Title: Scattered Roses

Title: Scattered Roses

By: Kichijouji

Fandom: Naruto with random Bleach!

Warning: Will have Yaoi content in later chapters

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CH 6: Hell….er Training Begins!

Waking up feeling warm and safe in the morning wasn't something Naruto was use to. That had to be the first indication that something wasn't as it should be. The second was that he could hear as well as feel someone else breathing on his neck from behind. Instead of panicking like any normal person would do, he just thought about what he did yesterday.

Finally remembering about Shikamaru coming over and falling asleep on his bed, Naruto tried to get up, key word tried. Sometime during the night Shikamaru must have rolled over only to have his arms wrapped around Naruto's mid section with his front to Naruto's back.

Naruto chuckled quietly to himself, 'who knew Shika liked to cuddle, though this would be a tad embarrassing if he were to wake up at the moment.' So with that in mind Naruto tried to remove the arms around his waist without waking Shikamaru.

Just as he almost had the arms off all the way they tightened and a voice spoke behind him. "What's the matter, don't you like being held in my arms?' Shikamaru chuckled as Naruto turned bright red. "Shika you jerk! If you were awake why didn't you tell me?" Naruto asked annoyed. "Didn't feel a need to besides it was amusing watching you try to remove my arms and not wake me. Why are you in a hurry to leave bed anyway?"

Naruto sighed and sat up in bed. "I have to meet Ero-Sannin at eight and it is now seven so I have to get ready. Besides don't you have training today as well?" Shikamaru raised an eyebrow. "Ero-Sannin? Who's that?" Naruto smacked his own forehead for his forgetfulness. "I forgot to tell you yesterday but I got myself a sensei. He's a real big pervert hence the name but he seems like he could teach me a few good techniques." Naruto said as he climbed out of bed and collected his cloths for the day.

Walking into the bathroom, Naruto left the door open a crack in order to talk clearly to Shikamaru as he changed. "He taught me the water-walking exercise yesterday and is suppose to teach me something new today." He said while getting ready.

Walking back out Naruto looked towards Shikamaru, who was still lying on his bed. "Does blueberry pancakes sound good for breakfast?" Naruto asked. Shikamaru nodded before placing his arms behind his head. Naruto walked into the kitchen area and started preparing breakfast.

"Are you going to sleep on my bed all day?" Naruto asked as he pulled out the frying pan. Shikamaru shrugged. "I would if I could but like you I have to meet my sensei at eight." Getting up from the bed, Shikamaru walked to go use the washroom. By the time he came out Naruto had already made some pancakes and had placed them on a plate in front of one of the bar stools.

Sitting down in front of the plate Shikamaru noticed a glass of orange juice sitting there as well. "You work fast." Shikamaru commented. Naruto just shrugged with a smile while making his own plate up. Sitting down beside Shikamaru, Naruto started to eat. Once they were both finished, Naruto took the dishes and put them into the sink for later.

Walking towards his nightstand, Naruto took out his hairbrush while pulling out the ponytail he had his hair up in before starting to brush his long silky hair. He did this untill a hand on top of his brush stopped him. Naruto turned to Shikamaru questionably but Shikamaru just directed him to sit on the bed with his back facing Shikamaru. Taking the brush from Naruto, he started to brush Naruto's hair gently for five minutes before putting it into a high ponytail.

Giving Naruto his brush back Shikamaru spoke. "You should really wear your hair down more often because it looks better that way but since you're going to be training I didn't think you would want it to get in the way."

Shikamaru looked towards the clock before standing up. "Well I had a great time with you but I have to go home to change from yesterdays clothing before I can meet up with Asuma and go back to Hell….I mean training. I'll see you later." Laughing, Naruto waved Shikamaru goodbye before leaving himself shortly after.

(Naruto's POV)

I walked into the clearing that I was supposed to meet Ero-Sannin in only to find that he was already waiting for me. "Took you long enough Gaki. I was starting to think you would never show." I shrugged. "You told me to meet you at eight and it is exactly eight o'clock now." I said with a smirk and he grumbles but doesn't say anymore on the subject.

Getting up off the log he was sitting on Ero-Sannin started to speak of the plans for the day of training. "Listen up Gaki. I have two jutsu's that I'm going to teach you this month; one of which will take longer to learn then the other so you might not be able to learn it in time for your match but it will help you with your chakra control."

I nod my head in understanding and before he can continue with more explanations, I ask him a question. "You're a seal master, correct?" He nods his head in affirmative. "Good, then I've got a favour to ask of you. If you haven't figured it out by now, I'm going to be battling a Hyuuga for my first match which also means he can close off my chakra points. If he was ever able to seal off my chakra any time during the match then I want a back up source that does not include the Kyuubi. So I was wondering if you are able to place a seal on me that would contain a portion of my chakra that I could release at any given time. I want the seal to be able to take about 1/10th of my chakra everyday and store it away, that way by the time I need it the chakra would be a huge amount."

Ero-Sannin looks at me with surprise for about five minutes before speaking. "You really have everything planned out don't you kid? Well anyway, I can do as you requested but it's going to take about a hour out of your training today." I shrug my shoulders for I really don't care. The sooner I get this done the better for it would give the chakra in the seal time to grow.

(Normal POV)

Jiraiya took out a bowl and paint brush out from the folds of his shirt while instructing Naruto to take off his. "I need some of your blood put in this bowl. About half way up should be good." Taking a kunai out of his holster, Naruto cuts the palm of his hand over the bowl letting his blood poor into it. Once it was half way full he walked to the river and washed off his hand of the blood. The wound already started to heal.

Jiraiya instructed Naruto to lay flat on his back on the ground before he began to make sealing markings on Naruto's arm and the ground around him. This process alone took about forty-five minutes to do because the symbols had to be done perfectly. If even one was drawn wrong then it could either not work at all or change into a totally different kind of seal witch could also kill Naruto.

It took another fifteen minutes to make the hand signs in order to complete the sealing. When it was completed an intricate design of swirls and lines glowed around Naruto's left wrist before going black.

"That should do it Gaki. Now remember, you can only release the seal once and then it will be gone for it isn't a permanent seal. All you need to do in order activate it is smear blood on it and concentrate on the chakra in the seal. You don't need to use chakra to activate this seal because that would defeat the purpose of it. If the Hyuuga were to seal off your chakra then it would be useless." Jiraiya explained and Naruto nodded in understanding.

Getting off the ground, Naruto stood in front of Jiraiya. "So what was the first jutsu you wanted to teach me?" He asked curiously as he pulled his shirt back on. "Well since you have long hair, I thought it would be a good idea if I taught you the Underworld Spines which causes your hair to turn into sharp spikes that can cover your whole body and pierce through almost anything. If you were to use this jutsu then the Hyuuga wouldn't be able to hit your chakra points." Jiraiya explained.

Naruto smiled to himself while thinking 'looks like I don't have to go to the library anymore.' Jiraiya showed the hand signs to Naruto then preformed the jutsu himself to show him how it was done. After that he sat on a log and watched Naruto have a go at it.

On Naruto's first try he didn't produce enough chakra resulting in the spikes hardly covering him. He added a little more chakra every time he used the jutsu untill finally at sundown he had it down so that he could cover his whole body except his face.

"OK Gaki, that was good enough for the first day. Meet me same time and same place tomorrow. We will probably spend the rest of the week working on this jutsu untill you have mastered it. If you get good enough then the only hand seal you would need to use is the ram seal." Jiraiya said while walking out of the clearing. Naruto just sat on the ground panting before making his way home for the night.

The next few days went as following. On the second day Naruto had to practice holding the jutsu as long as possible which happen to be only four hours before he would pass out from exhaustion. Third day he practiced moving the spikes the way he wanted them so they didn't just stick out in one spot. What use would they be if the opponent could just attack in between them? The fourth day was spent trying to get the spikes thicker and get them to stick further out. The last three days were used to learn how to do the jutsu with only a ram hand sign. This would be useful if an Uchiha was an opponent because then they couldn't copy the jutsu.

(Naruto's POV)

I couldn't help but feel happy that I mastered the jutsu while I made my way home from training. It was hard to do but I did it. No thanks to Ero-Sannin. He just sat there on the log drinking sake. I shouldn't really by complaining though and just be happy he's willing to teach me.

Looking up from the alleyway I was walking through, I caught a glimpse of a shinobi jumping overhead. Now this wasn't really unusual since I do live in a shinobi village but something just didn't seem right. Deciding that I have nothing better to do I follow the shinobi to a deserted building. Glancing around the corner I see our proctor, Hayate I think his name was, talking to a sound shinobi before they both attacked each other.

I don't know really what was going on but what I do know is if I don't do something quick then Hayate was going to be killed. So with that in mind I unravel my zanpakuto from it's bindings on my back and mutter the word shatter. My blade broke into rose petals before I directed them to attack the sound shinobi. He didn't even know what hit him before he fell to the ground dead.

(Normal POV)

Hayate coughed into his hand before turning to look at Naruto, who at the moment was calling his zanpakuto back towards himself. "Thanks for the help Uzumaki; I might not have been able to survive if you didn't. If you don't mind could you accompany me to the Hokage's office?" Hayate asked and Naruto nodded his head. Hayate turned back towards the body and used a fire jutsu to burn it then he moved to start the trek to the Hokage's office.

(Hokage's Office)

"Hokage-sama, there is an urgent matter we need to discuss." Hayate said getting straight to the point as he and Naruto entered the office. Putting down his pen, the Hokage put his full attention to the two standing in front of him. "Good evening Hayate, Naruto. What brings you young men here so late?"

Hayate bowed before speaking. "I don't really know how to put this so I'm just going to speak bluntly…Sound and Sand are planning to attack Konoha the day of the exams." Both the Hokage and Naruto gapped at him. "And how exactly do you know this?" The Hokage asked in disbelief.

"When I was taking my night-time stroll I came upon two shinobi having a conversation. One being a Sound shinobi and the other being a Sand. I didn't recognize them but didn't really think of anything being suspicious, that was untill I heard the word evasion. I decided to listen in and that's when I heard about their plans to evade the leaf village. After hearing enough, I decide to make my way here to tell you but I guess one of them caught my movement and followed me intending to 'shut me up'. If it wasn't for the young Uzumaki here then I would have been dead." Hayate finished.

The Hokage sat in his chair mulling things over for a bit before speaking. "Thank you for this important information. I shall call a chunnin/ junnin meeting tomorrow morning. For now the two of you should head home and get some rest." He dismissed the two before going back to thinking up a plan.

Walking out of the office, Hayate turned to speak to Naruto. "I am indebted to you for saving my life. If there is anything you need please tell me." Naruto mulled this over for a bit before coming up with an idea. "You are a swords master correct?" Hayate nodded before Naruto continued. "I use I sword in most of my fighting moves but it was all self taught so there isn't much technique to the way I move. I was wondering if you are willing to help me with that."

Hayate thought this over before coming to a conclusion of it being fair. "Alright I will teach you. Meet me at training field nine every morning from 5-7. That should be enough time for me to teach you some things before you meet your sensei for your regular training." And with that said they both went their separate ways to go home.

Naruto left with a big grin on his face. 'Looks like it was a good thing I followed my gut instincts again and saved Hayate. Now I have two sensei's to get me ready for the exams.' He thought to himself.

To Be Continued…

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