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"Is she going to be alright?" Jay asked his voice full of concern.

"She should be," Chiron responded as he picked up a damp cloth and used it to dab Theresa's wound on her forehead. Jay pressed his hands together in front of his mouth as he, and Archie, stood above Theresa's unconscious body. Even though Archie and Theresa didn't get along, Archie was probably tied for second with Atlanta when it came to worrying about Theresa. It even looked like he was about to cry. But Jay pretty much ignored everyone else's feelings since his were so overwhelmingly painful. As he started to think about what might happen, Jay ran his hands through his hair and he began biting his fingernails.

As much as he tried to avoid the memories from replaying in his head, they did anyway. It started when Theresa fell onto the rocky ledge far below them. Cronus had quickly transformed from the dog thing, back to his normal, evil self. He chuckled as he slipped into his magical portal. No one even bothered going after Cronus, all that mattered was Theresa and getting her to Chiron.

Jay told her that he would get a portal for them soon…but not soon enough apparently. As Theresa waited, and while Odie was making the call, Jay heard a crashing sound. He looked over the edge of the cliff and what he saw made him feel sick. Jay could only see a small part of Theresa's red, fiery hair through the tumbling rocks. He couldn't remember if he shouted her name, but he was pretty sure he did.

It was definitely not a scene Jay wanted to witness so he closed his eyes hoping for the best. But when he heard a quiet shriek, he had to open his eyes to see what actually happened. On the ledge, Jay saw Theresa lying on the rocks, unconscious, and with a large gash extending from the top of her forehead to her cheek. It was bleeding a lot and there was blood smeared on a few rocks either from her other minor injuries, or the major one. Since Jay was the only one looking down at Theresa, he was the only one really panicking.

"Odie, is Hermes getting the portal or not?" Jay remembered shouting. Odie looked surprised and concerned.

"Yes," he replied.

He was right because a couple of seconds after Odie had answered, the blue portal appeared. Ares had offered to get Theresa from the ledge and bring her to Chiron. When he did, Jay couldn't look at Theresa, but he knew she was there. Even though he wasn't looking he pictured the scene in his head just by looking at his team mates' faces. Herry had a neutral face, but Jay could see the pain in his eyes. Neil had put his mirror away and was looking at the floor, and gently kicking an imaginary rock. Odie was biting his lip and for once in his life he didn't know what to do. Atlanta, well she was almost in tears. Her best friend may be dead! And Archie…the one who thought Theresa was nothing but a drama queen was blinking a lot to hide the tears that would probably be coming soon.

Jay imagined Theresa's arms dangling, blood spilling from her head, not to mention all the other injuries! And her eyes would be closed, her mouth slightly open, and her skin was probably cold as ice, as opposed to what it usually was. Warm, and smooth…

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"Maybe Chiron would be more comfortable if we left…" Odie suggested. Chiron nodded and Odie started towards the door. Herry and Neil slowly followed him. Jay, Archie and Atlanta grudgingly went with the others. Jay looked back one last time and he could have sworn he saw Theresa's eyes open and look at him. But Chiron didn't seem to notice and he was looking right at her… Before Jay looked away, Theresa's face scrunched up in pain…and Chiron still did not notice.

"Come on Jay," Archie whispered, grabbing Jay's arm and pulling him out of the way of the closing doors. The six of them scattered themselves around the room, waiting until the doors would open again, with good news about their friend. After a few moments of silence, Jay spoke.

"She moved."

"What?" Archie asked.

"Theresa. She turned to look at us before we left, and then her face morphed into a pained expression…" Jay said in a monotone voice.

"Jay that's-" Atlanta started, but was interrupted.

"Crazy," Archie muttered, finishing Atlanta's sentence. Jay looked at them, and ignored them.

"Chiron didn't notice, even though he was looking right at her face."

"Jay, that's impossible…" Atlanta mumbled sadly.

"What happened back there?" Neil asked Jay, changing the subject. "I mean, when you two returned from running into the forest, you were holding hands…"

"Oh yeah. That," Jay whispered, "Well, the reason why Theresa snapped out of the state she was in was because… because…I-I told her I loved her."

"Good on ya," Neil smiled. "Well? Does she love you back?"

Jay smiled to himself, "Yeah."

"Even better," Neil laughed.

"Yeah, well not really now that she's going to die," Jay growled.

"That's not going to happen," Neil said, confidently.

"Why? I mean, not that I have a problem with that…but why are you so confident?" Archie asked.

"Because I'm lucky." Everyone groaned as Neil replied to Archie's question. "Think about it. When has something bad ever happened to me?"

"Well, there was that deal with Echo, then with Adonis-" Archie shifted awkwardly in his seat, "-and you lost all your clothes to that Charon guy, you've cracked your mirror I don't know how many times, and-"

"All excellent examples, Archie. I realized that Echo wasn't the one for me, I am the only one for me, Adonis ended up going to who knows where, causing all of the girl's to come crying back to me (even though they should have never left me in the first place…). Also, I got all my clothes back after Hades lectured Charon on stealing people's clothes again."

"And what about cracking your mirror?" Archie asked.

"Well, I got it fixed for no charge because the lady at the store thought I was so outstandingly gorgeous, and I found out that even in cracked mirrors, I look fabulous. It looks more…abstract."

"I guess," Archie muttered.

"Well, actually I think that there is a good chance of her surviving," Odie said.

"Huh?" Jay questioned.

"Well, if you think about it, the gash on her head wasn't too deep, it didn't look like her skull had cracked, and probably meaning there was no damage to her brain. She was just knocked out from the force and weight of the rocks. Her other injuries were only minor and so she could not die from them."

"That makes me feel so much better," Atlanta sighed with relief. Just then, Ares came into the room.

"Hey Ares," Archie said.

"Archie," Ares nodded. He was about to exit the room when he spun around to face the depressed teens. "What exactly happened? Why is Theresa like this?"

"Cronus turned Theresa evil and-" Archie started.

"No one ever tells me what's going on!" Ares bellowed.

"Um, yeah. Anyway, Theresa had come back to her normal self-" Jay shifted uncomfortably, "-Cronus turned into a dog, he pushed Theresa off the cliff, turned back into himself, disappeared through his portal, and that's pretty much it," Archie said. Ares paused for a moment and then burst out:


"Whoa…" Herry said. Ares appeared to suddenly remember that there were sic sixteen-year-olds in the room. He cleared his throat and held his head high.

"Pardon me," he said politely, before leaving the room.

"Well, that doesn't really make me feel better, but it made me laugh," Archie chuckled.

After about thirty minutes of waiting for some scrap of news on Theresa's condition, Chiron came through the doors and trotted over to the six heroes.

"Is she okay? Like, is she going to live?" Atlanta questioned.

"Um…yes there is a good chance that she will live. But she won't be waking up for a little while. Why don't you all go back to the brownstone and get some rest, hm?" Chiron said. Neil agreed quickly and started towards the door. The others unwillingly followed. "I'll let Hera know," Chiron quickly told them before they left that part of the school. Jay looked back and nodded.

"You've never been there," Theresa said, coolly.

"I-I'm sorry Theresa but-" Jay started.

"Sorry doesn't always make up for everything someone does."

"Theresa! Why are you mad at me?"

"Because…I thought you loved me."

"I do…wait what are you talking about?" Jay asked, frowning.

"You know very well what I'm talking about Jay!" Theresa yelled.

"Please! Please explain to me! I want to fix it…"

"It's too late."

"But I love you…"

"You did once…" Theresa said. "And so did I."

"What are you saying?" Jay asked.

"I'm saying…that well, I love someone else now."

"What? What did I do?!" Just then, a boy walked into the room. But not just a boy…Neil.

"I'm with Neil now," Theresa smiled. Neil wrapped his arm around Theresa's waist and held her close. She put her hand on his chest and leaned her head on his shoulder.

"That's right. You kinda left her out, and well she started falling for me, I started falling for her, and now we're in love," Neil laughed. Theresa looked up at Neil and her eyes slowly started to close. Jay knew what was about to happen, but he couldn't let it happen. Neil slowly leaned in towards Theresa and Theresa stood on her tepee toes to reach his lips. That should have been Jay that Theresa's going to kiss, not Neil. Theresa's bottom lip just barely brushed against Neil's…

"NO!" Jay shouted. He woke up, gripping his sheets tightly in his hands. "Neil…" Jay growled. But then he looked around and realized he wasn't in the place he just was in… "Oh…it was a dream…" The dream played over in his head and it was driving him insane. Wait…Theresa said I've never been there…maybe she meant I wasn't there when she wakes up! I gotta go!

Jay threw off the covers and dashed downstairs as quietly as possible. He put his shoes on and went into the garage. There were three vehicles in the garage: Herry's large and loud truck, and Theresa's quiet sports car. And a bike.

If Jay used Herry's truck, everyone would wake up, get mad at him, and some how Neil might end up with Theresa… Okay, so Herry's truck was not an option. If Jay used Theresa's car…she'd get really pissed, dump him, and go to Neil…again, not an option. That left the bike…whose bike was it again?

"Oh wait…it's mine…" Jay muttered to himself. So, if he used this bike, Theresa would thank him for being so committed, Jay would get exercise…not that he needs it, and no one would be mad at him! Its win-win…win…

"Neil's better off with himself anyway," Jay murmured. Jay shook his head, attempting to dispose of the bizarre thoughts he was having. He picked up the bike and exited the garage, without opening the large garage door.

Not even bothering to wear a helmet, Jay took off towards the school to rescue his Theresa from a vain moron.

Whoa! Where did that come from! Jay wondered. He stopped when he noticed a bright red hand across the street, telling him he was not to cross. Jay began pressing the button on the lamppost frantically.

"Come on…come on!"

Finally, the red hand turned to a white person, showing Jay that it was okay to walk…or ride. As he rode past the school, he looked sideways at it. But his head quickly turned back when he heard a woman shriek and a dog bark. Jay gasped when he noticed an old lady walking her dog. He had a few feet to steer away from the lady and her dog without hitting her. She scoffed and muttered something about 'kids these days'. Jay rolled his eyes and thought, that's what you get for walking your dog at this hour woman!

He finally reached the school without anymore interruptions. He threw his bike behind a bush so that no one would see it out in the open and possibly steal it. Jay opened the door to the dark school and proceeded down the quiet, lonely halls. It surprised him that the door was unlocked, especially at this time of night…

It was completely dark so Jay had to use the light on his PMR to navigate his way through the halls. He had turned a corner that would soon lead him to the secret entrance to the school, when he saw one room that was lit up at the end of the hall, but it wasn't where the janitor's closet was. Jay debated about whether or not he should go see Theresa immediately, or go investigate what that light was. His curiosity got the better of him, and Jay quietly wandered down the halls of his high school. It took him a few seconds to realize that the room lit up belonged to his Theresa's drama teacher, Mrs. Munroe. Still, he continued down the hall until he reached her classroom.

The door was open and Jay decided that he would slowly walk in, and hopefully not frighten her. He stepped into the doorway, which was actually went almost directly onto the drama stage, and saw Mrs. Munroe hunched over her desk with a large pile of papers surrounding her. Mrs. Munroe, who usually had a put together appearance, now looked tired, stressed and…haggard. Her golden, curly hair was pulled back in a low ponytail and her light bluish-grey eyes were hidden behind a pair of large, black glasses. Beside her, was a large cup of Tim Horton's coffee.

Mrs. Munroe was the luckiest of all of the teachers in the school. She got the actual theatre as her classroom and her desk was in the front row. The theatre had everything. The long red curtains on the stage, lights, comfortable movie theatre seats and an endless amount of space. Not only that, but she got to teach Theresa three or four times a week…

"M-Mrs. Munroe?" Jay stuttered. He placed his hand on the frame of the doorway, unsure about whether or not he should proceed. Her head shot up and she looked startled for a moment, but her face softened when she saw it was only a student.

"Jay, what are you doing here? Wait…how did you get in here?" Mrs. Munroe asked, taking off her glasses and placing them on a stack of paper.

"Um…well the front doors were open and I uh…forgot one of my binders," Jay answered.

"I left the front doors unlocked? That was very stupid of me," Mrs. Munroe answered slapping her forehead dramatically.

"W-What are you doing here, Mrs. Munroe?"

"Oh, I had to mark a few, well many, tests, plays, and reports to mark. I find that my apartment is a little too small for all these papers, so I come here. Also, my husband I think is planning a surprise birthday party for me so he wanted to get me out of the house," she laughed. Jay laughed a little with her.

"I find that I can relax more when I'm alone," she said, getting up from her desk and walking around it.

"Wait…how do you know what my name is? You've never taught me…" Jay wondered, moving towards centre stage.

"You come see Theresa after class. I've heard her say your name," Mrs. Munroe answered with a smile. Jay flushed a little and cleared his throat. The thought of Theresa made him feel uncomfortable and his throat became thick. A lump appeared in his throat and was hard to swallow.

"Well, I shouldn't keep you from finishing your work," Jay said.

"Alright, goodnight Jay," Mrs. Munroe said. Jay was just about to leave when she stopped him. "Wait Jay. Let me give you a little bit of advice. I can see that you and Theresa are…close. I want what's best for her and I think you would help her a lot. She's an amazing girl. Her personality is just so… wonderful. Don't let this chance slip away Jay. You can't find people like her anymore. I was lucky enough to find someone like her. And look! We got married and I have two wonderful children! But that's not the point. Jay, don't let her out of your sight. Sometimes people just leave, and not like leaving to a new town, but…die. Get close to her now, and you'll have no regrets later. I promise you that."

"Um…thanks Mrs. Munroe. I'll do that." Jay waved before exiting stage left. That was weird…Jay thought. A teacher was telling him about his personal life…she knew that he like Theresa…whoa. Teachers are not supposed to do that. But maybe she did have a point…

He checked his watch and it was 5:30 in the morning. How much time had he wasted with Mrs. Munroe? What if Theresa had already woken up? What if she was sad that he wasn't there?

Jay picked up his pace as he ran down the hall towards the janitor's closet, actually hoping that Theresa was not awake.

Jay crept into Chiron's study. It was dark except for a small candle beside Theresa's bed. He tried to move towards the bed without hitting anything.

To his surprise, when he reached Theresa's bed, it was empty.

"Theresa?" Jay whispered. He turned around a scanned the room, even though he could barely see anything, but his eyes were starting to adjust to the darkness. Jay saw no sign of movement, or a human body anywhere. He cursed under his breath, and left the room in a hurry. Jay was going to find Hera to see if she knew Theresa's whereabouts. But when he reached her room, the light was on and the door was slightly open. He heard voices coming from inside. As Jay got closer, he noticed that Hera's voice was one of them and the other was Theresa's.

"Do you remember what happened?" Hera asked.

"No." Theresa answered. Her answer was cool, and curt.

"Do remember what happened before you fell? When you were…evil?"


"How did he do that to you?"

"He made the evil part of my heart more dominant than the good part."

"How do you mean?"

"He used a spell to change my heart. I was good, then I was evil, and now I'm good again," Theresa seemed to be angry when she answered.

"Is that why you have a scare on your chest?"

"How did you-?"

"I guessed. Now, when did you wake up?"

"Ten minutes ago." Oh no! Jay could have made it to her in time if he hadn't stopped at Mrs. Munroe's classroom.

"What were your first thoughts?"

"I thought I was dead. Then I felt scared, being alone in the dark. It reminded me of when I was in Cronus' cave. When he made me evil…"

"I see and-"

"Hera, um, I don't mean to be rude, but can I please go back to bed? My head's really hurting and I'm really tired," Theresa said. Her voice sounded shaky, like she was about to start crying.

"Theresa, dear, I only have a few more questions I would like you to answer," Hera answered, firmly.

"Please Hera," Theresa's voice sounded even more desperate this time.

"It's all right Theresa. It's normal to be a little tired, but a few more minutes shan't hurt."

Jay didn't hear anything, but he guessed that Theresa gave up and sat back down.

"Alright. So, is there anything important I should know? About Cronus I mean."

"No. But…I think we've underestimated him."

"What are you talking about?"

"We always thought that we could beat him after every battle, not necessarily capture him, but win. And now that I've seen some of the things he is capable of, I have a totally different perspective on our battles from now on. I may even think…that it is impossible to beat him. Maybe, we will never defeat Cronus. Maybe he'll win and take over the world."

Jay's jaw dropped. He couldn't believe what he was hearing! Had Theresa actually given up hope?

"Theresa, are you saying that you don't want to be part of the team?" Hera asked, angrily.

"No! No, I still want to be a part of the team. I just think that we underestimated Cronus' powers."

"Theresa, I think that you do need to rest. You're not thinking right. Go get some sleep and we'll talk later," Hera said angrily.

"Hera I'm sorry if what I said upset you, but-" Theresa began, her voice gentle.

"It's alright! Go get some sleep, and we'll talk later," Hera sounded like she was furious, and Jay felt a little scared for Theresa. He heard Theresa get off the couch and he suddenly realized that if he got caught, he would be in so much trouble! Jay backed up into a pillar and tried to blend in with the background. Hopefully, if it's dark enough, Theresa won't even see Jay standing there.

He tried to remain as still as he possibly could as he heard the door creak open. But, Jay felt light appear on his face and his stomach churned; he knew he had been seen.

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