Don't worry, not all my author's notes will be this huge. I've been in a very drabble-y mood lately and itching to write some. As you can probably see from the chapter list, this has gone a bit beyond just five drabbles. Please feel free to make requests or suggest prompts if you think of something that could be considered a sense (or pseudo-sense, whichever) and you'd like me to take a shot at it. Emotions would work too.

Anyway, you can all blame my suddenly renewed love of drabbles on Maggie's Revenge and her awesome collection "Bits and Pieces." I think reading those every day is what brought this on. Go read it!

Sense: Touch

Notes: You can decide for yourselves where they're going there at the end...

He loves to touch her. Lightly at first, the tips of his fingers brushing the pale skin of her shoulder. It's as light as ash, and by the time she is aware of his presence his fingers are more insistent. He lets them play along her arms, easing downward until they creep across her waist. She hums, a small sound that betrays the pleasure she feels at his touch.

Her hands move to cover his, darkened with grease and machine oil, and she leans back into him. His face buries itself in her hair, the silken strands caressing and tickling his skin.

"Edward, you want me to take a break, don't you?"

"Mm-hm." he grunts an affirmative, angling his head to brush his lips against the side of her neck. There's a heat there that rivals the fire in himself, a flare that swells each and every time he's close to her. He never bothers to control it. Winry squeaks as he suddenly lifts her off her feet. He bites playfully at her ears, and she swats giddily at him as he carries her away.