Mentality Torture

[The Suffering belongs to Midway and Surreal. I don't own this shit. I just love it. So please don't sue.


The streets were red with blood. The world was coming to a close. Cracks in the ground burst themselves open and ripped the street into crumbles. Everywhere Carriers swarmed the sidewalks, vomiting on all the Slayers. The daughters of the Slayers slaughtered cut themselves apart and drenched the Carriers in their blood. The Carriers' skin ripped apart, their fishnets burned off. Their legs thrashed about uncontrollably while the blood from their wounds melted away the umbilical cords. The babies screamed and then lay still.

Meanwhile, the NYPD that still stood were raping the women who came for shelter. Among them was Alex's wife, Rose. She was no longer breathing. Most of them weren't. The ground shook as Borrowers thrashed through the stores, knocking lighters and bottles off the shelves and whipping into each other with their chains.

Mainliners crawled through the street bleeding their acid and leaving a trail of open ground behind them. The tunnels underneath revealed millions of rats running from a couple of Gorgers which were trying to scoop them up and shove them down their throats handfuls at a time.

The street split at the corner of Broadway, where the rioting was non-stop. The screams of the shop owners and their wives were load enough to drive one mad as they burned to the ground under the Arsonists' supervision.

In the middle of Broadway was a pole. Tied to the pole and currently burning is a man named Alex. He was the most important man in New York, but now he's just another burning corpse. Who shall avenge him?

Is living possible?