that is supposed to be impossible," he tuned around and looked at Malfoy.

"I would say that there might be some way to shield oneself against the killing curse, seeing as both Dan and I have done it," Harry said smiling, "Let's get out of here."

Back at Hogwarts Jade was checked by Madam Pomfrey, who said that she physically was fine.

Back in their quarters Dan and Jade was sitting on the sofa.

"Jade I guess you've already understood that I'm not exactly normal," Dan said, and she smiled.

"But I've not told you the whole truth. I've been afraid of what you might think of me if I did, and I still do. But you deserve to know the truth. This secret is the reason why you were kidnapped in the first place," Dan got up and walked around the room for a bit.

"I could never be afraid of you Dan," Jade said getting to her feet as well. Dan frowned looking at her.

"I'm not so sure. But I can't hide it any longer. If thereā€¦" Dan stopped. They had never actually said anything about having a relationship. Dan wanted it, he pretty much loved Jade, but he had never touched her in any such way, not knowing what she thought about the whole thing.

"Dan," Jade started, and stopped and took a deep breath. "You are always going to be my everything. You're the one good thing that has ever happened to me. I have found that I have a brother, but even that can't compare to what you mean to me," she walked over to him, and planted a kiss on his lips. Dan didn't return it, too shocked to do anything else than stare at her. The kiss ended just as fast as it had started.

"This won't work with secrets," she said, finishing what he hadn't dared to say.

"God," Dan said closing his eyes. He had never ever felt so lost, he meant what he had said, she deserved the truth, but he didn't know if he could tell her.

"Can it be much worse than my secrets?" She asked him. Yes and no. What she was bearing was far worse that this, and in another way, telling someone that you're a vampire wasn't something people took lightly on. Dan didn't open his eyes. Just do it. Now.

"Jade," Dan said taking a deep breath, "I'm not human," Not what he had wanted to say, but a start. He opened his eyes, looking at her. He couldn't read her.

"I guess that's not what you were planning to tell me," Jade said. "And it doesn't really tell me anything I didn't already know."

She's right, in a way. He hadn't actually thought that she had gotten that far in deciphering his secret. "Many people would consider me evil. In their eyes, I would be evil," Dan said.

"But you're not. I've seen evil, and you're not it," Jade said looking at him almost begging him to just get it over with.

"I'm a vampire." There, it was said. Dan turned around not wanting to face her as she ran away. She didn't say anything, not a word. Dan still had his eyes closed and didn't see Jade walking around him. He felt a kiss on his lips and this time he responded.

One year had gone by, and Dan and Jade were still living in London. But now they were a happy couple. Jade hadn't exactly gotten over her past, but she was slowly healing. She had started to live again. And the best part of it all was that she accepted him for what he was. She didn't care. He was her hero, and that's all that mattered.

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