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Chapter 1

"Yes Mr. President. You know this will never go over well, plus there's sure to be some protests and they'll probably mess it up on purpose."


"Yes sir, I'll get right on it right away." General George Hammond replied and then hung up. "SGC team leaders report for an emergency briefing in 10 minutes. All is doomed."

10 minutes later

"But it's….."






"Rather face an army of enemy Jaffa."

"What?! Jack you have to be kidding, why in the hell would you be on board with this?" Ferretti asked, while the others offer their own words of protest.

"Nope," was all he offered up.

"At least enlighten us on why in the history of the universe that this is only one of the few crazy ideas you will go along with?" Reynolds wanted to know.

"Carter's cooking skills."

"Huh?" was heard all over the room, even the General was confused. 'I thought the Colonel was the one I would have to order' thought the General.

"Just think of all the people we could get rid of with them!" Jack replied.

"Like who?"

"Kinsey for one, and even con the Gou'ld into some, and all the revenge we could get with them."

"That last ones a little harsh but.. you know that just might work." Ferretti agrees as do others after some thought.

"So were agreed people?"

"Yes sirs." Chorus all around the room

"A Bake sale it is then, we'll all meet later in the week to finalize who gets what assignment." General Hammond ends the meeting smiling like he knows a secret only he knows. "Just don't let her cook everything Jack."

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