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"Dear, do you feel better?" Theresa's father asked her mother..

"I was fine to begin with, I really don't need this much care," Theresa's mother replied, sounding rather annoyed.

"Yes you do," her father replied pulling the covers over her shoulders. "The doctor said you need to rest, so rest. Come on Theresa." He held out his hand for Theresa to take which she willingly took. He led her out of the room and sent her to her own. Once Theresa reached her room thoroughly decorated with expensive accessories, she took out her diary and wrote for the 9th day in a row. She wrote all of her feelings and family issues... 'Mommy' still very sick but Daddy says she'll get better, I just hope so'.

Dear Diary, This is One Week Later: "Here Theresa, I want you to have this. It's been passed down in my family since anyone can remember, so I'm giving it to you," Theresa's mother said softly as she pulled of her necklace weakly and folded it into Theresa's hand. "I love you." That was the last thing she said before closing her eyes and going to a place where she can watch over Theresa 24\7. Theresa too closed her eyes and felt her eyes glow with anger, her body shaking and her heart brake. She tightened her grip on the necklace her mother recently gave to her. It felt like there was a fire in her hands and in her heart. And that's exactly how it happened.

Theresa was clutching her necklace that was dangling from her neck. She swore that she would never take it off for as long she lived, not matter what the occasion. Theresa stared forward as if the floor had the answers to everything. Her usual sparkling emerald eyes now looked as though they were completely lifeless. Theresa pondered for a few minutes. Why was she having visions of the past instead of the future? Curious. Theresa didn't care though; she just sat there, her emerald eyes beginning to look alive again, and were glistening with salty water. Theresa thought about going to talk to Atlanta to see what advice she could give Theresa, but it was way too late…or early. So she just sat on her bed trying to hold back her tears. Theresa slowly lay back down and pulled the covers up to her chin. She closed her eyes and thought about the good time she had with her mom and dad. Just when she was about she was about to go to dreamland, her eyes flung open and she saw a blue, fuzzy scene.

Theresa dashed through the forest, trying to escape the…thing that was after her. Its eyes were cold and blood red and made the hairs on the back of Theresa's neck stand up. The animal was almost like a dog. It was large, and its fur was solid black. For some reason, this creature brought back bad memories. She felt sad, alone. Theresa just wanted to be beside her friends. She had a feeling that it wouldn't be like that for a long time. Theresa pushed away the thoughts, but they kept floating back into her head. She ignored them the beset she could and kept running. The branches sticking out from the tree trunks were slashing her pale, smooth skin making a dark red fluid ooze out from the cuts. Theresa looked back as she continued to run as fast as her legs could carry her. The creature was gaining on her and was growling devilishly. Its fangs were revealed and saliva dripped from the animal's open mouth. This really scared Theresa and she tried to run faster. Her greatest wish at that moment was to be Atlanta. Atlanta was the fastest runner anyone had ever met. She even set a school record for running that hadn't been broken for 10 years. Theresa looked back one more time. The animal was still there. Theresa felt like crying. It wouldn't get lost! Theresa looked forwards and gasped as she came to a halt. She was right at the edge of a cliff. Theresa almost fell off when she stepped on the very edge making a rock crumble and pieces bounced off the side of the cliff on the way down. Theresa waited for about ten seconds, and heard nothing. So either the rock fell silently, or the cliff is really steep. Remembering the animal that was after her, Theresa quickly turned around. The creature was pacing back and forth in front of Theresa. It finally stared right at her. Its eyes were so cold and evil. It growled again showing its shining, sharp, white teeth. Without warning, the creature lunged at Theresa. She screamed and everything went dark and her echoing scream slowly faded with a thud.

Theresa just couldn't sleep. After that one vision, she didn't want to go to sleep. She was scared, but she didn't want to admit that to anyone. Theresa slowly and quietly made her way down the stairs to the main floor. It was still dark, but Theresa cautiously made it to the living room where she plopped herself onto the loveseat. She grabbed the remote from the coffee table and turned on the TV. She went through every channel to see what was on. She came down to three choices: Barney, Halloween, or a show where they just showed fish heads being grinded up into mush. Theresa decided to watch Barney. It almost put her to sleep, but Theresa managed to stay awake. The three hours seemed to pass fairly quickly. The others started to wake up and come downstairs for breakfast. Once everyone was there, Athena seemed to know and appeared in the kitchen. She made them all toast and pancakes as usual. They all sat at the kitchen counter, except for Athena of course. Theresa sat in between Atlanta and Jay. She rested her head on her hand and just picked at her food. Athena seemed to notice this.

"So…what were you doing up so early, Theresa?" she inquired as she observed Theresa poke her food.

"C-Couldn't sleep," Theresa answered, barely moving.

"Are you alright?" Athena asked.


"You can stay home today," Athena suggested. When Athena said 'home', Theresa's stomach lurched.

"No, it's okay. I'm fine," Theresa answered pushing her plate away.

"You're not hungry?" Herry asked, astonished.

"Not really," Theresa answered slouching back in her chair, "You can have it if you want Herry." She passed her plate to Herry who gladly took it.

"What's wrong?" Jay asked Theresa.

"What makes you think something's wrong?" Dumb question.

"This is not like you at all," he answered.

"Breakfast isn't my favourite meal, you know that Jay," Theresa answered. But she knew that wasn't what Jay meant.

"That wasn't what I meant. You're quiet, and seem depressed."

"No I am not depressed. I have been depressed since-" Theresa paused.

"Since what?" Jay asked crossing his arms over his chest.

"Never mind. I'm going to go get ready," Theresa said jumping out of her chair and going to her room. Anything to get out of there. Theresa pulled on a thin, teal sweater and skinny jeans (A/N: woo woo!) and knee high brown boots. She brushed her hair and straightened it making her blond highlights pop out more.

"That feels better," Theresa sighed. She stuffed her backpack with her school books and flung it over her shoulder. She went downstairs only to find the others still eating breakfast.

"You're ready already?" Odie asked, stuffing a forkful of pancake into his mouth.

"Yeah. I'm gonna see Persephone before school," Theresa answered.

"You had a vision, didn't you Theresa?" Jay asked putting his fork and knife down on his plate. Theresa's hand was only a centimetre away from the doorknob.

"So close!" Theresa whispered to herself. She turned around. "Look. Yes I did have a vision and it scared me to death. That's why I'm going to see Persephone. I'll tell you guys all about it at lunch, okay?"

"S-Sure. See you at school then," Atlanta said.


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