6 Hearts; Link & Midna

6 Hearts; Link & Midna

Authors Note.

This is one of six pieces I will be writing collectively titled 6 Hearts; name of pairing (Yuffentine, Link & Midna, Will & Lyra, Taang, Naruto & Hinata). Each of these will consist of 6 drabbles (exactly 100 words each) and will either be in 6 chapters, one drabble per. Chapter or six drabbles in one chapter. This one will be the former.

The main reason for the title is because these are what I call loveheart drabbles, how it works is that I use as prompts the short, soppy messages on Lovehearts (the sweets, small, round, sugary, tubular packet). The six hearts series is built around 30 prompts 5 pairings, 6 prompts per pairing and once you factor in doubles that's a whole lot of sweets.

Trust Me

Midna sometimes wondered if he could talk at all; she hadn't heard him speak. Grunt in pain, yes. Roar as he charged into battle, yes. Chuckle at one of her ridiculously obscene jokes, that too... but never talk.

A noise drew her attention from her thoughts to the reality of the gateway before her.


Another noise shifted her focus to Link. She turned to meet blue eyes that were too close, nearly flinching at the hand he placed on her shoulder.

He smiled gently, calmly, and spoke, voice hoarse from underuse and ringing with the unsaid.

"Trust me."