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Chapter 4

"Grab a cart will ya." Jack said as they walk to the doors of the market, "Alright, we need lots of eggs, milk, butter, flour, gun powder, sugar, and..."

"We can find everything but one." Daniel interrupted then after a moment he asks as he grabs the cart and maneuvers it into the store, "Why gun powder again?"

"Honestly Daniel do you ever listen?"


"Well then I'm not going to tell you."





"Fine, but at least tell me why Sam and Teal'c couldn't come?"'

"Because Carter was working on some kind of experiment and Teal'c was Kelnoreeming, we both know better than to interrupt them." Jack explains as talking to a child.

"And I didn't have an important translation to finish?" He complains.

"Answer me honestly would you be Crazy enough to interrupt one of them?"

"No I wouldn't but you would be." Daniel answers back.

"Ohforcryingoutloud! Can we just hurry this up so we can get back."

"Sure whatever you say."

Now with silence they continue on to the baking section. When faced with all their choices they stand there confused and speak at the same time, "So which is..." they start to laugh and once they collected themselves they face each other waiting for the other to speak.

Daniel being the one to speak first says, "So with all these choices, which should we choose?"

"Which item are you talking about? The flour, sugar, or the icing?" Jack shoots back.

"Umm, all three."

"I don't know these things don't exactly come with instructions."

Ever the diplomat, "Why don't we get some of each?" Daniel suggested.

"That's the best idea you've had all day." Jack replied.

"Oh shut up." Daniel replies as they start to gather the different types of flour and sugar.

Once done with them they tackle the Icing. With all the different flavors, they have to choose from, so they grabbed a few of every flavor. Now moving on they get out of that isle moving towards the dairy when they came across the bakery. Once it was in sight and Jack spotted the most beautiful, delicious thing he has ever seen.

A Cake. A nice giant chocolate cake layered with bluest icing ever seen. Once Daniel got sight of what he was seeing he realized he better do something quick, "Jack no you can't get it."


"No! You can taste test the Bake Goods later."


"Look, if you keep on walking, then when this is all over, I will buy you the biggest cake ever."

"Really?" He perked up.

"Yep." Daniel replied as they continued on to the dairy section.

First they stop at the eggs and pick up 10 dozens, and then they move onto the butter and pick up a 10 packs. Lastly it's onto the milk for about 15 jugs.

Now with everything on their list, they move towards the checkout lines, where they waited in line till it was their own turn.

"How exactly are we going to pay for all this?" Daniel asks.

"I got a credit card that the air force is going to pay the bill on, as long as it's the ingredient purchases," Jack replies.

Once it was almost their own turn and they were close enough to put their items on the counter, they noticed they were getting weird looks.

"You think this will be enough stuff?" Jack asks Daniel loud enough so people would get the hint to stop starring.

"Oh I don't know, maybe." Daniel answers back.

"Good evening sirs, find everything ok?" the clerk asked.

"Yes thank you," Daniel answers.

"So what's with all this?" the clerk asks, "I mean if you don't mind my asking.

"No no problem at all, we have a bake sale at base going on soon," Daniel replies.

"Oh how exciting, and you sir helping your son out, must be a blast."

Once that was said, Daniel let out a snort of laughter, while Jack gave him a death glare but that didn't stop him.

"He's not my son." Jack let out between his glaring at Daniel and paying for the purchase.

They collected the bags and with Daniel ahead and Jack just behind him, they headed out towards Jack's truck and if you listen closely, you could hear Daniel's laughter all the way there.

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