I Just Can't Wait to be King

Sung by Naruto and Kakashi

N: Oh I wanna be the Hokage

So Sound-nin best beware

K: Well I've never seen a Hokage

with quite so spiky hair.

N: I'm gonna be the main event

like no nin was before

my chakra's up, my ramen's down

I got Sasu-teme floored!

K: thus far a rather uninspiring thing

N: oh I just cant wait to be hokage!

K: you've got a long way to go, Naruto, if you think-

N: no one saying "Do this"

K: now when I said that-

N: no one saying "Be there"

K: what I meant was-

N: no one saying "Stop that"

K: Naruto-

N: no one saying "See here"

K: now SEE HERE!

N: free to run around all day

free to run Konoha my way

K: I think it's time that you and I arranged a heart-to-heart

N: Hokages don't need advice from perverted jonins for a start

K: if this is where the government is headed, count me out!

out of service, out of Konoha, I wouldn't hang about!

this child is getting wildly out of hand!

N: Oh I just can't wait to be Hokage!

everybody look left

everybody look right

everywhere you look im

standin in the spotlight!


let everybody go for broke and sing

let's hear it in Konoha and on the wing

it's gonna be Naruto's finest fling! OH I just cant wait to be Hokage!