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Theresa walked down the dark hallway inside the to the janitor's closet. She pulled off her pendant that the seven heroes had each received with the first letter of the name engraved into it. The door opened and Theresa stepped into the small space turning on the light above her head. A blue light appeared on the wall and Theresa went right through it. The school was very dark. Theresa could only hear the muffled clanging of glasses which was probably Dionysus making some new potion. Theresa made her way to Persephone's solarium, which was right past the gym. She was surprised to see that Artemis and Ares weren't in there.

"Persephone?" Theresa called as she knocked on the door. There was no answer. Theresa opened the door and called for Persephone again. Still there was no answer.

"Persephone's not back yet," Horaes said, "She should be back soon, though."

"I guess I'll just stay here then. There's still an hour until school starts," Theresa said. She threw her backpack onto the couch and sat down. Slowly her eyes started to close. I've got to stay awake! Theresa thought. But still, she was so tired and just couldn't help taking a nap…

It was one of the worst days of Theresa's life- of course, not as bad as when her mother had actually died in front of her very eyes. Her mother's funeral. Theresa thought that she would be in her twenties when her mother died, but sickness doesn't wait until you're ready. It comes when you least expect it. Pretty much everyone in Theresa's family was there. For example, her grandmother, who was very special to Theresa, her aunt, her uncle, her cousins, etc. All of them were terribly depressed. Crying uncontrollably. It was all just a nightmare, Theresa would keep telling herself. The necklace that Theresa's mom gave her was crammed in Theresa's jewellery box. She wanted nothing to do with it. So far, Theresa's life had not been so great. Her brother, Matt had ran away from home a couple of days before Theresa's mother…died. Matt would always say her hated living the rich life. He was six years older then Theresa and apparently had a lot of experience with the rich life. Theresa didn't think it wasn't so bad. Of course, she was only 5. All she wanted was to be like a princess and have a pony. And she got it. She had no major dreams, like her brother. He wanted to help other people who weren't as fortunate, but Theresa's dad wouldn't let him use money for that. He said to use money for something useful.

As Theresa sat and thought, she realized that something good has to happen to her at some point. And maybe the leisurely life wasn't as good as people think. After all, money can't buy happiness as Theresa had learned the hard way.

"Theresa? Are you all right?" a familiar voice said as Theresa felt herself being shaking out of her sleeping state.

"Wha?" Theresa said, wiping drool from her chin. She looked up and saw Persephone standing before her in her usual long white dress.

"Oh, hello Persephone," Theresa said. She sat up and Persephone sat down beside her with a look of worry on her face.

"What are you doing here?" Persephone asked.

"Oh, I want to see you about some visions I had last night and just now…"

"Really? What were they about?" Persephone inquired. Theresa explained to Persephone about her visions about the past, and the future one. When Theresa was explaining about her visions, Persephone was staring at the necklace around Theresa's neck.

"Theresa, may I see your necklace please?" Persephone asked when Theresa was done.

"Sure…why?" Theresa took off her necklace and hesitantly put it in Persephone's hand.

"Just …to examine it. I have a feeling that it might the cause of your visions," Persephone said.

"Oh," Theresa said, shocked. Persephone placed the necklace on the table beside them.

"Alright. Theresa, I am going to teach you even more magic spells. And you might get a little bit of homework today," Persephone said with a smirk.

"Okay. Anything to get my mind off these visions," Theresa said.

"That's exactly the point," Persephone smiled at Theresa and they began their lesson.

"Crap! All the tables are taken!" Archie grumbled to Neil and Atlanta.

"There's that one over there," Atlanta said nodding her head in the direction of an empty table.

"Are you kidding?" Neil said, "That is the dork table!"

"Well then Archie should fit right in," Atlanta said turning to Archie.

"No way. I have a reputation!" Archie said. Atlanta gave him one of those are-you-for-real looks. "Let's find somewhere else to sit." They looked around a little bit more.

"Wait…that's Theresa over there! Come on!" Neil said. The three of them hurried over to Theresa who was reading some sort of Greek book on magic.

"Hey Theresa!" Atlanta greeted.

"Hey," Theresa said looking up from the book for only a second.

"What are you reading?" Archie asked.

"Greek language book. Persephone wants me to learn to write, read, and speak Greek, so she gave me this book. She wants me to be able to translate the spells, rather than her telling me what they mean. So far I have learnt how to say certain words and I know what sounds every letter makes. Now I just have to learn what it all means," Theresa sighed and tapped her pen on the table. She stopped to write something down in her notebook when Jay and the others sat down at the table with them.

"What's Theresa doing?" Herry whispered to Neil.

"She's learning Greek," Neil responded. He took out his mirror and checked his hair. Theresa said 'hi' to all of them, then went right back to reading.

"Wow, never seen Theresa looking in a book before!" Archie laughed. Herry snickered too.

"Who's going to be laughing when I can blow up your head and have your body be eaten by rabbit squirrels," Theresa said.

"Harsh," Odie said. Then he gasped really loud. "Is that a Greek book that isn't in any libraries because and no one knows it exists?"

"Yeah," Theresa answered.

"I know Greek! It would be so cool if I could read that when you're done!" Odie said, getting excited.

"Sure. Could you help me too, please? I'm having trouble with memorizing the amphibians."

"Yes. It's super easy. I'll help you after school in the library."

"Thank you." Jay stared at Theresa as she read her book so, so quietly. She was just sitting there, scribbling on her notebook, which Jay found attractive. Theresa looked so pretty when she was moving her head to different positions, moving her mouth as she thought, and her green eyes glued to the paper. Theresa's silver chained bracelet was gently tapping the table as Theresa moved her hand when she wrote and when she turned the pages. She tucked a strand of hair behind her ear. She had silver hoop earrings on and purple swirls. Theresa had gotten her ears pierced three times. One of the 'holes' was on the top of her ear, where she always wore a small silver ring. Jay noticed every little detail of Theresa's face. From her chin all the way to her hair. Her beautiful, beautiful, long, red, wavy, shiny, hair. Archie noticed that Jay was staring at Theresa, so he looked at Theresa to see what was so interesting. And just their luck, Theresa looked up, and found Archie and Jay staring at her. Jay had a more dazed look, Archie's was more confused.

"What?" Theresa asked.

"Nothing," Jay said, blushing, nudging Archie.

"Yeah, nothing," Archie said, smiling at Jay. Theresa shook her head, and her eyes fell upon Atlanta's 'food'.

"Um, Atlanta? You might not want to eat whatever that is in the corner of your plate."

"Why?" Atlanta asked.

"'Cause it was moving."

"Huh?" Atlanta said, and looked down at her food. It crawled. "Gross!" Atlanta poked it with a fork and it crumbled, revealed a huge spider. Neil shrieked and hid behind his mirror.

"Keep it away from my face!" he cried.

"Calm down you just got to squish it," Theresa said. So she picked up her book and dropped it on the spider. "There. Problem solved."

"That was weird," Archie said, "Wait; I thought you were afraid of spiders."

"I am. Which is just another reason to kill it," Theresa said, moving her book away from the remains of the spider. For some reason, all this commotion made Archie remember something.

"So?" he said,

"So what?" Theresa said, but she knew what was coming.

"What were your visions about?" Archie asked.

"Wait…I don't remember saying I had more than one vision," Theresa said.

"I had biology today…" Archie mumbled.

"…and Persephone told you."

"She said you had three visions."

"Alright…" Theresa began. She told them about her second vision. They all listened intently as Theresa said what happened.

"And what about the other ones?" Neil asked. He glanced quickly at her from behind his mirror. Theresa thought about it for a moment.

"It was a vision from my past. It sigh- I don't think I'm ready for you guys to know about that stage of my life yet," Theresa said, packing up her books.

"Wha-?" Atlanta began, "Theresa! It can't be that bad, is it?" Atlanta had grabbed Theresa's arm to stop her from leaving.

"Yes, it is. Worse than you can ever imagine," Theresa said. She took her arm away from Atlanta's grip and walked away.

For the rest of the day, Theresa kept running into her friends between classes and during class. She did whatever it took to avoid telling them about her visions. Sometimes Archie would try to ask her, since he had fifth and sixth period with her, but Theresa would always say she needed something and walk away, or quickly change the subject. It was a long afternoon, but it had finally ended. Theresa sighed with relief as the dismissal bell rang. She dashed out of her math class to her locker. She grabbed her backpack and left the school as soon as she possibly could.

"Theresa! Wait!" Theresa stopped dead in her tracks.

"Jay, look, I don't want to talk about it," Theresa mumbled.

"Okay, but maybe we could help. And it might help us," Jay said, catching up to Theresa.

"Thanks, but I don't think that there is much you can do. And I highly doubt that it could help."

"Can you at least just say what your visions were about?" Jay asked, stepping in front of Theresa.

"My family and one of the worst times in my life, okay?"

" Maybe talking about it will help," Jay suggested.

"I'll think about it," Theresa said.

"Let me know when you're done thinking, kay?"

"Alright," Theresa though for a moment, "Actually, I'll tell you. Come with me. But first, you have to promise something…" Theresa smiled at Jay.

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