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CH1: Greetings from Gotto!

Toshiro wasn't too happy as he sat in the train. Before he left he had been informed that the kids at the school were sent there because ordinary teachers couldn't handle their horrible behaviour. "Great," Toshiro had thought sarcastically to himself, "I'm going to be sharing a room with some psycho delinquent." Unfortunately no one had cared to listen to his protests and had sent him anyway, hence him being on the train.

He looked down at his new uniform. It wasn't nearly as bad as he had feared, but it wasn't as mobile as his shinigami outfit. The uniform consisted of a pair of loose black shorts with a black and red button up shirt with the school crest placed in front of the heart area.

The train was getting close to the school; Toshiro craned his neck to get a peek at the school he was going to be stuck at. The school was a large stone building with vines climbing the up and down the side creating an almost artistic design. One of the third year students (They crest has a number design at the bottom indicating which year the student is in) turned to him with a smirking face that just screamed 'I'm gonna scare you!'

"Hey, first year," The boy was obviously mocking him, "Did you know that they school used to be a castle? They say that the ghosts of the former owners still walk the halls in search of victims! They say that they love to suck the souls of first years, like you!"

The boy made what he assumed was a soul sucking noise which was making his immature friends laugh.

"I'm not afraid of ghosts," he calmly told the student who was still in the middle of making scary noises.


After a few minutes the train stopped and all the students raced out of the train, when in the rush Toshiro knocked into someone who was, for whatever reason, just standing there looking like he was waiting for someone.


"Oh, sorry about that," Toshiro appolosised as he looked over the other student. The boy seemed to be about his age but he strangely didn't have a number on his shirt. The mystery boy had short messy blond hair and orange eyes with yellow around the black pupil.

The boy looked at Toshiro strangely, as if he was wondering why he was talking to him, then a smile formed on the strange boys face as he ran off without a word.

"The people at this school are annoying, rude, and have absolutely no respect!" Toshiro chuckled slightly, "It's a school full of Matsumotos!" Toshiro wasn't sure how he was expected to survive this strange place. He didn't even speak English that well! He just hopped that he would find some normal responsible people to hang out with.

Ya right.

Toshiro yawned as he listened to his new headmaster Mr. Efergaga give a painfully boring speech about school safety, how classes work, field trips… yada yada…

Little did Toshiro know that a few bleachers about him the boy that he had run into earlier as well as three others were spying on him and whispering to each other.

He's gonna wish that he had watched where he was going…


After the assembly of infinite boredom, Toshiro had run as quickly as he could in case the headmaster decided that he had more to add. Toshiro decided that he might as well head to his dorm room to meet the delinquents that he was going to be rooming with for the next while. (each room has four students in it)

When he walked into the room he noticed that four students were already sitting in a circle in the middle of the room and seemed to be in deep conversation which stopped when he walked in. To his embarrassment the room had four of everything, plus a pile of cushions on the floor in the shape of a bed. He had walked into the wrong room!

Little did he know the four kids were the ones who were spying on him during the assembly (lecture of boredom?)

"Ops, sorry, wrong room," Toshiro told them embarrassed.

He was just about to leave the room when one of them said, "No, this room has five people in it just not enough beds," the boy was calm but had a strange tone to it.

Against his better judgement Toshiro turned back around and joined the group on the ground who moved to make room for him.

"Thanks…" He said quietly. He wasn't really used to being in groups of normal teens…

"Welcome to Gotto," one of the girls whispered to him.

"Thanks," He blushed slightly.

Toshiro then noticed the boy that he had run into earlier. "You're that boy from earlier!" He remembered how rude this kid was perfectly…

"Ya… sorry about that I saw my friends and had to go meet up with them before I lost them again," he said in a way that was almost convincing.

Key word being 'almost'.

He was about to ask (interagate) him why he didn't have a number like everyone else when over the PA system did an annoying 'beep beep beep' "Could Toshiro Hitsugaya please come to the office you have a phone call."

"Sorry have to go," Toshiro said excusing himself from the circle.

When he was positive that Toshiro was out of earshot one of the boys whispered to his friends, "Interesting that he can see Kai when he's in this form."

"Maybe we should ask Toshiro to join our club," one of the girls asked.

"Yes, when he gets back," the boy answered her.

Toshiro was wondering who could be calling him, Matsumoto, or one of the others. Or could it be Yamamoto, "If it's him it must be something bad happening," Toshiro thought bitterly to himself.

That or, and he was really hoping for this, they made a mistake and he can head back right away!

Like that would ever happen!


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