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Love Note

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Chapter 1

It all started one seemingly typical day. It was nothing out of the ordinary... maybe a little hot, but not truly noteworthy. So it was that Kasumi Tendo, eldest daughter of Soun Tendo, was out in the yard hanging the morning laundry. This too was nothing unusual. It was a daily routine for Kasumi, and one she went about without any particular notice.

The rest of the household was out on one matter or another. Ranma, Nabiki and Akane were off at school as per usual and wouldn't be back for some hours to come. Her father and Genma were out having a lunch together, a bit unusual given the family's tight budget, but not that uncommon. And finally, the infamous panty thief and all around pervert Happosai was... well, Kasumi really had no idea where he was, nor did she have any particular inclination to find out.

So, it was that Kasumi found herself alone this afternoon, and she herself was already planning a short outing of her own to buy some much needed household supplies. Her mind divided between mentally making up a list and the hanging of the laundry, she took no notice of the notebook falling to the grass just behind her. In fact, she did not notice it for a full 10 minutes, only finally discovering it as she bumped against it with her foot.

"Hmm, what is this doing here?" Kasumi wondered aloud as she looked at the odd pink booklet with a large heart inscribed on the cover. Stopping her laundry work, Kasumi picked the book up to examine it. It was not particularly large, and seemed rather thin, like a simple notebook for appointments. However, the cover was unusual. "Love Note?" Kasumi repeated the title in puzzlement. "I wonder who the owner of this could be?"

The exterior of the book gave no particular clue to it's owner so, curious, Kasumi opened it to it's first page. Inscribed on that page were several numbered lines of text, written in English with a precise but elegant handwriting. Kasumi looked over the first line, reading it aloud. "The human whose name is written in this note shall fall in love." Kasumi smiled in amusement at this, but continued reading. "This note will not take effect unless the writer has the subject's face in their mind when writing his/her name. Therefore, people sharing the same name will not be affected. If the person to be the object of the subject's affection is written within 42 seconds of writing the subject's name, the subject will fall in love with that person. If the person to be the object of the subject's affection is not specified, the subject will simply fall in love with the first compatible person they encounter. After writing the object of the affection, the details of the subject falling in love should be written in the next 6 minutes and 54 seconds. "

Finally finished, Kasumi shook her head in amusement. "That's just silly," she thought aloud. "I guess this must belong to Akane or Nabiki," she concluded as she closed the book, dropping into onto the top of a basket of laundry ready to be taken in. There it was promptly forgotten as Kasumi finished with the laundry. It was another half hour when Kasumi was back inside, putting away yesterday's laundry that she once more took notice of the book, and considered what to do with it. 'I can't very well just leave it out. It could be something important. And, I don't know who it really belongs too... I suppose I'll just take it with me.' So decided, Kasumi grabbed up the note book, got properly dressed and headed out to do some shopping, the note book safely stowed in her purse.

"Oh, good afternoon Kasumi!" greeted one Jin Itsuki, a local fruit vendor that Kasumi tended to favor when at the market.

"Hello Mr. Itsuki," Kasumi returned the greeting with a friendly bow.

"Out shopping?" he asked pleasantly to which Kasumi smiled and nodded.

"Yes. Anything on special today?"

"Unfortunately no. Had a good shot at a shipment of Kiwi's but they turned out to be of rather poor quality."

"That's too bad," Kasumi replied. "I'll suppose I'll just get my usual order then."

"Good stuff," he said with a smile and set about gathering the usual assortment of goods for Kasumi in a bag. As he did, his eyes stopped on a passer by and he paused with a wistful smile. Curious, Kasumi followed his gaze to see a rather pretty woman looking over the goods at another booth, unaware of the attention she was receiving. Her attention quickly returned to Jin as he cleared his throat nosily, and flushed in embarrassment. "It's... well... that is..." he tried to explain but just gave up with a nervous chuckle.

"Why don't you go talk to her?" Kasumi suggested.

"Talk... nah... I get all flustered and nervous. A lady like that would never be interested in a small time merchant like me anyway," he replied with a slightly downcast look, but quickly brightened up. "Ah, here I am going on... Don't you go worrying about me, Kasumi."

Kasumi nodded in understanding, collected her goods and prepared to pay Jin before setting off to complete the rest of her shopping. However, as she reached into her purse she was once more was reminded of the note. Thoughtfully, Kasumi's turned to look behind her, and saw the woman was still nearby. 'That's silly...' she thought, but then turned back to Jin. "I don't suppose you know her name?"

"Huh? Oh, it's Chika Hoshi, why?"

"Oh, no reason," Kasumi replied with an innocent smile and finished paying Jin. "Have a good day," she said as she departed, looking for a discrete spot. A few moments later she had a pen in hand and a nice look out. "It won't work," she said as she wrote down Chika Hoshi followed by Jin Itsuki, and then stood back to watch. Seconds passed slowly and Kasumi was just about to conclude it was indeed just a silly book when the woman suddenly stopped, her eyes wide as if a realization had hit her. She then turned and looked at Jin for a long moment, unnoticed by him, before rushing over. "It worked..." Kasumi said in surprise. Kasumi quickly looked around her to ensure no one was watching her. Finding no one suspicious, Kasumi fell into thought. 'I suppose it could just be a coincidence...' she thought. 'And even if it wasn't, it is highly inappropriate to use such a thing. Yes, I should just take it home and hide it somewhere, that's it. I'm sure I won't be tempted to use it again. I'm certain.'

Five days later Kasumi was once more out in the yard, once more hanging laundry, and once more having a relatively normal day. That is, until she a rather unexpected voice behind her.

"Oh where is it?! I'm going to be in so much trouble," a woman's voice said, clearly distressed. "I have to find it before-"

"Ah, hello?" Kasumi greeted as she turned to see a very unexpected sight. Floating almost a foot off the ground was a woman in a white dress with a pair of angel like wings on her back. Despite Kasumi's obvious presence, the angel like women looked to have nearly jumped out of her skin at being talked to.

"You can see me?!" she asked in obvious worry.

"Why yes," Kasumi responded with a smile. "You're probably here for the Love Note, aren't you?"

"You found it?" the Angel asked with a cringe and gained a nod from Kasumi. The angel quickly restored her composure and fell into a frown of thought, but after only a few seconds she pointed accusingly at Kasumi, trying to make herself as big and menacing as possible. "You should know that that book is very evil. If you write anything in it there could be dire consequences... and stuff. You know, go to hell kind of stuff... yeah."

"Oh my," Kasumi said with a very worried look.

At seeing this, all of the angel's bluster faded into disappointment. "You wrote in it, didn't you?" Kasumi mutely nodded. "Ooooh, why can't you humans just keep your paws off. Darn it!" The angel exclaimed as she hung her head.

"So... I'm going to hell now?"

"No..." the angel replied, dismissing the threat with a wave of her hand. "I just made that up. I was hoping you'd give it up before you used it. There are... consequences, but nothing like that."

"Oh, I see," Kasumi said with a sigh of relief.

The angel, however, was not so relieved, and looked up at the heavens. "And now that you've used it, it's officially yours. This will be a real pain."

"Oh, I'm ever so sorry if I've caused you any trouble," Kasumi said quickly with an apologetic bow.

"Oh... what is done is done I guess," the angel replied with another sigh and looked back at Kasumi. "By the way, my name is Trista. I'm a love goddess, and that note was mine."


"Yes. We love goddesses use notes like that one to... well, work our power."

Kasumi nodded in understanding. "So then, if I might ask, why did you leave your note here?"

Trista considered her response for a long moment, then flew in close to Kasumi, meeting her eyes with a level gaze. "Can you keep a secret?"

"Of course."

Once more Trista considered, but finally came to a conclusion and answered, "I kinda dropped it."

"Oh..." Kasumi replied, looking somewhat disappointed

"Why do you ask?"

"I suppose... I thought that perhaps that you... may have chosen me."

"Chosen? Oh, how I wish. At least then I could claim it was on purpose. As soon as this gets out to the other goddesses, I'm going to be a laughing stock," Trista said with a downcast look.

"Then, why did you write the instructions in it?"

Trista considered for a second, but finally spoke. "I'm kinda... forgetful. That's why I didn't come sooner. I only realized I dropped it about a couple hours ago. Took me most of that time to find my backup," Trista replied, patting a much more worn and clearly overused notebook attached at her hip. After looking disdainfully at her replacement, she turned to the sky with sad expression. "And I liked that one sooo much. I got the color scheme all right and everything. This one is so ugly," she moaned as she fidgeted, pressing her index fingers together.


"Yeah, well, that's neither here nor there. Spilled milk and all that," Trista said with another dismissive wave of her hand, and seemed to regain some of her spirit. "Well, might as well find out what the damage is. Alright, let's see what you've done with the thing. Where you keeping it?"

"Just up in my room."

"In the open?!" Trista exclaimed. "Do you have any idea how dangerous that thing can be in the wrong hands?"

"I've hidden it," Kasumi quickly replied.

"Ah... whatever. Let's see it."

Obediently, Kasumi lead Trista to her room and produced the love note for her. The love goddess starting leafing through it, her eyes growing increasingly wider with each page. "How many names have you written in here?!" the goddess asked in near horror.

"I really haven't counted."

"Oh my god!" Trista exclaimed, dropping the note onto Kasumi bed and hanging her head.

"Did I do something bad?"

Her hands held over her face in frustration, Trista only gave Kasumi a quick peek before shaking her head. "What did I ever do to deserve this..." she mumbled in despair.

End Chapter One

Okay, after some good response, I've decided to try writing a few chapters. Unlike my usual efforts, I think I'll try and keep these chapters brief. I tend to go overboard so we'll see how that goes. However, everyone should realize I only have bits of pieces of ideas in my head for this one, so all input is welcome. Suggestions are not guaranteed to be used, but they may well inspire me.