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"Jay? What are you doing here?" Theresa asked.

Jay was about to answer, but then he really saw her. Her wound looked no better than it did when she got it, her face was paler than usual, and a strange shade of green. Theresa was hunched over slightly and her eyelids drooped, making her look even more tired and sick.

"I-I came to see you. I didn't feel right going back home without you…I'm sorry I left," Jay apologized, moving away from the pillar he had been trying to blend in with. Theresa looked at him for a moment, and stuffed her hands into the pockets of her jeans. She looked at the ground and then started walking towards Jay.

Oh no! She's gonna kill me! Jay thought. But, to his surprise, Theresa wrapped her arms around Jay's neck and smiled at him.

"That was really sweet. You didn't have to do that you know?" Theresa said. Jay nodded, even though he didn't fully understand the situation was in. Being this close to Theresa made him loose his mind. He could hardly comprehend what Theresa was saying to him. Jay felt his face turn red and he began to sweat. Everywhere.

"I'm glad you did come though. It is sort of lonely here," Theresa said, tilting her head to one side. Her face inched closer to Jay's and his face turned even redder. He wasn't sure what exactly he was feeling at the moment, or what he should do; all he knew was that he wanted this.

"You probably don't want to kiss me because I look absolutely hideous," Theresa said, laughing a little, but only to hide how sad she was.

"What? I never said that. I'm sure your injuries won't affect your ability to kiss."

"But won't it be gross? Kissing a girl with a huge gash on her face and her skin as green as a snake? I mean, what if I puke in your mouth?"

Jay cleared his throat, repulsed at the thought. "Um…well don't throw up in my mouth. But if you do…I suppose it can't be that bad. I've thrown up before and I've tasted it. So I'm sure someone else's can't be much worse. Although, you will have enough time to move away from me before you actually throw up. I don't care if you have a gash on your head. I mean I do care, but it's totally okay with me if you kiss me. It's not going to bother me at all."

"What about Hera?" Theresa asked.

"What about Hera?"

"What if she catches us?"

"Then she catches us," Jay replied. She moved her head closer to his and soon Jay could feel her lips gently touch his. Jay was overwhelmed with emotions and kissed Theresa harder. She smiled inside because she knew that Jay liked her just as much as she liked him.

Both teens were so involved in the kiss that they didn't even realize that Hera had seen them. She cleared her throat, smiling, and the couple took two large steps away from each other. Their faces turned red and Theresa looked down at the ground.

"Theresa, dear. I thought you were going to sleep?" Hera asked, raising an eyebrow. Theresa looked up, blushing, and she could tell that Hera was still angry about what had happened, but she was also smirking a little.

"Um…well I was, but then Jay was standing here and…" Theresa voice trailed off.

"I think I know the rest," Hera said, raising her hand to stop Theresa. "How are you Jay?"

"Fine," Jay squeaked. His voice came out high-pitched, yet hoarse, which made him blush even more.

"Excellent. Goodnight you two." With that, Hera glided past them, a smirk still on her pale face.

When Theresa and Jay were absolutely positive that Hera was gone, they looked at each other with blank expressions. Theresa broke the silence by giggling quietly. Jay began to laugh as well as the two of them stepped closer together and pulled the other into a big bear hug. Theresa gasped as the gash on her forehead smashed into Jay's chest.

"I'm sorry!" Jay said, pulling away. Theresa laughed.

"Don't worry. It's a good kinda pain," she smiled and laid her head against his chest once more.

"You should get some sleep though," Jay whispered to her, patting her back gently. She winced in pain because there was a bruise on her back, and even the slightest touch would cause her pain. Jay didn't realize this and waited for her to answer.

"I don't think I'll be able to sleep now, though," Theresa said.

"Why not?"

"I have too much on my mind," Theresa began, "Cronus' powers, his plan. What's he going to do next? Who's he going to hurt? Are the others okay? And- Oh. My. God…"


"Where the hell is my necklace?!" Theresa shrieked, touching her neck.

"You mean the golden, heart-shaped one?" Jay asked.

"Yes! Damn it! Cronus must have stolen it!"

"It's okay. We'll get you a new one," Jay said, trying to comfort Theresa.

"But this wasn't just any necklace! My mom gave it to me!"


"I hate Cronus."

"We'll find it. Don't worry. Alright?" Jay said, patting Theresa shoulder. She nodded and rubbed the good side of her forehead.

"Okay? Now let's head back to the brownstone. Everyone's going to be so happy to see you," Jay smiled. Theresa smiled back, even though she had a horrible feeling that Cronus was planning something…

"Oh wait! Theresa can I ask you something?" Jay wondered, suddenly feeling panicked.

"Sure. What?"

"Would you ever date Neil?"

Theresa was shocked by the off-topic question.

"Um…" Theresa started. Jay was getting nervous.

"Are you kidding me? No! He's…well he's Neil!"

Jay sighed with relief and put his arm around her shoulders.

"Good. 'Cause I'd kick his-"

"Wait…where did that come from?"

"Oh…um…bad dream."


"Well, that didn't work out," Cronus growled. He paced the cave which he had kept Theresa prisoner in. He turned to his giants who were nodding and seemed afraid that he might go into an angry rage.

"But you know what?" Cronus said, raising his eyebrows at the giants.

Agnon shrugged and stared blankly back at Cronus.

"I'm going to be stronger next time. Find their weaknesses and attack them. Make them beg at my feet to stop their pain. Show them what's it's like to be so close to something and have it slip away…"

Just then, Cronus was actually sent into an unexpected vision. Jay and Theresa.

Theresa was panicking and Jay was…well he was confused.

"What have we here?" Cronus smirked.

"Damn it! Cronus must have stolen it!"

"It's okay. We'll get you a new one."

"But it wasn't just any necklace! My mom gave it to me!"

"Oh! A necklace, hm?" Cronus said, amused. He turned around to face his giants again. "We have to find it! Go! Look for any necklace!" The giants shivered and dispersed throughout the cave, while Cronus turned his attention to the entrance. He stared at the blank sky, developing a whole new plan to destroy the seven titans.

"Don't worry Jay. I will be back."

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