Horror of a high school

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Mist: Hello everyone you're all probably wondering what is going on here, I'm rewriting this story. You see I was going through my stories and noticed an anomaly, this one had HORRIBLE grammar, I'm going to fix that.

Summary: Hey, You know how some people just want to make others suffer? So how about we make Toshi-kun suffer? This is my answer the too question 'what is the worst thing that could happen to Toshiro?' the answer is… being sent to Gotto High! Let the insanity begin!



Toshiro walked quickly to his meeting with the head captain. He had just been informed (late) by his lieutenant that he had a new mission in the real world. He couldn't figure out what could be so important that he'd need a captain…

When he arrived in the office the head captain turned to him with a stern look.

"Captain Hitsugaya I do how you realise how late you are. No matter, we will just have to make this quick. Lately many, many hollows have been showing up near a high school in the far away country of Canada, which makes it hard for us Death Gods to get there before they cause too much damage," Yamamoto explained to the spiky haired captain of the 10th division.

"So you need a Death God there full time," Toshiro finished for him, then added, "And I'm the only one that could pass for a student there so you have to send me, correct head captain?"

"That is correct, do to your short stature and child-like appearance no one will be able to notice your true age," Toshiro twitched at the slight insults but kept his mouth shut, this was one fight he would not win.

"Very well sir, if that is all," He turned to leave, "I will prepare for my departure to the real world immediately."

Toshiro went into the hall and walked slowly back to his division to give himself time to think about his mission. It wouldn't be a very hard mission, he doubted that any strong hollows would be all the way in Canada; lately they have all been compressed in Japan. He wondered what it would be like; it was his first 'real' high school experience after all.

That was when another though crossed his mind.

"What types of uniform do they have in Canada?" A million and one thoughts of the worst uniforms he could imagine suddenly crossed his mind. "I'm so doomed…"




Mist: Well I hope you enjoyed this rewrite a lot better than the old version, please tell me if you want me to so this to some of the other early chapters Also I's like to inform you that I'm deleting 'Nightmares and Dreams' because I just realised that I have no immediate interest in Yu Yu hakusho at the moment, don't worry though this story will simply get a new sequel, a BETTER sequel, chow!