My dear readers, it has been some time since I posted. This is the final chapter. It is short and simple, as I honestly think this story should end. Thank you for your reviews. I own nothing.

A Scar

Severus Snape is not by nature a ticklish man. In fact, he liked to think that his bearing was above such trifling idiocies.

And yet every morning, there would be a ticklish sensation around his nose that often invited a light sneeze, which would promptly wake him up. He'd snort once or twice, and then recalcitrantly burrow his formidable nose into the offending mane of hair.

A small purr would emit from his wife, and she'd snuggle further into his chest, lightly kissing his scarred skin. He would wonder briefly what he had done right in his life to deserve a woman who would react to his innate recalcitrance with a sound like that.

He would look over to his clothing chest, with sunlight just now beginning to stream through the windows, and see the pictures of his son and daughter, twins with bushy black hair, who had just finished their fifth year at Hogwarts, both at the head of the class.

He would reflect on his life for a moment, and think that maybe, just maybe, Dumbledore wasn't truly a meddling old fool, and that his twinkling had seen something in him that no one ever had before. Until Hermione.

Then he'd take a deep breath, inhaling his partner's light floral scent, kiss her through her tangle of hair, and fall back into peaceful sleep.

His last conscious thought would be of a slight tickle under his nose.

All was well.