Disclaimer: I do not own the Road Rovers, they are owned by Warner Bros.

In 1996, a new league of heroes was born. The Road Rovers. Created by the brilliant mind of genetic scientist, Dr. William Sheppard, these new heroes defended the earth from the sinister terrorist leader, General Parvo, and his assistant, The Groomer.

The Road Rovers consisted of six canine members. Hunter, from America, with the power of super speed, supper loyalty, super cunning, and super friendliness. Coleen, from the United Kingdom, with knowledge of the martial arts. Exile, from Siberia, with super strength and excellent sight. Blitz, from Germany, whose powerful jaws can bite through any material. Shag, from Switzerland, cowardly, but loyal. And Muzzle, whose mental illness is strength instead of a weakness.

They were the greatest team ever, but not every team can last forever. In 1998, Parvo was defeated, and there was no need of their great deeds anymore. So they retired and disappeared... and were eventually forgotten.

In their absence, great tragedies struck the world. Terrorist bombings, tidal waves, and hurricanes. The people needed heroes... but where were they?