A/N: sorry I haven't updated in a while, I wanted to fix this chapter

A/N: sorry I haven't updated in a while, I wanted to fix this chapter. I just didn't like it, and with school I have no time but next update will probably be tomorrow.

1400 hours SGC Debriefing Room

"I've called you all here to discuss assignment, I assume you all told your team mates," Gen. Hammond says as he acknowledges the Sg team members in the room.

"Yes sir, though next time I'll send the bill," Col. O'Neill replies.

"What bill?" Hammond asks puzzled.

"Why the Medical one of course, didn't you know their violent."

"Jackk..." Hammond says now annoyed, "The assignments so far are easy, all we have so far are four assignment so far so you'll have to divide up."

"Do we get a choice in them General?" Ferretti asks.

"No, I've already chosen."

"But..." starts Renyolds.

"No that's finale." interrupts Hammond, "Look I know you guys aren't happy with this but it is an order from the higher ups. So don't complain to me, complain to them."

"Can I borrow your phone sir?" Jack asks.


"You know the one in your office, sits on your desk, and its red."

"That's enough out of you Colonel. Now onto the assignments, theirs security, the cooking to be done, organization and setting up but I think those go together."

"Those don't seem too bad sir," Dixon says for everyone else.

"On Security will be SG-13 and SG-11," looking around the table he see's surprise on everyone's face, like they were all hoping for the job.

"But shouldn't a team that specializes in fighting and guarding have that job?" asks Col. Makepeace.

"No," The general replies, "I have plans for everyone else. For instance, in charge of set up and organization is Sg-3 and SG-2."

"What!" echoed all around the table.

"Quiet, now no more interruptions," orders Hammond, now extremely annoyed, "Now everyone's just going to have to deal with their assignments. SG-1 you will be in charge of the cooking. I realize you all may not be happy with this but I'm ordering you all to make it work."

"Yes sir!" was the replies of everyone around the room.

"Good, Dismissed."