Can You Feel the Love Tonight

From Lion King

Sung by: Sasuke (SU), Gaara (G), Shikamaru (S), Kakashi (K), Kiba (KI), Neji (N), and Naruto (NU), everyone else (EE), all (A)

Kaji is Sasuke's adopted daughter and Minato is Naruto's son. Both are 12 years old. Shikamaru and Neji have 1 son each. Kiba and Gaara have 1 daughter each. They are all BFFs. Kaji has quite a temper, and Minato is just like Naruto. Read my story Hyouton Kaji Uchiha to find out a bit more background.

Sasuke popped in a DVD he made of Kaji and Minato together. The TV flickered to life. "Observe."

SU: I can see what's happening

EE: What?

SU: and they don't have a clue

EE: Who?

SU: They'll fall in love and here's the bottom line: Our sixtet's down to four.

EE: Oh.

N: The sweet caress of

KI: Her fingers in his hair

G: And with all this romantic atmosphere


K: Can you feel the love tonight?

SU: The dread the evening brings

NU: The world, once more, in horrible agony

N: With all its living things

SU: So many things to tell her

S: But how to make her see

NU: That an Uchiha could never get together with and Uzumaki

K: He's holding back, he's hiding

N: For fear of her temper

KI: Why won't he just kiss her and get over it?

G: Because he'll be killed by her

KI: True

SU: Can you feel the love tonight?
S: You needn't look too far

N: Stealing through the night's uncertainties

A: Love is where they are

SU: And if

NU: They fall

K: In love

G: Tonight

KI: It can be assumed

S: Our carefree days of peace our history

A: In short, we all are DOOMED!

-sob sniffle sob-