6 Hearts; Link & Midna

6 Hearts; Link & Midna

Authors Note.

Next chapter, couldn't decide which of these ideas to use so wrote both of them.

My Hero

Link had many titles. As a wolf there were "Sacred Beast" and, to the less enlightened, "Monster!" the latter grating on the traditions long since drilled into the young Princess of Twilight.

However it was his titles in human form that really annoyed her. "Hero of Time"…what the hell did that mean. "Green clad Swordsman", he has other clothes. But the worst one was definitely "Champion of Hyrule"…

"He wasn't just saving you!"

"And did you help him, I did all the helping."

Anyway, in reality (or at least Midna's dreams) he had been fighting for her.

"My Hero…not yours."

My Hero

Midna stood in the shadows and glared, a scowl marring her restored face. Despite the new mirror twili were still uncommon-especially runaway princesses, being looked for by their annoying councils- which left her in the shadows and Link in plain view of girls around the market.


Three had even mustered the courage to pass the aura of hatred and start flirting. Giggling and pawing at the helpless Link.

"You know that you're our Hero."

A huge shape surged from the shadows and sent the girls sprawling. It dispersed to reveal Midna standing beside Link.

"My Hero, get your own."