I'm running low on things to upload. There are a couple of chapters, but nothing finished yet. Also, I'm working on a new fic. If any of you are Slayers fans keep an eye out for it!

Look Over Here

"Okay. Tilt your head a little...other way. Good. Hold it..." Mei blinked as the shutter snapped and Alphonse popped out from behind his camera. He beamed at her.

"Do you think it will turn out well?" she asked.

"Yeah, it's going to be wonderful! I've got a few more shots left. Why don't we try one from the back?" She smiled and turned away from him, raising her parasol to her shoulder. Alphonse had recently decided to thry his skill with photography and she often found herself acting as his model. Today she was posing in a Xingese-style dress and parasol. He had positioned her under a tree not far from the house. He liked it because fall had come, and leaves of scarlet and gold drifted around her in the cool air.

She heard Alphonse hum to himself behind her. "Move the umbrella farther out...that way we see more of you and less of it. Okay, that's good. Stay there." She froze patiently, listening to the rustle and crunch of leaves as he did his work. He came close and fell silent. Mei knew he was probably adjusting the focus. He attended to every detail with enthusiasm. She expected the she wouldn't be able to move for several minutes.

What she didn't expect was the sudden press of lips on the back of her neck. Alphonse didn't expect her to squeal so loudly.

AlMei! I've not written much of it, despite how adorable it is.