Silent Love

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Chapter 1: No Good Plans


Robin entered the main room and saw Cyborg preparing waffles… again.

"Uh, did BB object to anything?"

"Nah. We made a deal to stop our tofu vs meat war…" the half-robot replied. "He cooks his food and I'll cook mine."

Robin smirked. "Glad there won't be a racket every morning." He got a glass of water from the fridge when Cyborg asked him, "Aren't you gonna tell her?"

"Tell who?"


"Okay… Tell her what?"

"Tell her that you like her."

Robin blushed at that. "You realised?"

"Yeah, dude. I mean, you both have a bond and understand each other so well… It's so obvious that…"

"We're already an item."

Cyborg stared at him. "An item? Man, when did this thing start?" "Long before you knew it." Robin simply stated and took a sip of water.

"Oh. Right. So does Star know about this?" "Not yet. Maybe." The leader replied.


It was the Friday late night movie time. Cyborg had just picked an adventure movie called "Run of the Amazons".

The titans sat down to watch. The seating was: Starfire, Cyborg, Beast Boy, Robin and Raven. Starfire was glancing over to Robin's side every few minutes or so, although no one seemed to notice…

The next time Starfire sneaked a glance at the two birds (to make sure her Robin doesn't end up in the arms of a half-demoness… duhh…), she saw Robin glancing around and then fiddling playfully with Raven's hair. Raven kept asking Robin to quit that, but he just wouldn't stop.

Cyborg and Beast Boy were just too engrossed in watching the movie to bother about their team members around them.

Starfire was furious, but she kept silent about it. She couldn't help but to look again. Robin and Raven were cuddling, and Starfire wasn't pleased with that.

Her eyes glowed a dangerous green, glaring at Raven, who was once her best friend, now her love rival, Starfire thought. Anger boiled inside her as she planned to make Robin hers… forever. The alien princess shut her eyes as so not to let anyone notice…


The main room was quiet. Cyborg and Beast Boy had stopped the tofu versus meat war when Cyborg agreed to cook up tofu bacon. Cyborg was whipping up some eggs and sausages for breakfast. Beast Boy was helping Cyborg out while Robin was reading the newspaper.

Raven walked inside the room.

"Morning." She said to the other titans. "Yo." Cyborg said to the dark girl.

"Finally… A morning without having to finish a box of strepsils." Beast Boy commented. "What a miracle."

Raven laughed slightly and turned to Robin. "What's on the headline?"

"Nothing much," Robin replied. "Just the typical minor robberies, which the police can handle it easily." Robin put away the newspaper and glanced at Raven.

"Take a seat."

Raven nodded and was coming over when a strong force pushed her. She fell to the floor. Raven looked up to realise that the force came from Starfire.

"Hello, Robin! Good morning, Friend Cyborg and Beast Boy! What a glorious day!" Starfire greeted, purposefully pretending not to notice Raven's presence. Robin had noticed Raven was sprawled on the floor.

"Raven, are you okay?" Robin immediately asked when Starfire was about to pull Robin away. The leader of the team helped her up.

"What happened?"

"Uh… Starfire, I think she…"

"Oh. Hello, Raven." Starfire said to Raven in a not-so-cheery tone. Raven corked an eyebrow.

"Uh… Morning…"

Starfire put on a fake smile and turned away.

Starfire's POV:

Robin has foiled my plans! He should not be helping Raven up. I must do something… Something that will break Robin and Raven apart.

Ah ha! I have thought of a plan, which I will carry out… today.

Normal POV:

Raven motioned Robin to a corner in the Titans Tower. Robin glanced at Starfire who was sitting in front of the TV and staring blankly at it before coming towards his girlfriend.

"What is it?"

"Robin, I think Starfire is beginning to find out something about our relationship."

"How do you know?" Robin asked her.

"She kept glancing over towards you and saw us playing…"

"Did that mean anything, Rae?"

"Her eyes glowed green." Raven replied. "Which didn't mean anything positive."

Robin scratched his head.

"So, what do we do now? Pretend nothing has happened or confess to her?"

"We'll pretend. Confessing will probably hurt her feelings." Raven answered.

"Raven, don't fret about it." He placed a hand on her shoulder gently. "Come on, I'll bring you out."

The frown on Raven's face disappeared as Robin grabbed her hand(lightly) and led her out of the tower. They passed by Cyborg who was searching the fridge.

"Going out with your girlfriend?" Cyborg teased Robin as he saw the boy wonder holding Raven's hand. Robin and Raven blushed slightly but noticed Starfire was near. "Shh!" Robin immediately said.

Cyborg smirked and watched as the two birds went out of the tower.

Starfire spotted Robin and Raven going out of the tower hand in hand, and that confirmed her suspicions. "When they come back, it will be a good time to lift out the plan." She thought to herself.

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