Title: Scattered Roses

By: Kickijouji

Fandom: Naruto with some Bleach

Warnings: Yaoi in later chapters

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CH 2: Exam! Huh?

"Arg! Where is Kakashi-sensei?!" I roll my eyes at Sakura's outburst as I continue to look over the bridge out towards the river. Unfortunately for me Sakura caught me eye action.

"And what exactly do you think you are doing?!"

Great now she's mad at me instead. I raise my hand to scratch the back of my head as a nervous action and looked at her sheepishly.

"Nothing Sakura-chan," man I can't stand calling her that. I don't have anything against her looks like most people but I can't stand her attitude! "Ano, I was just thinking that we should really be use to him being late everyday."

Before she could screech at me even more Kakashi-sensei appears in a cloud of smoke in front of us. "Sorry about being late guys but I saw a fish drowning and had to help it."

I look at him like he was stupid. "Kakashi-sensei you really should stick with being lost on the road of life. At least that one was more believable."

"Yes well, let just continue on to our mission for today. The river needs a good cleaning from garbage and you guys are the lucky ones to be able to do it. So shall we get going?"

I sigh the first of many that are sure to come with this mission. I can hear Sakura behind me asking Sasuke yet again for another date as we move to go complete our task. I sigh again, yes definitely many.

I walk home later that evening soaking wet due to Sakura scaring me half to death with her screeching. Apparently something brushed against her leg while we were in the water and so she decided that it was a good time to scream. She is supposed to be a ninja and yet a fish brushing against her scares her. I really do fear for Konoha's safety if it were to ever be put in her hands.

Anyway due to her scaring me I fell into the water soaking myself wet which also cause Sasuke to smirk at me like the bastard he is. I really should question the old man Hokage why he put me on this team.

I continued to walk in the direction of my home when I noticed someone following me. When I turned around my left eye started to twitch at the sight that was before me.

"Konohamaru, for the last time stones are not perfectly square like that." I bring my hand up to pinch the bridge of my nose as the box explodes and three figures emerge. I think I feel a headache coming on.

"I knew nothing…cough, cough… would get pass you boss!" one of the figures says while still coughing from the smoke. I sigh for what felt like the millionth time today.

"What are you doing following me around Konohamaru?"

"You said that you would play ninja with us today once you were finished with your mission." Damn, I did say that didn't I. Well I'm not one to break promises. "Ok, I'll play with you but only for a little bit."

As Konohamaru and his other two friends jump around in their excitement I can't help but smile at their antics. "I'll give you guys to the count of five before I go looking for you. This will be a test of your stealth, ok?"

They nod their heads before running off around the corner. Shaking my head while smiling after them I start to count. 1…2…3… "Hey watch where you are going brat!" Well so much for that.

I turn the same corner as the others did only to see Konohamaru being held up by some cat looking kind of guy. Another blond haired girl was behind him looking bored and that she could care less about what was going on. From what I can tell by their headbands they were from Suna.

"Hey! You might want to put him down now." I told him that but of course I didn't think he would listen to what I said.

"Oh, and what pray tell do you think you can do about it?" He smirks at me confidently. I hate being right sometimes. It just makes things difficult for me.

"This" he turns around only to see a clone of me holding a kunai to his throat. "Besides I don't think your teammate in that tree over there is too happy if that killer intent is anything to go by." With that being said Konohamaru was dropped to the ground where he then ran away with his friends.

The red head drops in front of us in a swirl of sand a second later and I dispel my clone. He turns to talk to me, "what is your name?" His voice is creepy in the dead tone sort of way. "The names Naruto, how about you? And why is there three Suna ninja in the village of Konoha?"

"I'm Gaara of the sand and we're here to participate in the up coming chunin exams" The three turn to walk away but not without a few last words before leaving. "I hope to see you again in the exam so that I may battle against you." And with that they were gone.

I turned back towards the tree, "ok Sasuke you can come out now." He jumped down in front of me. "Dope, how did you make that clone without hand signs and how did you know I was there?" Opps, I know I said I would let my 'mask' slip but not this much.

Time for a little tactics, "oh, well you see I made a clone before turning the corner when I heard Konohamaru scream for help and just had it hide till I needed it. As for finding you, I saw you in the corner of my eye while I was talking to Gaara." He still looks suspicious but not as much as before.

"Anyway, I think we should find Kakashi-sensei and ask about this chunin exam." That made the look that he was giving me go away completely. He left, no doubt gone to look for our sensei and I started my way home yet again to put on some dry cloths like I originally intended to do.

To Be Continued….

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